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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Birthday Party CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Birthday Party CC [2024]

There is already quite a bit of content for parties in the Sims 4, but what if you wanted more of that extra detail just to make it feel real?

Several CCs should fill that void by adding several intricate decorations that work for birthday parties. There is even an aging CC, so stick till the end to find out!

Best Sims 4 Birthday Party CC

10. Happy Birthday Dear

Happy Birthday Dear

As great as the natural and normal actions of the sims are, sometimes you want it to look more like a planned photo. Happy Birthday Dear is a pose pack built for birthdays.

The CC requires the sims teleporter mod to get the sims in at just the right spot for when you try to take a screenshot.

There are 2 poses for toddler sims, and 5 poses for the adult sims in this pack to make birthdays more interactive and festive!

9. Fortnite Birthday Cake

Fortnite Birthday Cake

Although the Fortnite Birthday Cake is from a specific franchise, the cake itself can pass as a really well-designed wacky-looking cake.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for a Fortnite cake, the cake on its own is just a great design for any children’s party given its colorful nature as well as the cartoonish design.

There are two variations of the cake, one on its own and one with a number 1 as the cherry on top!

8. Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards include 12 different birthday cards with 12 recolors for each. Each of the birthday cards has a unique style, fitting for children all the way to elder sims.

They can easily be placed on any surface to add to the set dressing of the party or be kept in the inventory of the sim to create that extra bit of personality for them.

They are all clutter items and cost 7 Simoleons each.

7. Birthday Decals Set

Birthday Decals Set

Birthday Decals Set is pretty much an all-in-one package for varying birthday messages that are highly customizable.

With many different font styles to cater to different parties, the decals set is the perfect all-in-one CC. It comes with famous cartoon characters as well as neutral tones for a more general look.

Overall, the CC is enough to cover any typical birthday party look alongside whatever other decorations you will be placing.

6. Birthday Party Decor

Birthday Party Decor

Some simple items like stacked cups and used cups really add to the atmosphere. With the Birthday Party Decor CC, you can add lots of very small and off-to-the-side things that you would see at a birthday party.

Besides the aforementioned cups, there are also birthday hats on their own and in stacks and a happy birthday banner to make sure the birthday party looked the part!

5. Party Hats

Party Hats

Not really birthday-specific, but hey, those party hats from the previous CC should be worn by the guests too! Party Hats adds five different patterns of party hats with several color variations.

The hats are very simply made for any age of sim to wear whenever and wherever you want. It can easily clip with several hairs as well, making it easy to wear and rock at the same time.

4. Happy Birthday Mini Set

Happy Birthday Mini Set

A nice set of varying birthday-related items, Happy Birthday Mini Set tries to keep the items it offers in a much smaller size rather than exploding in your face big.

This set includes things like a cake box that you can open and enjoy the cake, half-eaten cake slices on plates, gift bags, stacked plates both used and unused, and more.

Every item in this CC aims for a more realistic birthday party feel allowing for an immersive experience.

3. Birthday Party Set

Birthday Decals Set

As great as all the previous decorations are, you might want them all to be in one large package instead. Birthday Party Set is exactly that. It has all the decorations you’d want, large and small, for a birthday party.

So, why not just get this one and ignore the other ones? Well, this specific CC plays a realistic part by ensuring all text is in Simlish language. Perhaps, due to this, you may want to consider having other CCs too.

It includes 14 flags, 11 candle stickers, 4 birthday greetings, 21 different stacks of presents, 18 wall stickers, 4 chalkboards, 17 birthday cards in Simlish, 22 party balloons, 9 streamers, 6 birthday bears, 5 birthday balloons.

2. Ageless Birthday

Ageless Birthday

Have you ever wanted to celebrate a birthday but don’t really want to age up the sim yet? Ageless Birthday allows you to do that without going out of your way to cheat.

Initially, the CC was made to avoid that hassle, but currently, more options are added to it like having the actions for aging up, with or without aging up as separate options, letting another sim blow out the cake (you will not age up), edited tooltips for the cc, resetting the sim’s current age, and many more.

With all the CCs on this list, you’d want to have at least a few birthday parties to explore which CC is your favorite, and with this one, you can make sure your sim remains young all the while.

1. Let Friends Age Up

Let Friends Age Up

This time, this CC does the opposite of the previous one. Let Friends Age Up tries to answer a different problem. It is sort of odd when one adult sim goes to being an elder, but their friends are still a month or two off from becoming elders. Rather than keeping their young self, just make all of them older.

The CC allows you to choose up to 20 different sims to age up at the same time as one sim having a birthday party. That way, a sim and their close friends can actually age up together.

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