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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Paintings CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Paintings CC [2024]

Hey Sims lovers, living the Sim life is very cool until your home starts to look pale. You try replacing the furniture, you try changing your lighting, you try everything.

But you forget one simple thing, and that is your walls.

You can upgrade the looks of your home just by adding elements to your walls. For example, adding an artistic painting can change the whole theme of the place.

Let us take a look at the top 10 best Sims 4 paintings CC that will change your entire house look.

Best Sims 4 Paintings CC

10. Rock Posters

Rock Posters

You need something that speaks rebellious and energetic. Your sim is a teenage kid going to college and likes listening to rock music. Or perhaps it is you. Then why not have awesome Rock Posters in your room?

Teenagers love rock music, especially when things get messy in their life.

Having a cool poster that refers to rock music makes you seem cool and uplifts the overall visuals of your room.

Get this collection of rock posters that can help you relive those rocking moments. The epic set was created by L’Anti, with features like Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd.

9. The Great Art Series

The Great Art Series

Every artist respects art, and every artist needs to have at least one painting in their home. Having a painting makes your home look fancy and rich. If you are making a home that is going to be luxurious, you need a couple of The Great Art Series paintings.

FemmeOnAMission has created something really unique. The creator is offering paintings that exist in real life but with a little twist of their own. Each painting features a sim character, which makes the art more relatable in the game.

Don’t worry, the paintings still have their original taste, like the Mona Lisa still doesn’t have eyebrows.

But before you get all happy and excited, remember each painting will cost 10 to 25 thousand Simoleons. Better start saving if you want to live a lavish lifestyle!

8. Travel Illustrations

Travel Illustrations

Everyone loves to travel. What’s even better is hanging up a painting or Travel Illustration of the place you just visited.

Imagine getting a magical view of Paris or London every time you wake up with these amazing illustrations.

These illustrations are recolored versions of “No. 46 Landscape”. You get amazing travel illustrations with an artistic color scheme.

Just have a look at any of the illustrations, and you’ll want to have them in your bedroom or living space.

7. Festive Lounge

Festive Lounge

Christmas is on the way, and you need to have a Festive Lounge to make your home a little more Christmas-y for the kids.

Worry no more, we have a collection of four paintings that are perfect for Christmas. 

All the paintings are in landscape and have light color wooden frames. These are great for the holiday season and perfect by the fireplace. It just sets the mood right!

6. Tiny Painting Set

Tiny Painting Set

If you have an empty wall waiting to get decorated, then the Tiny Painting Set is just for you. It is a collection of 12 paintings in a small square shape with interesting images.

Some might say that the paintings are nothing but empty benches, flower pots, or empty roads covered in flowers.

But a true artist will surely see the potential and creativity that is put into this set.

Using this set in the right place with the right furniture will definitely make your place look grand.

5. The Seasons

The Seasons

We usually think of not the seasons, but there is a painting collection named “The Seasons” made by Alphonse Mocha.

You get eight versions in the set with four paintings in black wooden frames and four in brown wooden frames.

Each painting is for 300 Simolean price. Having these set in a long hallway or corridor will make your walks more exciting.

The paintings shout opulence, so make sure to place them in a respected area.

4. Mistress of Mystery Poster

Mistress Of Mystery Poster

Have you noticed an incredible-looking painting of women in Fallout 76 (the game)? Well, in case you have, then you might crave this Mistress of Mystery Poster in your home or at least in your sim’s home.

You get a fabulous painting with a very attractive woman featured with the CC.

Fallout 76 fans will no doubt go crazy behind this piece but what’s great is that it only cost 600 simoleons for this epic art.

Such types of CC are what many gamers really enjoy. It gives them the freedom to decorate their virtual home the way they would want in real life. The painting is definitely a must for all fallout fanboys.

3. Victorian Gothic Paintings

Victorian Gothic Paintings

Let’s go back to the good ol’ Victorian age with these wonderfully made Victorian Gothic Paintings. These are small black and white paintings that you get with very detailed frames.

The CC offers gothic-style black and white paintings that come in various colored frames with amazing designs.

You get six different versions in this set, and you can place them all together. Feel free to hang up these in your sims’ world as you embark upon creating a Victorian-style living space.

2. The Arcana Posters

The Arcana Posters

We’ve gone over all sorts of paintings in this list but have yet to explore anime-styled paintings.

If you have played the Arcana game, you would like to have one of The Arcana Posters.

You get 8 different types of posters with great illustrations of the Arcana game with characters and symbols. 60 simoleons are the price for each illustration.

1. Sajonia Paintings #2

Sajonia Paintings #2

Sajonia Paintings #2 set is simply amazing and a pure example of creativity. Here, you are provided with five different paintings featuring a woman covered in bright colors.

The paintings have a thin border that makes sure not to distract your eyes from the art.

Whether you’re planning to build a gallery room or simply choose different styling for the bedrooms, these paintings are sure to fit and blend in anywhere you place them.

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