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Pokemon Cafe – Review and Reservation Guide

Pokemon Cafe – Review and Reservation Guide

For Pokemon fans planning a trip to Japan, there’s no better cafe to stop by than Nintendo’s very own official Pokemon Cafe!

With its cute food, great decor, and a Pikachu mascot to regale you in the middle of your meal, it’s a unique and memorable experience for Pokemon fans of all ages.

For a review and a guide on how to book a table at this highly popular cafe, check out our recent visit to Pokemon Cafe’s Tokyo branch below.

We’ve also included a review of their Scarlet and Violet-themed menu!

Let’s start our Pokemon foodie journey, shall we?

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What Is the Pokemon Cafe?

Pokemon Cafe Info

The Pokemon Cafe is Nintendo’s official cafe for its Pokemon series. It opened its doors to fans and hungry diners in Tokyo starting in 2018. A year later, it opened its Osaka branch.

Its menu changes to reflect the season or its newly released game. As of this writing, its special menu is focused on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Inside the Pokemon Cafe

Inside Pokemon Cafe

Themed cafes are, first and foremost, a feast for the eyes, and the Pokemon Cafe is a great example of that.

From lining up to sitting down to your table, the place is chock full of delightful tiny Pokemon details.

After confirming your booking, the waitstaff in their cute red uniform will then guide you to your table.

The Ambiance

Pokemon Cafe Scarlet Violet Interior

With its wooden interior, faux greenery, large windows, Pokemon artwork, and adorable Pokemon plushies everywhere, looking around is a fantastic experience already.

At the time of our visit, the cafe is full of Scarlet and Violet decor. Some of the walls have Koraidon, Miraidon, and other new Pokemon on it, with the Paldean starters placed around as statues and plushies.

Pokemon Cafe Pikachu Bench

There is also a bench area where you can take a photo with two huge Pikachu plushies in their cafe attire.

The place is definitely spacious and bright. And if you get to tour around the place for a bit, try to spot the Pikachu plushies having a meal together!

The Food

Pokemon Cafe Scarlet Violet Course Meal

Half the fun of themed cafes is in the food and its presentation, and Pokemon Cafe’s food offerings definitely didn’t disappoint on that front.

Each table gets a tablet to order from, which has an informative and detailed English menu.

Pokemon Cafe Menu Tablet

We couldn’t pass up trying their current special menu offerings, which are three-course meal sets and drinks of the Paldea starters.

You can choose the Scarlet set or the Violet set.

Since I played Pokemon Scarlet, I picked its corresponding set. As a bonus, you get a placemat and a sticker set with your order.

Pokemon Cafe Scarlet Course Meal And Stickers

The Sprigatito appetizer course is a salad with leafy greens, carrots, potato, baby shrimps, egg, and Cobb salad dressing.

Fuecoco’s course is a cheesy hamburg steak with creamy rice gratin. Both are great, taste-wise, but the portions are slightly small.

Pokemon Cafe Sprigatito Salad And Fuecoco Dish

For the dessert course, you get a Quaxly-shaped cheesecake with orange syrup you can pour on top of Quaxly.

Don’t worry, Quaxly’s “hair” is a-okay. I also got a Quaxly Ramune Soda Float for good measure.

Pokemon Cafe Quaxly Dessert And Quaxly Drink

My partner got the ever-popular Pokemon cafe staple; Everybody’s Favorite Pikachu Plate.

It has a Pikachu-shaped omurice with a Pikachu tail-shaped omelet, some deep-fried sides, salad, hamburg steak, and a macaroni gratin. Make sure to check the macaroni shapes!

Pokemon Cafe Pikachu Plate

For his drink, he got the equally popular Gengar Smoothie. It’s a frozen grape smoothie with pulpy grape bits.

And yes, it actually glows! Spoiler alert: It’s due to a plastic ice cube that lights up.

