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How To Get a House in Animal Crossing

How To Get a House in Animal Crossing

Your new island life in Animal Crossing is quite an adventure, but camping can’t last forever.

If you’re wondering whether the comforts of your tent will be permanent, you don’t have to worry—-Tom Nook has it all planned out.

You will eventually get a house, but only after doing some tasks for the island. Let me show you how to get a house in animal crossing in three simple steps.

Steps To Follow To Get a House in Animal Crossing

Ready to be a homeowner? No worries, it doesn’t take long to get a house!

Pay the Miles

After you land on your new island home, Tom Nook hands you an itemized bill and tells you that you actually have to pay him for the airfare, accommodations, and labor, among other fees.

Animal Crossing - Loan from Tom Nook

I guess that’s fair, but you don’t have any Bells yet! Well, Tom Nook has it figured out. You pay him through Miles through the Nook Mileage Program.

You basically have to do chores for the island, and you earn points for every completed task and milestone.

You need to collect a total of 5,000 miles. It sounds like a lot, but we’ll get there eventually. You don’t have to do it immediately or all at once. For starters, let’s check out your new phone.

Animal Crossing - Nook Miles App on NookPhone

Open your NookPhone by pressing the ZL button on your controller and going to the Nook Miles app. You’ll see some tasks you can do to get miles.

Even opening your NookPhone can give you miles!

Here are some tips on how to get miles:

  • Catch bugs – Hold your net, long-press the ‘a’ button, and slowly inch towards the bug. When you’re close, release the ‘a’ button to catch.
  • Fish the waters – Fish will nibble at your hook before biting and plunging your fishing line underwater. If the fish nibbles four times, the fifth time will be a sure bite. Basically, the fish will do the big bite within 5 tries.

Animal Crossing - Fishing For Miles

  • Pick up everything! Weeds, shells, tree branches—-everything! You will need these for crafting or selling. You might want to hold on to some stones. They are very useful for crafting tools early in the game.
  • Watch out for wasps! Wasps show up from shaking trees, and you will have to shake a lot of trees if you want fruits or tree branches. If a wasp nest falls and you’re not fast enough to catch the wasps with your net, you will get stung!

Animal Crossing - Medicine for Wasp Sting

  • If you get stung, talk to one of your neighbors or villagers. They will either give you medicine or the DIY recipe for it. Don’t get stung again, or else you’ll faint! Oh, and keep the wasp nest because you’ll need it for crafting medicine.

Animal Crossing - Medicine DIY

  • Craft, craft, craft! You get miles the more you create things. TIP: Press ‘a’ a lot while crafting to make the process quicker.
  • Take photos! Not only will this net you some miles, but you can also look back to your photos in the future and reminisce about your humble island beginnings.

Talk to Tom Nook

Got all the miles? Go to Tom Nook to pay your moving fees. All of your miles will be drained, but it’s worth it because, after this, he will suggest a home upgrade.

Animal Crossing - House Upgrade

He won’t immediately upgrade your tent, though. You have to ask Mr. Nook for a house! Talk to him again and pick “About my home…” to start the process of homeownership.

Get the House Loan

Even after all that talk, you won’t immediately get a house. You still have to agree to get a new loan of 98,000 Bells for your house.

Animal Crossing - Tom Nook Loan and Interest

That sounds like a lot of money, right? Well, you don’t have to pay for it right now.

In fact, Tom Nook won’t give you any loan deadlines, and there won’t be any interest fees! You can definitely take your time saving up for this.

Agree to this deal to get your home sweet home. Tom Nook will be delighted and will offer you roof color options for your house.

He will also upgrade your Nook Mileage Program so you can do more tasks and get more miles.

Animal Crossing - Miles+

Now all you have to do is wait for construction to be done. Your new home will take a day to upgrade. You can use this time to check out the Nook Miles+ tasks or gather items for Bells.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the game, a new day happens at 5:00 AM.

Animal Crossing - New Home

If you follow these steps, you should wake up to a new home! Enjoy your new accommodation and continue to have fun on your vacation island.

If you’re wondering how to get Bells to pay for your new house, check our other guides for tips and tricks!