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How To Get a Slingshot in Animal Crossing

How To Get a Slingshot in Animal Crossing

Early in the game, you are bombarded with a lot of tasks to do to rehabilitate your new island home. You also have to watch out for wasps, tarantula, and scorpions!

On top of that, you have to pay your loans to Tom Nook.

So I don’t blame you if you get overwhelmed and completely miss any hints on how to get a Slingshot. Luckily, I am here to help! Check this quick guide on how to get this handy-dandy tool.

Two Options To Get Slingshots

To buy or to make? That is the question, future Slingshot master.

Buy a Ready-to-Use Slingshot

Early in the game, Resident Services is just a simple tent, and inside you’ll find Tom Nook and Timmy.

Tom Nook is in charge of general tasks to do on the island, meanwhile, Timmy handles the business side of things.Animal Crossing - Resident Services Tent

Go inside Resident Services and talk to little Timmy. He will buy from you the things you’ve picked up and caught around the island.

This can be clumps of weeds, fruits, shells, or even caught critters. This is good because you need Bells to buy a Slingshot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only sell duplicate critters. You need to donate new bugs and fish to Tom Nook to progress the story. As a general rule, even later in the game, it’s best to donate first before selling.

Animal Crossing - Buy Slingshot

Little Timmy will also sell you things, and this is where you’ll get your ready-to-use Slingshot. He’ll have random furniture like a candle or barbecue grill on the first window.

Press ‘r’ on your controller to see his other wares on the next window.

It’s here you’ll find the Slingshot. Buy it for 900 Bells. If you’re out of money, go out and pick up some shells or catch a few Common Butterflies or Sea Bass.

Buy a Slingshot DIY Recipe

A Slingshot can be used for quite a while, and it’ll sit in your pocket for a long time that you’ll probably think it’s unbreakable. Here’s the truth: it doesn’t actually last forever.

In the old Animal Crossing games, some tools were completely unbreakable. Now in New Horizons, they totally reworked tool durability, and all tools break at some point.

Animal Crossing - Buy Slingshot Recipe

The durability limit of a Slingshot is actually 20 shots. It’ll be a while before you need to buy a new one, so don’t go wholesaling a bunch of Slingshots from Timmy.

But if you want to craft one on your own instead of running to Resident Services to purchase a new one every time, you have to get its DIY Recipe.

Frankly, it’s better to learn as many DIY Recipes as much as you can so you have the freedom and option to craft things on your own.

Animal Crossing - Slingshot Recipe

Like the ready-to-use Slingshot, you can get the Slingshot DIY recipe from Timmy as well. After pressing ‘r’ to see the next window, scroll down a bit to see a list of DIY recipe options.

It doesn’t need a lot of materials to craft. You only need five pieces of hardwood to make it. Take out your trusty Flimsy Axe and chop some trees.

TIP: Out of trees to chop? Hop on a plane with your Nook Miles Ticket and go to a Mystery Island. There will be trees to chop there!

Why Do You Need a Slingshot?

The Slingshot is a staple tool in all Animal Crossing games. Quite frankly, it is essential that you get one immediately.

Even though it doesn’t help you cross rivers, chop trees, or dig holes on the ground, you have to get a slingshot early in the game.

So what do we need it for? One word: balloons.

Animal Crossing - Balloon Present Flying

See those flying presents in the sky? We need to pop the balloon that’s carrying them in order to get the presents, and the only way to do it is to hit it with a Slingshot.

Balloons can drop rare and special items or DIY recipes. It’s definitely a good idea to pop all the balloons you see.

How To Use a Slingshot

Like other tools, take out your Slingshot by opening your pockets and holding it.

Press ‘x’ to open your inventory, move your joysticks to select your Slingshot, and press ‘a’ to see the option to ‘hold’ it.Animal Crossing - Holding Slingshot

When you see a balloon fly by, just press ‘a’ when the balloon is right under you. If you time it right, you should get a bullseye and pop the balloon!

TIP: You can hold ‘a’ to ready and aim your slingshot. Let go of ‘a’ when you’re ready to hit the balloon.Animal Crossing - Aiming Slingshot

Whether you want a ready-to-use Slingshot or the ability to craft one on your own, Timmy is your guy for your Slingshot needs.

With a Slingshot, pop all the balloons that show up on your island! I’m sure Timmy will be happy to know that you’re putting this special tool to good use.