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How Old Is Tanjiro Kamado From Demon Slayer?

How Old Is Tanjiro Kamado From Demon Slayer?

What do you think the Demon Slayer anime and manga are about? That’s right! Killing those pesky demons!

One of the youngest Demon Slayers to ever slay demons is Tanjiro Kamado, the brother of Nezuko, the true star.

As a true caring brother, it was his mission to find a way to turn his sister back into a human. (She was attacked by a demon, turning her, at the beginning of the Demon Slayer series.)

How old is this young demon-slaying machine? Did he age as Kimetsu no Yaiba progressed? Keep reading to find out!

Tanjiro’s Age, Goals, and Life

Whether you know him as Child of Brightness, Sumiko (lol), or briefly as King of Demons, Tanjiro is a hashira-level demon slayer worth admiring for his strength and dedication; the pile of combat achievements under this kid’s belt is quite impressive.

This powerful Demon Slayer Corps member’s family is made up of parents Tanjuro and Kie, his show starring sister Nezuko, and a pile of other miscellaneous Kamado siblings. (Plus, much later, his wife KanaoTsuyuri comes into the picture.)

The family resemblance between Tanjiro and Nezuko is striking.

How Old Is Tanjiro?

When we first meet him in chapter 1 of the Demon Slayer manga, is a year younger. Tanjiro is 16 years old at the end of chapter 204, old enough to drive.

What Is Tanjiro’s Birthday?

Tanjiro’s birthday is July 14th

This actual birthdate information comes from the official Twitter page for the Kimetsu no Yaiba series.

In an effort to receive more hate mail, I feel like I should mention that this makes Tanjiro a Cancer. Do with that fact what you will.

Tanjiro’s Physical Stats

This demon slayer protagonist is 5’ 5” and 134 pounds. His face resembles that of his sister, and his hair is similarly dark.

As a fighter, he is adept with a blade as well as Water Breathing and Sun Breathing techniques.

Tanjiro’s Noble (If Vengeful) Goals

Tanjiro Kamado is known for his kindness, strength, honesty, and empathy.

If you need to pick a best friend from Demon Slayer, Tanjiro is the way to go. (Sorry, Zenitsu. We’ll call you when we’re casting for the craziest anime hair contest.)

This good and nice boy has intense fury behind his congeniality, though.

Having watched Muzan, the original demon, kill his whole family and turn his sister Nezuko into a demon, he vowed vengeance and to find a way to get his younger sister’s humanity back. He pulled this off, too. Dang.