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How To Unlock Blue Mage in Ffxiv

How To Unlock Blue Mage in Ffxiv

The mage who is blue is the magical DPS from your raid group that’s been feeling down lately. Give them a hug or a /dote.

The Blue Mage is (so far) the only limited job in FFXIV.

Are you an FFXIV player looking to unlock the Blue Mage job? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will walk you through the very simple process of unlocking Blue Mage in FFXIV.

We’ll also provide some leveling tricks and spell advice for getting started on the right foot with this unique job. So whether you’re a battle-hardened FFXIV player or just a darling sprout, be sure to read on!

The job itself is more or less a minigame… that resembles the main game. It is barred from the Duty Finder as well as capped at level 70. Give monster souls the succ while serving in sublime cerulean. Does this sound like the gig for you? Keep reading to find out how to unlock Blue Mage in FFXIV, plus some leveling tips, tricks, and facty facts.

Paint the Town Navy

The Quest: Out of the Blue

Ffxiv Unlock Blue Mage – Questline

He was a Zealous Yellowjacket. You were a combat job of level 50+. Can I make it any more obvious? He was in the Limsa Lower Decks (10X, 11Y). You have killed Ultima Weapon. What more can I say? Mmm… clunky.

Unlock Blue Mage once you’ve reached level 50 and beaten The Praetorium. The Zealous Yellowjacket in LimsaLominsa will hook you up with the quest “Out of the Blue.”You’ll receive the Rainmaker cane, BLU job stone, and a dashing blue getup. The quest consists of speaking with this guy 4 times. I have the utmost faith you can take it from here.

Must-have Spells, Where and Why

Ffxiv Unlock Blue Mage – Spells

Some of the Blue Mage spells offer life-changing utility and power to the job. Below are a few key picks you should learn ASAP. Don’t be that guy in the group that doesn’t have the required spells.

Adventurers these days, I’ll tell ya. They’re used to having their spells and abilities just handed to them. That coddling ends NOW. To learn your spells on Blue Mage, you’re going to have to rip them from monsters’ still-beating hearts.

Engage an enemy and fight until you see it use the ability you want to learn, then kill it.There is a chance you will obtain the spell. Keep trying, you’ll get it eventually. You don’t have to be the monster’s target, just tag it and be alive when it dies.

Completing the Blue Mage spellbook is actually a blast, even for the more useless spells.

Flying Sardine

This ability is an instant-cast fishy assault. It is key to effectively Powerleveling Blue Mage (read further to find out how). You’ll need this to claim mobs quickly.

Location: Apkallu in Eastern La Noscea, south of Gullperch Tower

Get to chuckin’ those fish!

Angel Whisper

I can be your angel’s whisper or your damon’s yell. (What?)

This is a Blue Mage’s raise. It allows you to resurrect a dead ally. Blue Mages often play in parties that consist of exclusively other Blue Mages. Nothing is worse than no one having this at their disposal. It’s a little trickier than a typical spell but well worth it.

Angel Whisper is awarded upon clearing 30 Blue Mage challenge activity stages, The Masked Carnivale.

Aetherial Mimicry


Aetherial Mimicry let’s Blue Mages take on the classic roles of Tank, Healer, or DPS. ‘Need’ is not a strong enough word here.

Location: Ghrah Luminary in Pharos Sirius Hard

(Not to be confused with G’raha, everyone’s favorite crystal, and enthusiastic best friend.)

This dungeon boss will summon adds that can yield this Blue Mage spell.

Fun fact: There were ghrah in FFXI. They could look like dudes, birds, orbs, and spiders. Just like in XIV!

How to Level Blue Mage in Ffxiv Quickly

Ffxiv Unlock Blue Mage – Leveling

Leveling the other combat jobs in FFXIV is a fun, varied experience. Unfortunately, without the ease of the Duty Finder, Palace of the Dead, and Heaven on High, Blue Mage doesn’t have many options to level up. Remember Flying Sardine from earlier? This is its time to shine.

First thing’s first, enlist the help of a max level friend, any job will do.

Don’t have a friend to ask? In that case, the first thing might be to make a friend. I’d recommend being hot or having a personality. That’s a different guide entirely, though.

On Blue Mage, find an area with mobs above your level (they can be significantly above, just make sure you gain experience points, try something a little lower if you don’t). Run around tagging the enemies with the instant-cast Flying Sardine, then have your friend quickly end the monster’s life. This will award you the experience from the kill!

There are so many zones this technique will work. I prefer The Dravanian Hinterlands until 60 and Kholusia until 70. Experiment, find the area that suits you.

I hope some of my tips on how to unlock Blue Mage in FFXIV were helpful. The amount of detail and content this limited job comes with can be overwhelming. Master it slowly, and you’ll be blue da ba dee da ba die in no time.