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Hunters Bar – Monster Hunter Cafe Review and Reservation Guide

Hunters Bar – Monster Hunter Cafe Review and Reservation Guide

Hungry after a hunt? Fear not, Hunters! Capcom’s very own Hunters Bar is still open to serve delicious MonHun-themed grub and toast-worthy drinks this 2023.

And with the continued popularity of Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll also get to enjoy Rise-themed food, decor, and merch.

Check out our recent visit below, as well as our review and a quick guide on how to secure a spot at Hunters Bar.

Ready to join us for this mission, ace?

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What Is Hunters Bar?

Hunters Bar Interior

Hunters Bar is Capcom’s official Monster Hunter-themed cafe.

This is in collaboration with Pasela Resorts, a multi-entertainment business that has other cafe collaborations, such as Final Fantasy XIV’s Eorzea Cafe and Dragon Quest’s Luida’s Bar.

Hunters Bar opened last 2018 after it replaced the official Capcom Cafe.

Even after a rough few years due to the pandemic, Monster Hunter fans will be delighted to know that the bar is still open in 2023, with promos and events for Monster Hunter Rise.

Inside Hunters Bar

Hunters Bar Palico

The different worlds and continents in Monster Hunter games are often filled with lush foliage and thriving wildlife, and the Hunters Bar definitely tries to emulate it in its decor.

As soon as you step out of the elevator, you are greeted by the sight of a cozy tiki hut surrounded by flowers. There’s also a Palico you can take a photo with!

Confirm your booking at the hut. There is also a set of house rules to read, like returning your tray and dishes to a designated shelf near the counter, your time limit to dine, and how you’re allowed to take photos and videos but not livestream.

Hunters Bar Rules

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a table charge of 500 Yen per person, which includes a grilled cod appetizer in a packet and a random monster coaster.

After that’s settled, you’ll be led to your table.

The Ambiance

Hunters Bar Real Life Monster Hunter Weapons

Hunters Bar knows what Monster Hunter fans want to see – big, real-life sized weapons and armor! The place is filled with displays of it.

With a row of greatsword, bow, and longsword near the entrance, sets of full armor in the corners, and even a Khezu Hunting Horn suspended up the ceiling, you’ll feel too giddy and excited from seeing all of it brought to life.

Hunters Bar Displays

Of course, you’re not allowed to touch the weapon and armor displays. However, there is one display you can interact with: the BBQ Spit. You can sit on the chair and actually spin the spit, just like in the games! Don’t worry, there won’t be any Burnt Meats here.

Hunters Bar Tables, Computers, Consoles

The place also has computers and consoles you can use to play.

TIP: Bring your own Nintendo Switch to play Monster Hunter Rise! Hunters Bar currently has an exclusive mission for diners.

Hunters Bar Quest Board

If you want to meet and play with fellow diners in Monster Hunter Rise, head over to the Quest Board and leave your in-game info.

You can write your in-game name, weapons you use, the time you usually play, and your message to fellow hunters.

If all that excitement made you hungry and thirsty, then it’s time to munch on some grub!

The Food

Hunters Bar Food

Hunters Bar has replicas of in-game food on its menu, as well as character and monster-themed drinks and dishes.

Since it’s a bar, it has an extensive list of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

To order, you actually need your own smartphone to access their menu online.

You will be given a QR code to scan using your phone’s camera, which will open the menu. No Palico chefs and servers here sadly.

Hunters Bar Special Menu March 2023

At the time of our visit, their limited-time special menu had Teostra Dandan Noodles, Valstrax Cocoa Fromage, Chameleos-themed drink, Elder Dragon sherbet drink, and Kushala Daora’s very own signature drink. These are only available until April 3rd, 2023.

Hunters Bar Drinks

We ordered our drinks first. I got Magnamalo’s original drink, which is a mix of cassis syrup, soda, and blueberry.

My partner got Nargacuga’s alcoholic drink, which has pine liquor, blue curacao, cola, and a cherry.

For this turf war, Nargacuga’s drink wins for me. Although Magnamalo’s drink looked and tasted great, it had too much ice, sadly.

Hunters Bar Dandan Noodles And Well Done Steak

To sate our hunger, we got Teostra’s Dandan Noodles and the ever-popular Well-Done Steak. The noodles were alright and not too spicy.

As fans and players of the games already know, you whip out your BBQ Spit to cook your Raw Steaks to boost your stamina.

The Well-Done Steak dish tries to replicate the bone-in meat look, but it’s actually ground pork and chicken inside.

Hunters Bar Bunny Dango

For dessert, we kept it simple and had the Three-Color Dumplings. Bunny Dango is the meal of choice in Monster Hunter Rise, and as big fans of Rise, we definitely didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to try it.

Overall, it was a fun dining experience because of the meal presentation. We love the thought and creativity poured in each dish and drink.

The Goodies

Hunters Bar Trading Cards

Unlike other themed cafes and restaurants, Hunters Bar doesn’t have a lot of merch to offer.

You do get a free drink coaster and a unique Monster Hunter-labeled cod appetizer with your table charge.

The cafe has a Guild Card system in place, which means you earn more points every time you visit and order.

You can then exchange these points for exclusive prizes, like trading cards, acrylic stands, and weapon acrylic charms.

How to Book Hunters Bar

Hunters Bar Reservation 2023

Booking for Hunters Bar is not as difficult and hectic as other popular themed cafes. You simply have to go to the official reservation page here. Most of the text is in English.

Read the reservation rules and then scroll down to set your reservation info. Select the number of people going, the date, and the time.

Hunters Bar Reservation Guide 2023

A calendar should pop up below. At the time of this writing, I was able to book a table for the same day.

If you book ahead of your desired date, you can reserve exclusive menu items like a meat platter and a birthday cake.

Hunters Bar Exclusive Reservation Only Menu

Scroll down to input your reason for visiting, such as if it’s for a romantic date or a birthday celebration.

You can also include any requests for your visit by typing in the request box.

After that, just type your full name, mobile number, and email address.

You don’t need to type your name in Katakana, and you can use your own mobile number with your country code.

Just confirm your booking in the next page, and you’re done! Check your email for a booking confirmation message.

How To Get There

Hunters Bar Location

Hunters Bar is located on the 3rd floor of Pasela Resorts Akiba Multi-Entertainment Building, 1-1-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo Prefecture.

Suppose you’re riding on the JR Yamanote, Sobu, Chuo, or Keihin-Tohoku line, exit from Akihabara Station’s Electric Town. The building should be a few minutes walk from there.

Is Hunters Bar Worth It?

Hunters Bar Decor

That’s a big yes, champ! Seeing Monster Hunter armor and weapons in real life is an experience every MonHun player should have at least once.

Where else can you find a full Rathalos armor and a properly-scaled Long Sword while you dine on some Bunny Dango and sip on some Mega Potions that you crafted on your own?

For that alone, Hunters Bar is a must-visit location for your next Japan trip. Good luck, fellow hunters!