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How Old Is Tails From the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise?

How Old Is Tails From the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise?

All due respect to Mr. Gotta Go Fast, sometimes we are more interested in the supporting cast of polychromatic animals that accompany the high-velocity blue hedgehog.

On the topic of Sonic characters, we’ve discussed the lovely Amy Rose on NerdBear already; Now it’s time for the latter half of the dynamic duo of Sonic and Tails.

This article is about the guardian of the chaos emeralds, Charmy Bee from Sonic Heroes! Let’s go fishing and find froggy! (There’s a lot to unpack in that joke, sorry.)

Just kidding. Today we’re talking about Miles Tails Prower, better known by his mononym nickname “Tails.”

He is a light beige creature with two tails capable of helicopter-like motion. Scientifically speaking, it’s likely a ball-and-socket joint situation that allows the two tails to rotate.

And by a creature, of course, we mean fox.

Tails’ Age and Fun Facts

The universe of Sonic the Hedgehog has given more to culture than the Mona Lisa and Citizen Kane combined.

Sonic appears in video games, obviously, but he and his pals also appear in several animated TV shows and a feature film that succeeded more than modestly at the box office. Jim Carrey even appeared as Dr. Eggman.

Who had that on their 2020’s bingo card? Not us! This is primarily due to how specific that is and because it sounds wild.

Ranking above Shadow the Hedgehog on the Sonic Closeness chart, Tails is the other face of the IP overall.

How Old Is Tails?

First off, Tails is a fox. This little fact makes discussing his age in human social construct terms a little dicey. He’s a mechanical genius, airborne mammal, and capable of living alone.

According to the official Sonic Channel website, operated by SEGA, Tails is 8 years old.

The rules of fox age and person age are pretty different. Matching his position in the different stories of the games and shows and movies, he usually seems older, maybe mid-twenties.

In Sonic Adventure, Tails owned a home and intricate workshop. How does he make money…?

Other shows like Sonic Underground, Tails, Sonic et al. are portrayed as actual children. That context makes his age make sense. Otherwise, just vaguely assume “adult.”

Is Tails the Fox a Boy or a Girl?

This is a great question. It’s hard to know right away with his young-sounding voice and featureless cartoon fox appearance. Official SEGA sources have confirmed this fact.

Tails the Fox is a boy. Tails is voiced by female voice actors in a handful of projects, contributing to the need for this question.