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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Secret Agent CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Secret Agent CC [2024]

Here we have gathered some really special CC on the theme of secret agents. You can now live out your inner James Bond.

Let us explore the top 10 best Sims 4 secret agent CC.

Best Sims 4 Secret Agent CC

10. Secret Spy House Lot

Secret Spy House Lot

This CC is from a famous YouTuber who plays Sims, Simlicy’s has created an awesome Spy House Lot. You get this resident of 40×20 at a fair price, but what you get with it is a little bit of twist.

The house has the usual two floors plan for a normal family, but there is a secret basement where you can find your spy room. If you are living a double life in the Sims, then this house is great for you.

You can go to the gallery to purchase this house for a fair price of 300,546 Simoleons. If you want a cheaper option, then you can buy an unfurnished version.

9. Male Winter Trench Coat

Male Winter Trench Coat

This CC is great for people who are looking for accessories for spies and supernatural beings. A spy will need a suspicious-looking coat here in the Sims, and the Male Winter Trench Coat is just that.

This CC is made by “Lonely Boys,” who is also a popular CC creator. So you get a secret agent-looking top-coat that has various swatches. The CC is compatible with the base game and features ten different colors. This makes the coat a great CC in the game, giving players a spy feels.

8. Surveillance Camera Lyne

Surveillance Camera Lyne

We know Sims is the only place you don’t want to worry about security, but some hardcore gamers love these additions to the game.

The Surveillance Camera Lyne offers gamers an incredible and sleek-looking camera that will give your home a spy look.

Not only that, but you also get to see a Sim spy who installs these cameras in the home.

Find these CC in the miscellaneous deco section, where you get six different swatches just for 29 Simoleons.

7. Women’s Trench Coat

Women’s Trench Coat

We’ve gone over the trench coat for men, here we will explore the Women’s Trench Coat. The trench coat is aimed at modern women and has a collar with buttons on the front.

The coat is designed for women to look like spies.

The outfit reminds us of spies, so, obviously, it is great if you are looking for a secret agent outfit. There are 8 different colors, ranging from black to beige, navy blue, and more.

6. Catsuit BD378

Catsuit Bd378

A spy can’t always stay in black sunglasses and coats. Sometimes they have to be stealthy at night to dodge bullets and crack safes.

The Catsuit BD378 offers a skin-tight catsuit for women. You can climb, sprint, or crawl in this suit while looking very stylish.

Get this CC in the classic black color or the other 9 colors. Also, this is suitable for elders as well as teens.

5. Muse Hidden Door

Muse Hidden Door

What do spies have? A hidden door leading to a secret room! Well, sg5150 has been able to create the Muse Hidden Door, a CC with a hidden door which is a huge bookshelf that leads to a hidden room.  This dual functional bookshelf will not attract any attention from your guests.

Technically speaking, the bookshelf won’t be functional as a bookshelf; instead, it will just be a door with a bookshelf cover.

This is available in a variety of colors so you can mix and match it with your furniture.

4. Decor SpyglassDecor Spyglass

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some spy accessories in the house? We’re not talking about Jamesbond pen explosives but something a little subtle. If you want your house to look a little more unique, you can try Décor SpyGlass.

A spyglass is a must keep spy accessory in your study, library, or underground spy base. The CC provides a golden-colored spy glass placed on a wooden stand. You can also recolor the spyglass according to the aesthetics of the room.

Have your guests marvel at the golden spyglass lying on the mahogany table or just near the bookshelves, it looks stunning!

3. Secret Agent Work From Home

Secret Agent Work From Home

Wanna live the life of a secret spy? Here you have a CC from NoelleBellefleur’s for a vanilla Secret Agent Work From Home career. Work from home as a spy and earn work experience by planting bugs, investigating other Sims, fighting criminals, and so on.

This CC will literally make you feel like a spy doing secret agent stuff. It’s exhilarating fun.

Go ahead and download it to play Sims 4 with a new vibe and energy. And don’t forget to appreciate and support the creators for their hard work.

2. Super Duper Science Lab

Super Duper Science Lab

A secret agent might need a Super Duper Science Lab in an emergency. So here you have a super-duper amazing secret science lab to make your spy life a bit more exciting.

It costs 81,316 Simoleons. Not too big and not too small, the room is just perfect with the size of 13×11. A great feature of your spy life, especially if your spy is a scientist as well.

1. Underground Spy Base

Underground Spy Base

Made by Merill The Cat, this Underground Spy Base is all you need for a secret hideout. Here you get a 13×8 size room, which is perfect for spies who are trying to hide from the world above. You can get this base room for 37,314 Simoleons.

The room will also feature spy gear and a gym area. A must-try for Sims, who just got into the underworld of SimCity. Gather your friends and start planning something epic!

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