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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Pastel CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Pastel CC [2024]

Pastel colors have always looked quite pretty, but in recent years, it has become more and more prevalent in modern fashion, accessories, home decor, you name it. Since this is happening in the real world, you wouldn’t want your sims to be left out of your own evolving style choices.

Here, we’re going over pastel CCs to brighten your sim’s lives up!

Best Sims 4 Pastel CC

10. Ethereal


Let’s start with a light CC. Ethereal is a makeup cc that is compatible with both genders and from teens to elders.

Consisting of 2 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners, and eyebrows, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Whether you’re into natural colors or a pastel color look, you’ll get it all here.

Given the other options in this list, Ethereal goes really well with all of them and can stand on its own as well. This should be in your list of pastel CCs!

9. Morgana Hair

Morgana Hair

To go along with the rest of the look, Morgana Hair is a female-only hair CC that’s named after the character from Arthurian legend. Of course, being compatible with pretty much anything also makes this hair pastel CC an easy pick.

Coming in all the base hair colors as well as 45 new ones (including pastel colors), the hair itself is quite appropriately named as it resembles a modern witch. Starting off following the head then flaring out to curl downwards, the CC might remind you of the devilish Sabrina from Salem’s lot.

8. Pastel Gothic Crop Top

Pastel Gothic Crop Top

This CC adds several gothic-styled pastel crop tops to the Sims 4. Pastel Gothic Crop Top comes with six unique crop tops with a variety of pastel colors.

Along with it is the more modern e-girl type crop top that some fanboys and girls might really enjoy on their sims.

7. Pastel Shirts Cute 1

Pastel Shirts Cute 1

In case crop tops aren’t your thing, Pastel Shirts Cute 1 still gives you a top but with long sleeves giving a less revealing look.

Pastel Shirts Cute 1 contains 3 different shirt designs and 3 color variations for each. Each shirt design still has a similar modern cutesy print with colors ranging from mint green to sky blue and pink.

6. Pastel Trash Bins

Pastel Trash Bins

A rather unusual item on this list but a much-needed change, the Pastel Trash Bins brings a lot of color to the trash bins in the house. So when you have this CC, why do we have to associate dreary, dull colors with the bin when you have this CC.

However, it may look out of place with the rest of the aesthetics of the house. The bins won’t go well if you’re aiming for a cozy, comfortable house with wood interiors. But if you’re looking to add a modern twist to a more spacious house, the colors will blend in perfectly.

5. Simple Pastel Colored Walls

Simple Pastel Colored Walls

We don’t know about you, but after designing houses for hours on the Sims 4, we’re done with boring white and grey wall paints.

Simple Pastel Colored Walls adds several pastel color options for any walls in the game. This includes the walls and the border sections, allowing you to choose different colors or similar for both. In total, there are 15 colors included for the full wall and 14 for the types of walls that have white borders.

4. Peacemaker’s Moku Set Recolor

Peacemaker’s Moku Set Recolor

For this CC, you will need another CC, found in the description of this one, to work well. The actual CC itself, Peacemaker’s Moku Set Recolor, is a recolor of another great CC that adds a very comfy and minimalist living room set to the Sims 4.

The original CC had much deeper and colder colors of browns, blacks, yellows, greens, and blues. With this CC, the living room set is in pastel colors which means you can expect all the similar colors with the original but much brighter and warmer. This way, you have the additional color choice to go along with the original CC.

3. Fjällräven Kånken Backpacks in Pastel

Fjällräven Kånken Backpacks In Pastel

Another recolor, but this time on a base game asset, Fjällräven Kånken Backpacks in Pastel works by adding different colors to the backpacks.

The CC adds 7 different pastel colors for the Fjällräven Kånken Backpacks, allowing for more variety as well as a great way to fit along with all the other pastel accessories and fashion bits on this list. If we’re matching things, we might as well go all in!

2. Pastel Washer and Dryer

Pastel Washer And Dryer

Since you’re going to be coloring the walls pastel colors, it is best to match the walls in your laundry room with Pastel Washer and Dryer. The CC adds pastel colors to the washer and dryer. For this to run, you would need the “Laundry Day.”

With Lulu’s washing machine and Lulu’s dryer, you can now show off your wacky bits of home appliances to your guests or simply bask in the beauty of what these pastel color appliances offer. Laundry rooms are often messy, and adding a bit of color to it can transform the space.

1. Pastel Beach Home

Pastel Beach Home

Let’s go all about with the Pastel Beach Home. This beach home CC is exactly what you’re imagining, a great big place for you to put all of your newly acquired pastel items and pastel’d up sims into. And hey, if you don’t want to get all these mods, don’t worry, as this beach home is fully furnished with pastel-colored items and pastel-colored walls.

Starting with the outside of the home, there are several spots to have your sims hang around outside, like the porch and the tables and chairs set up in the small garden. Next are all the rooms you’d expect, like bathrooms and bedrooms with the ones connecting having the same general kinds of pastel colors.

Finally, the beach home comes with a single child’ bedroom, perfect for a small family. Overall the house is very well designed with lots of clutter to make it feel like it’s lived in. It has a decent amount of green space on the balcony, porch, and general exterior to bring more color and life to the already colorful home.

The pastel colors make the house feel completely connected to the exterior and interior. If you’re not into getting individual pastel-colored items and want to save yourself some time, this is the best pastel CC you’ll come across.

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