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4 Easy Ways To Start Making Gil in Ffxiv

4 Easy Ways To Start Making Gil in Ffxiv

Life in Eorzea may be an escape from reality, but capitalism’s pursuit is unrelenting. You need gil. Food and potions for raid night, glams for that ERP venue, or a whole god damn house, life in FFXIV can be expensive. From ToS breaking activity to the world’s oldest profession (Yes, that one), players make do. However, I’d rather you not resort to such measures, my sweet child.

This list will give you smart, effective ways to make your way in the Eorzean economy. The methods described here to make gil in FFXIV won’t make you a gillionaire (Boooooo,) but they’ll have you on your way. “With the read mindset, making gil can be fun!” he lied.

Straight-forward Gil Making Methods in Ffxiv

4. Retainer Quick Ventures

Ffxiv Gil Quick Ventures

“Work smart, not hard.” applies to making gil in FFXIV just as much as it does to real cash money dollars. The retainer venture system is overlooked by so many players. You can use ventures, particularly the quick one-hour ventures, to make passive gil through rare materials and dyes.

The general-purpose white and black dyes can sell for over 350,000 gil. That’s not bad for virtually zero labor. The only place you’ll see better returns is my new cryptocurrency Potatocoin, based on everyone’s favorite terrible children, the Lalafell.

Quick ventures can be initiated at any retainer level, but reward rarity and quantity will improve with better gear and higher levels. Venture tokens are a good way of dumping all those grand company seals you let sit capped.

Pro-tip: don’t bother with the long ventures unless you are hurting for tokens or really don’t mind keeping your retainers’ gear up to date. The highest-level long venture your retainer can do is good exp if you must be offline for many hours but staying on top of the quick ventures is the fast lane to success. Plus, the rewards for the long ventures are predictable and boring, like alliance raid roulette.

Pro-pro-tip: Don’t be lazy like me. Check the market board price for any material your retainer drags in. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Pro-pro-pro tip: Only ugly people undercut.

3. Your Daily Roulettes

Ffxiv Gil Daily Roulettes

No, I’m serious. They are freereal estate money that comes with exp and equipment to desynth. You can make nearly 100,000 raw gil per day just running through them.

After a few days, that adds up. You’ll find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife and think to yourself, “How did I get here?” Slow and steady is how. No one amasses the gil to buy a large estate in a day, legitimately anyway.

Do your daily roulettes, guys. I am absolutely drowning in crafting materials from desynthesizing gear those other players with fewer brain wrinkles than you, or I just pass on!

2. The Bozjan Southern Front & Zadnor

Ffxiv Gil Zadnor

The Save the Queen areas don’t get the credit they deserve as veritable cash cows. War profiteering comes to FFXIV. Just like with roulettes, you can level jobs at the same time! (The orange numbers in your character window are like your smile, priceless.)

Lockboxes can contain a smorgasbord of items, including minions, mounts, and the aforementioned pricey dyes. As you wage your campaign in the trenches, you’ll accumulate clusters that you can trade in for the very sellable Construct 14 mount. When it comes to how to make gil in FFXIV, this is one of the best methods as it’s just playing the game!

Draft some FC mates, head to Gangos, and get out there, soldier!

If you like this idea, it was mine. If you didn’t, blame Pachi Shadowbuns from Lamia.

1. Disciples of the Land (Gatherers)

Ffxiv Gil Gathering

Good old-fashioned natural resource exploitation. Working the soft earth doesn’t come with the exciting spikes of profit that war or retainer abuse does, but with some forethought, it is very consistent. Fresh sprouts can be intimidated by the gathering classes; In reality, they are very approachable, and botanists get a cute hat.

You can’t go wrong with a little market research. Check what raid foods are popular, then look up those dishes’ ingredients. They will have a reliable demand.

If you’re feeling flirty, investigate the grade 6 tincture ingredients. Aethersand is truly not that tricky to harvest.

-1. Buy Gil?

Ffxiv Gil Buying Gil

Don’t do this. It’s not worth it. Nothing you buy with gil is make or break you should resort to using your real monies. That money could have been used on a pizza for yourself or medicine for gram-gram. Often the gil you buy comes from bots or hacked accounts. Have you ever complained about either of these things? Don’t be a part of the problem, be the solution.

Why be a zero when you could be a good guy! (Shouldn’t that say hero…?) Seriously, though, real ascian behavior.

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