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Top 15 Best Sims 4 Wolf CC [2024]

Top 15 Best Sims 4 Wolf CC [2024]

As many Otakus refer to this as the “Furries,” Wolf is a very specific and more niche choice of CCs within the sims 4 community.

Given the limited choice available in this niche, it can almost get frustrating for a gamer to find the perfect wolf CC.

Here, we have collected and gathered some of the best and useful wolf CC that you can enjoy and fulfill your fantasies.

From décor to fashion, gameplay, and more, here are the top 10 best Sims 4 wolf CC. Let’s get started!

Best Sims 4 Wolf CC

15. Wolf Ears CC

Wolf Ears Cc

If you’re looking for a trusty pair of wolf ears, this Wolf Ears CC is worth a shot!

These ears sit toward the back of your Sim’s head but are far from hidden as they stand, at attention, at all times. These ears definitely make your Sim look like they are always listening.

The ears are only available in the colorway shown in the promo photos, but they are still a great pair with their realistic fur texture and shading from white to grey.

These wolf ears are designed for female Sims only, of ages from teen to elder.

14. Werewolf Costume

Werewolf Costume

A wolf Sim dressed as a werewolf can be a good cover for Halloween! Or this Werewolf Costume CC, in general, can make a good Halloween costume or be used to scare other Sims.

This werewolf costume was designed after the werewolf in the game Skyrim and is available in two different versions.

The costume also comes in eight colors. The promo photo showcases the costume in all its spooky glory in a dark grey color with yellow beady eyes.

The promo photos also showcase the huge mouth the wolf costume has when posed, featuring a mouthful of sharp teeth.

13. Goth Style Wolf Dress

Goth Style Wolf Dress

Showcase your love for wolves with this cute dress! The Goth Style Wolf Dress is a black midi dress with shoulder straps.

On the chest of the dress is an image of a dreamcatcher that is shaped like the Yin Yang symbol with feathers. The skirt of the dress has a large photo of a wolf’s face, also with a colorway that is similar to the Yin Yang symbol.

This clothing CC is for female Sims from teens and up. This CC is also compatible with the base game and does not require any DLC pack to work.

12. Leaping Wolf Men’s T-shirt

Leaping Wolf Men’s T Shirt

This clothing CC is a great addition to your clothing customization options if you love wolves and Celtic designs.

This Leaping Wolf Men’s T-shirt is a part of a larger CC collection made by Arkadian Dreams, so you download this shirt alone, or you can download it with the full collection.

The t-shirt is a simple black t-shirt that has an image of a silver wolf that is jumping through a Celtic circle design. As the name suggests, this CC is designated for male Sims.

11. Extreme Skins Werewolves/LO8

Extreme Skins Werewolves

If having your Sim wear a costume isn’t your preference, but you want a realistic werewolf look, then this CC is for you!

The Extreme Sims Werewolf CC pack features five realistic fur-textured skins in several colors and even one skin that combines a werewolf and an alien. This CC pack also includes eyes, teeth, and ears.

The ears come in six colors to max the six skins.

No DLC packs are required for any features of the CC pack to work, and the non-default skins work for Sims of all ages. The default eye color is yellow, but this can be changed.

10. Don’t Mistake Wolf Rug

Don’t Mistake Wolf Rug

A nice and simple blue rug with a wolf print on it and a little quote, Don’t Mistake Wolf Rug, is a simple CC to distract the attention of your guests.

If you’ve got a great attitude, the quote on the rug can complement that attitude and let your guests know the real deal.

We’re hoping that in the future, the rug comes with different quotes allowing for sim homeowners to keep the one that best suits their personality.

9. Scoundrel


A simple accessory to add to the Sims 4 game, Scoundrel adds a pair of grey wolf ears on the head of your sims character.

Inspired by Alkar from the popular game “when the night comes,” the CC offers three different heights of wolf ears to work with most hair in the game.

Whether it is for a Halloween party or you simply want to show off your inner lycanthrope, the CC is a great addition to make your sims fantasy-worthy creatures!

8. Wolf Tattoo

Wolf Tattoo

Fancy a long wolf tattoo on your female sim’s upper arm? Let your sim’s creativity loose with the Wolf Tattoo.

It is a simple front-facing wolf tattoo with the colors dripping down past the neck of the wolf.

There are two available colors: cold blue and a combination of black and white. If you’re asking us, the blue looks absolutely pretty.

7. Beacon Hills Lacrosse Shirt

Beacon Hills Lacrosse Shirt

The Beacon Hills Lacrosse Shirt is a simple t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves based on the real Beacon Hills High School merchandise.

Most of those looking for wolf Sims 4 CC will probably be familiar with this school since it is where the famous Teen Wolf drama was shot.

To show your support for the series, rock this awesome wolf t-shirt. Teen Wolf may have ended, but you can still continue the nostalgia with this CC.

6. Wolf Paintings

Wolf Paintings

A set of 3 different Wolf Paintings is all different and completely unique from each other. All the paintings depict a gorgeous scene worth hanging in your living space.

The first one instills a feeling of solitude as a wolf howls into the nebula-colored night sky. The second one portrays a calm image as the wolf stares outwards, embraced by the warm colors of the forest around it.

While the third one delivers an intense feeling as the wolf stares directly at you with its frigid blue eyes, giving gravity to the scene.

5. High Content Wolfdog

High Content Wolfdog

High Content Wolfdog is a high-quality swatch of a dog that resembles a wolf. Nymeria is not only a friendly wolf but quite active, so only get her if you have the time to take care of the pet. Those with smaller pets like cats should avoid getting Nymeria.

The wolf is highly destructible, too, so if you leave her on her own, you might return to a broken vase or two. The wolf is currently looking for new homeowners; will you be the right one?

4. Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf

Wolves are definitely not home pets, and one should not consider getting them. However, having them in Sims 4 is great fun.

Grey Wolf takes dog reskin to a whole new level as the textures are quite realistic and flow well with the animal.

If you’re an outdoors sim and are looking for a comrade, the grey wolf just might be the perfect pet for you!

3. Werewolf Pose Pack

The Werewolf Pose Pack is a good choice to go with any werewolf-themed sims character, which lets sims create great intimidating stills.

The CC comes with 12 different poses that all have a very beast-like feral pose. Some are perfect poses that you can replicate on a full moon or simply match your werewolf sim personality.

2. Werewolf Skins

Werewolf Skins

Werewolf Skins adds a whopping 23 different werewolf skins to the game to go along with the previous werewolf pose pack.

You can choose from all the different snouts, ears, beards, and body types that fit the werewolf look.

Gamers can maintain their normal hair and the clothes on top of the skin if they prefer. you have installed as well as clothes. Since it is a skin, the CC is compatible with other mods and in-game items.

The CC is great for all those characters looking to maintain a werewolf look without completely turning into one.

1. Werewolf Mod

Werewolf Mod

There have been many additions to the Sims 4 over the years, and one of them is adding new menus for unique character traits that you can earn, such as being a mermaid.

Well, with the Werewolf Mod, you can work with similar menus and systems, but this time you’re a werewolf. You can either contract the werewolf disease or choose to be born with one.

Much like the other similar mods and base game content, you need to earn levels in the specific traits tree.

This allows you to practice fighting with other werewolves, have mood swings during the night, unique werewolf-appropriate actions to satisfy your sim’s cravings, and many more.

Once you hit level five, you can give other sims lycanthrope as well and continue to spread it. Overall, the werewolf mod is a very polished mod that has good progression.

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