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How Old Is Todoroki From My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Todoroki From My Hero Academia?

I know the bad guys in My Hero Academia are everyone’s favorite, but the heroes also deserve attention.

Spoiler warning: There are some mild spoilers in the form of familial relations and real names/true identity. If you don’t know all of the tea on the Todoroki family or Dabi, come back to this article later. Trust us.

Locating an anime and manga with a more exciting crop of super kids is an impossible endeavor. (Get it? That’s a Todoroki family joke I recycled from our Dabi article. It’s ecological to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Even with jokes.)

The fiery #2 hero, Endeavor, has another quirk in addition to his primary one: SUPER GENES. All of his kids are powerful quirk wielders,including Shoto, Natsuo, and Fuyumi.

Shoutout to their mother, Rei Todoroki; her genes did half the work, too.Mama needs a pro hero nap; Her husband Enji had to be a nightmare to deal with…maritally.

Shoto Todoroki’s Age and Quirk

Unlike with his brother Dabi, it’s important to know Shoto Todoroki’s age so you can know how much it’s OK to like them.*Heads up: It’s not a lot.

*I’m just making a joke about anime fandoms; put the pitchforks down.

How Old Is Todoroki?

With the young UA heroes and their villainous League of Villains rivals fighting as equals, their relative ages are hard to nail down.

We know they get pro-hero licenses, but do these kids take driver’s ed at 16? The ones that fly probably don’t need to…

Shoto Todoroki, the fire and ice hero with the iconic bicolor hair, is Endeavor and Rei’s youngest son. (Or is it Shouto? We’ll never know. Deku can’t even spell either name.)

In his first appearance in the My Hero Academia manga, this professional hero royalty was a fresh 15 years old. Todoroki is 16 years old now if you’re up-to-date on all the MHA media.

What Is Shoto’s Quirk? (Fire and Ice, Very Nice)

In an entertaining twist, Shoto Todoroki’s quirk has a jokey name: Half-Cold Half-Hot.Like a poorly microwaved frozen dinner.

This quirk lets Shoto shoot ice from the right side of his body (thanks, mom) and fire from the left side (thanks, dad).

Although due to a complicated father-son relationship (relatable), the youngest Todoroki heavily favored ice for most of his life.

Shoto’s quirk comes with a fun aesthetic bonus: his hair color. Half fiery red, half icy white.

It’s hard to conceal your abilities when your head is a billboard for your parents’ quirks. Oof.

I bet his siblings, especially Dabi, are jealous that Shoto got the best of both worlds.