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How Old Is Vegeta? Dragon Ball, Z, and Super

How Old Is Vegeta? Dragon Ball, Z, and Super

Second only to Goku, king of all manga, anime, and screaming in place for extended periods of time, Vegeta sits atop the media and video game empire that is the Dragon Ball series.

Like we said in our article on Goku, Akira Toriyama’s multiple iterations and storylines give us differing views on King Vegeta’s son of the same name.

Please keep reading to get the scoop on his age and birthday.

Vegeta’s Age and Birth Year

Saiyan Prince, vegetable, martial arts master, and persistent villain, Vegeta in Dragon Ball, DBZ, and Super is irreplaceable.

If you didn’t know, the years in the series are called Ages.

Vegeta enters the hyperbolic time chamber four or so times, which would technically add to this age.

With the way the chamber dilates time, the additional time could total over ten years.

How Old Is Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

Vegeta is a handful of years older than Goku; this explains their violent older brother little brother relationship. DBZ features the Saiyans, androids, Majin Buu, the Cell games, and the mega-iconic villain, Frieza.

Vegeta’s first appearance was in the second episode of DBZ, “Reunions.”

Vegeta is 30 years old in Dragon Ball Z when he arrives on Earth, and 52 years old when the series ends in Age 784.

This is younger than Vegeta ends the next series, Super.

Fun fact, according to Britney Spears, her sons loved Dragon Ball Z when they were younger, and Lord Frieza is very popular in their house.

How Old Is Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super?

Super’s storyline overlaps with DBZ, starting a bit before DBZ’s ending. It takes place just after Majin Buu’s last defeat.

Super gave the world Lord Beerus, a new(ish) fan favorite, plus the return of Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super ends in Age 780, meaning that Vegeta is 48 years old.

At this point, he’s spent considerable time in more than a few time-dilated settings, but going from his birth year of Age 732, we get his chronological age.