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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Asian CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Asian CC [2024]

There are a lot of Asian-themed CCs for the Sims 4, but you really want just a general bunch of them without being too fussed over which to pick from which category.

We’ve compiled several Asian-themed CCs to help you narrow down your choices in this list. So be it building, or making a sim, here is a good place to start.

Best Sims 4 Asian CC

10. Metal Asian Ceiling Lamp Mesh

Metal Asian Ceiling Lamp Mesh

Metal Asian Ceiling Lamp Mesh adds little lamps you can hang off the ceiling with candles inside them.

Having a rectangular look that Asian lamps have, it does use glass rather than the transparent paper often associated with these kinds of lamps.

The lamp comes in 5 different colors, gold, white, green, black, and brown. Hang them over your dining table to set the mood for your sims.

9. Asian Garden Short 2 Tea Lamp Mesh

Asian Garden Short 2 Tea Lamp Mesh

Very similar in design to the previous CC, the Asian Garden Short 2 Tea Lamp Mesh is an Asian-styled lamp that sits very close to the ground instead of the ceiling.

The lamp is perfect for night lighting for your garden pathway or lightning on any footpath around your property.

Again this CC comes in 5 different lamp colors of gold, green, black, white, and brown.

8. Asian Snack Set

Asian Snack Set

A pair of two ramen dishes, Asian Snack Set adds two simple dishes and makes them pop out a bit more wherever it is kept.

One of the bowls has a sliced egg on it with a black set of ingredients creating quite a bit of contrast.

While the other, looking like a normal bowl of ramen, has a cartoonishly proportioned octopus on it with a bandana.

Finally, the bowls themselves have a nice pattern to them to help tie these two dishes’ appearances together.

7. East Asian Bath Towel Set

East Asian Bath Towel Set

A set of bath towels on a rack, an East Asian Bath Towel Set can add to an already well-designed bathroom.

Rather than having plain white towels, you will be able to choose from three East Asian designs.

The first one is an Asian-styled building covered with flower patterns in the foreground, another one is a lady facing away from a branch of flowers, and the third one is a tree growing in between two mountains.

6. Two Asian Vases

Two Asian Vases

A pair of porcelain vases, one stout and one tall, the Two Asian Vases adds two new vase models into the Sims 4.

Both of the vases have the exact look you’d expect from a handmade porcelain vase.

The two vases come in 3 variations each, a plain variation, a minimally designed one with flowers, and the last one depicting scenes from nature with birds and trees, perfect for any Asian-styled room or home.

5. Asian Rugs

Asian Rugs

A compilation of 4 different rug sets, Asian Rugs has a lot of color and variety to distinguish each rug from one another.

The CC contains lots of different rug designs from east Asia as well as western Asia.

The CC caters to both regions by providing a fair share of pattern rugs and rugs depicting Asian nature or their culture’s mythologies.

Besides the great artwork, these rugs are vibrant and full of color. You can add these into a normal sim home just to help make the center of a room pop.

You can really use any of these rugs in any kind of home.

4. Asian Wall Deco

The same creator makes Asian Wall Deco of the previous CC, so it’s no surprise that there is a lot of detail and character to each piece of the decorations.

This time around, though, it is mostly east Asian pieces, so things like wall lamps, woodblock prints, and fan collections.

There are also several table items like bonsai plants and little dish sets of bowls and utensils, including chopsticks and spoons.

Finally, there are also many indoor plants to help give your table setting a lush green look.

3. Asian Skintones 3.0

Asian Skintones 3.0

A very detailed version of the East Asian skin tone, the Asian Skintones 3.0 is definitely something for Asian gamers.

The CC offers a skin tone varying from the face, nose, neck, body, and eyelids to resemble an east Asian look.

The CC also emphasizes certain parts of the face to give a realistic look. It is available for males and females of all ages.

2. Asian Bathroom

Asian Bathroom

Asian Bathroom is a full bathroom set that fully gives a proper oriental Asian look.

The CC has 14 pieces in the set and 3 different high and low closets, the CC is perfect to turn your simple-looking bathroom into a traditional Asian one.

It comes with little corner baskets, multiple mirror variations, the traditional bathtub, shower, and sink, all wood furnished.

Finally, besides the other small bits of decor, there are also several clutter items like perfume bottles that you can lay around the entrance or bathtub.

All of the main furniture pieces in this set come in brown and black for the wood color.

1. Shi Shi Chinese Garden

Shi Shi Chinese Garden

For the last item on the list, it’s not really a texture change or extra décor to convert your living space. The Shi Shi Chinese Garden adds a lot.

The CC has a whole community built around the Asian theme with the concepts and ideas of Chinese water gardens.

It has a path that goes all the way around the garden while being separated by a small pond that cuts through the center of the whole lot.

All along the path and in the water,, there are plants and small pieces of decor here and there, with the largest being a bunny statue.

A little gazebo has seats and tables to help your sims sit, relax, and dine. Across from it is a 4-floor tower that has more activities and amenities.

The two areas are connected via a bridge that goes over a pond. It’s something from an Anime scene, an absolutely gorgeous setting!

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