Another fun menu item to order is the Poke Ball Dessert Bowl. The cafe changes what’s inside every now and then, and the featured Pokemon is always kept secret.

Dessert version of “Who’s That Pokemon”? Sign us up!

Pokemon Cafe Poke Ball Dessert Bowl

If you don’t want the secret to be spoiled, scroll down and skip this part and the picture.

But know this – the dessert we got was very good! It’s a combination of sponge cake, steamed cake, and rice cake, with cream, strawberry, and framboise sauce.

Pokemon Cafe Poke Ball Dessert Bowl Fidough

I love all of its components, so this dessert was a win for me. Plus, it features one of my favorite Paldean Pokemon! We definitely ended our meal on a good note.

The Entertainment

Pokemon Cafe Pikachu Mascot

Yep, a big and cuddly Pikachu mascot shows up to say hi to diners! With its stubby legs and arms, it does a little exercise dance and adorably waves at everyone.

You’re not allowed to go near and take a photo with mascot Pikachu, but everyone is welcome and even encouraged to dance with it in their own seats.

Pokemon Cafe Pikachu Mascot Waive

After 10 minutes or so of regaling diners with its cute song and dance, mascot Pikachu waves goodbye. You’ve done your adorable job well, mascot Pikachu.

The Goodies

Pokemon Cafe Merch

Aside from the freebies that you get for your orders, like the paper placemat and coasters per drink, you can also pay a bit more to take home certain plates and glasses with you.

As for exclusive items that can only be found at the cafe, you have a wide variety to choose from – from Pikachu plushies wearing the cafe uniform to cutleries, plate sets, and lunch bags.

There are also exclusive coasters that you can only buy on the official cafe website while you book. And speaking of booking…

How to Book for Pokemon Cafe (Tokyo)

Pokemon Cafe Reservation 2023

Booking a table for such a highly-coveted cafe might sound impossible, but these tips might help you secure a spot.

Click here to go to the booking page and pick the cafe you want to visit. Reservations open every day at 6 PM Japan time.

The cafe accepts reservations up to 31 days in advance, and it is highly recommended you book as early as you can to ensure a table.

For example, if your target date is April 30, book it on March 30.

Pokemon Cafe Reservation Calendar

Pick the number of people going with you. You can go solo or book for 8 people. A calendar should open up below.

The date box should be white or blank if it’s still available, otherwise, it’ll be grayed out and have “full” or “N/A” on it.

Click on a date and pick a time.

TIP: Decide on a few timeslots ahead, so you’ll have a few options in your mind and won’t panic come booking time.

The timeslots will have tables or area letters, like area A, B, C, and D. Below is a picture of the cafe’s layout.

Pokemon Cafe Table Info

Area A is Pikachu and Jigglypuff, which are near the windows. Area B is Snorlax. Area C is Eevee. Area D is Lapras, which is the long table in the center.

It’s good to know this ahead so you won’t be confused with the letters when you book.

Pokemon Cafe Area A B C D

Once you’ve clicked a timeslot, you’ll have 15 minutes to hold it, so type your info quickly.

If your 15 minutes is up, the slot goes free, and you have to click it again.

Input your name, phone number with country code, and email address. You can also buy exclusive merch that’s only available during booking. Finish your booking and check your email for a confirmation message.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are no slots left shortly after reservations open, refresh again after 15-20 minutes. Remember how it only holds a slot for 15 minutes after clicking? Snatch that quick!

People also cancel their reservations, so it’s best to check every now and then. You can also gamble and go on the day and hope for a free table from no-show guests.

How To Get There

Pokemon Cafe Tokyo Location

More info here.

Is Pokemon Cafe Worth Visiting?

Pokemon Cafe Decor

It’s definitely worth it!

Delightfully decorated food, beautiful interiors, and a dancing Pikachu? As a Pokemon fan, that’s one experience you shouldn’t pass up.

With its seasonal and game-themed menu, there’s always something new to look forward to.