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How to Sleep in Animal Crossing

How to Sleep in Animal Crossing

So you’ve now started your journey in Animal Crossing. You got your tent, you met your neighbors, and Tom Nook has assigned tasks to you to enjoy your new vacation paradise.

But what’s this? The game wants you to sleep! Don’t worry your little head because this guide will be leading you to dreamland in three easy steps.

How to Sleep in Animal Crossing

The instructions to sleep in your tent can be missable. If you’re confused on what to do, here are three easy steps to sleep inside your tent.

Animal Crossing - Set Up Tent

Step 1: Go Inside Your Tent

After arriving on your new vacation island, Tom Nook gives you a tent. You have to set this up somewhere on your island because you can’t proceed with the game or sleep without it.

Animal Crossing - Go To Your Tent

Once you finish everything you can do on your first in-game day, talk to Tom Nook first before going inside your tent.

Animal Crossing - Inside Your Tent

Step 2: Make Sure Your Bed Is in Place

Tom Nook will give you a camping cot. It’s not a comfy bed, but you are camping, so it will do for now.

Animal Crossing - Camping Cot

To set it up, press ‘x’ to open your pocket. You should see a green leaf icon in there. This is your cot. Press ‘a’ on it and select ‘place item.’

Animal Crossing - Placing Camping Cot

You can rearrange it by pressing and holding ‘a’ and moving it with the left joystick.

Step 3: Go to Your Cot

Everything set up? All done for the day? Now all you have to do is go to your cot. Just walk to it, and your character will immediately lie down. Pick the option to rest, and your character should go to sleep.

Animal Crossing - Rest After Your First Day

And that’s how to sleep after your first day in Animal Crossing. Tomorrow will be a new day for you. Rest well so you can tackle whatever challenges Tom Nook throws at you!