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How To Use a Fantasia in FFXIV (Start a New Life)

How To Use a Fantasia in FFXIV (Start a New Life)

The character creator in any MMO can be a real high-pressure situation. There’s existential anxiety over making the perfect digital surrogate from the movie Surrogates.

Do you guys remember the surrogates from the movie Surrogates? I do.

In Final Fantasy XIV, there’s something to salve this sardonic stress. (That word doesn’t work here, but alliteration insists.) A little potion called the Fantasia.

The Fantasia is a potion in FFXIV that allows you to remake your character: new race, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, height, tattoos, and gender. Hydaelyn wouldn’t even recognize you.

The Fantasia can be purchased from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store for differing amounts of real human monies.

There is a small bulk discount if you buy multiple. Because nothing in life is as simple as it seems, allow me to explain how to obtain and use a Fantasia in FFXIV.

I’m also going to take this opportunity to give you digital fantasy world plastic surgery advice while we’re at it.

Buying and Using a Fantasia in FFXIV

The Ffxiv Online Store

Ffxiv Fantasia Store

Fantasias can be purchased from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store in quantities of 1, 3, and 5.

This is inspired by Yoshi P’s favorite movie, Mean Girls. Regina George planned on buying her prom dress from a store called 1 3 5, named after the only three sizes they carried.

If you can’t afford the Fantasias from the Online Store, you could always try Sears.

1 Fantasia will cost you $10 USD

3 Fantasias will cost you $28 USD ($2 in savings! What will you spend it on?!)

5 Fantasias will cost you $45 USD (With that $5 in savings, you could convince people you got in on the ground floor of DOGE.)

The store can be irritating to locate and navigate: enjoy this link.

I apologize; My gil guide can’t help you afford a fantasia. There’s always the Jasmine Masters Get A Job Challenge.

Locating Your Recent Purchase

The Eorzean mail system is run by the same person who runs the USPS: nobody. It does not run great sometimes. It’s ok, it’s ok.

If you don’t receive an in-game mail notification promptly after your purchase, relogging usually does it.

Retrieve your Fantasia (s) from a mail moogle, a cute little envelope on the minimap. Well done, baby!

Now for the hard part…

Using a Fantasia in Ffxiv

It’s finally time for the meat and popotos of this guide. I will finally reveal how to use a fantasia in FFXIV.

Press ‘I’ to open your inventory, locate the Fantasia, right-click, locate the English word “use,” and click it.

The pact is sealed. Humanity restored. Pentakill. Remove all your gear (seriously) and log out. You’ll be able to redesign your character and log back in. Welcome to your new life.

Pro-tip: Do not perform this step in an inn room. It won’t work.

Unironically, this whole process is not nearly as simple as it should be. I’m happy to help. Love you.

Free! Free Fantasias? Free!

Just on the off-chance you stuck it in your storage years ago like me, or haven’t reached Ultima Weapon in ARR yet, let me remind you that you received a no-cost-to-you fantasia from the MSQ quest The Ultimate Weapon.

You heard me right, you can get one free Fantasia in FFXIV by doing the main story quests.

Do not buy one with real cash money before realizing you had a free one all along. This is absolutely not something I did; Stop looking at me.

There Is Only One Correct Choice

Become a lalafell.

Do it.

You won’t regret it. Lalafell, have more fun.

The only truly correct way to use a fantasia in FFXIV is to transform yourself into the peak of humanoid prowess and achievement.

I regret the years I wasted as a cat boy, then subsequently a cat man. The lalafell life is one of jewels, gold, diamonds, wealth, first-class private planes. Join me.

Things To Consider With Fantasia

Before changing races (IN-GAME ONLY!!!) or genders (This one’s ok!), consider your favorite glamour pieces.

Some sweet threads are gender-locked. Hrothgar can wear approximately three hats. Viera struggle similarly.

Make sure you are emotionally prepared for the crushing realities of your new character vis-a-vis fashion limitations.

Personally, now that I have such a lovely hat collection going back to Hrothgar would be such a waste!