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Skyrim Unique Weapons Guide – The Top 15 Best

Skyrim Unique Weapons Guide – The Top 15 Best

Finding a unique weapon in the world of Skyrim can be a serious relief.

After all, those snowy wilds are an unpredictable place, and while they’re littered with weaponry, it’s always comforting to know you’ve come across one that’ll give you a real edge over the hordes of bloodthirsty beasts and bandits out there.

Despite being unique, though, there are quite a few of these weapons out there. Below, we’ve listed 15 of the best.

Best Unique Weapons in Skyrim

Tsun’s Battle Axe

Okay, including this one is kind of cheating, since there’s no actual in-game way to get it – it’s literally wielded by a god, and can only be obtained through careful use of console commands.

However, we simply had to give it a shout-out, purely due to the fact that it does the most base damage out of any weapon in the game.


Here we have the most powerful two-handed battle-axe obtainable through in-game methods.

Wielded by the Atmoran hero Ysgramorduring the defeat of the Snow Elves in the Nordic-Falmer War, this hefty axe, in addition to its high base damage, packs an extra punch against Mer enemies.

You’ll get this one on the Companions questline, during the “Glory of the Dead” quest – just remember to retrieve it from the statue of Ysgramor once you’ve used it to open the pathway to the burial chamber.


This Warhammerwas forged by the Dwemer, and like any weapon in a fantasy setting forged by long-lost precursors, it deals devastating blows.

On top of that, it absorbs 50 points of stamina for each blow, which is a real asset considering how hard those two-handed weapons are to swing.

You’ll get this one on the Daedric questline when you defeat the giant in “The Cursed Tribe.”

Companion’s Cudgel

The second-best Warhammer in the game – though it should be noted that it’s only available in the Dragonborn DLC, obtainable during the “March of the Dead” sidequest at Raven Rock – you can pick it up from General FalxCarius’ corpse after defeating him.

It does the same base damage as an ordinary glass Warhammer; but it includes the perk of doing 25 Chaos Damage (that’s to say, there’s a 50% chance that it’ll simultaneously do 15 points of fire, frost and shock damage for each hit).

Bloodskal Blade

This is one for those who like two-handed blades.It’s also only available in the Dragonborn DLC; as the name implies, it’s located in Bloodskal Burrow, and can be found next to the corpse of Gratian Caerellius, which you’ll come across during the “Final Descent” quest.

Similar to the Companion’s Cudgel, this one’s base damage is the same as an ordinary glass greatsword, but it includes a nifty perk: when power attacking, it shoots out an energy blast that’ll deal 30 damage.

It can travel about 15 feet, through walls, and through multiple enemies. Used properly, it could be the deciding factor in a fight.


The next best greatsword in the game, although, like the Bloodskal Blade, it’s only available in the Dragonborn DLC.

It’s fairly simple to obtain if you’re sufficiently leveled up, though, since it’s not tied to any quest – it’s wielded by an ordinary Reaver Lord who can be encountered at Brodir Grove on Solstheim.

Besides its base damage, its enchantment will also deliver 30 points of shock damage and 15 points of magicka damage.

Karliah’s Bow

Don’t worry, you archers haven’t been neglected in the unique weapons department.

As the name implies, this bow is wielded by Karliah, the Dunmer thief who you’ll encounter on the Thieves Guild questline.

Unfortunately, this one, like Tsun’s Battle Axe, can only be obtained through console commands; but if you’re looking to be one of the most ludicrously powerful bows in all of Skyrim, this bow has more base damage than any other in the game.

Nightingale Bow

The best bow obtainable through in-game means, this one is given to you by Karliah as a reward for defeating Mercer Frey in the Thieves Guild quest “Blindsided.”

It, like Karliah’s own bow, doesn’t have any enchantments included, but the base damage is considerable.


If you prefer single-handed swords, you can always go for Chillrend, the most powerful one-handed sword in the game.

In addition to its tremendous base damage, it does an additional 30 frost damage, and has a chance of paralyzing enemies where they stand.

The sword can be found under Riftweald Manor in Riften. Unfortunately, the only way to get easy access to this area is by way of the Thieves Guild questline – you’ll access this area during “The Pursuit”.

Miraak’s Sword

Miraak’s sword is the next best sword in the game after Chillrend (that’s to say, it has slightly more base damage, but lacks the frost damage or paralyzing effects).

This is another one that’s only available through the Dragonborn DLC, as part of its final main quest (you’ll be able to pick it up from Miraak’s corpse after you defeat him), but with its high damage and stamina absorption effects, it’ll give you a serious edge in any future fights.

Blade of Woe

A devastating dagger with a seriously metal name, the Blade of Woe not only delivers the highest damage out of any dagger in all of Skyrim but also absorbs ten points of health for every hit – a seriously useful perk when a fight is cutting it close.

The Blade of Woe can be obtained during the “Death Incarnate” quest, part of the Dark Brotherhood’s questline.

If you don’t fancy joining an assassin’s guild, though, you can also kill Astrid and retrieve it from her body during the “With Friends Like These…” quest, which will cut you off from joining the Brotherhood.

Mehrune’s Razor

The next best dagger in the game, Mehrune’s Razor, is, as its name implies, available through the Daedric questline when collecting its pieces on the quest “Pieces of the Past.”

You’ll only get it if you follow Dagon’s demands to kill Silus, though – refuse, and the dagger will be locked up, unattainable, in a glass case in his museum.

The dagger doesn’t quite have the Blade of Woe’s damage or health perks, but it does offer a 1.98% chance to kill almost any opponent in a single blow.

This, needless to say, could be what decides a fight if it kicks in at the right moment.

Mace of Molag Bal

Fittingly for a mace named after the Daedric Prince of domination, this is the most powerful mace in the game, dealing 25 stamina and magicka damage on top of the serious base damage.

And if you have a knack for enchantment, there’s also a chance that a target killed with this weapon will enter a soul gem.

Fittingly though, this is another weapon that can only be obtained through the Daedric questline as a reward for killing Logrolfin the “House of Horrors” quest.


Besides looking ludicrously cool, Okin, the most powerful one-handed axe in the game, also has the perk of being available to any player in the game, since it’s not tied to any particular questline.

To get it, you need simply enter Volunruud, a tomb located in The Pale, and pick up HeddicVolunruud’s notes, which will trigger the “Silenced Tongues” quest.

You’ll be able to pick Okin up near the end, after defeating Kvenel the Tongue. In addition to its decent base damage, the axe also inflicts 10 frost damage.

Dawnguard Rune Axe

The next best one-handed axe in the game, you’ll only come across this one, as the name implies, in the Dawnguard DLC.

It’s one of the three artifacts (the other two being the Dawnguard Rune hammer and shield) that you can be asked to retrieve from a radiant location during the “Lost Relic” sidequest – precisely which one you’ll be asked to get is random, but fortunately, the quest can be repeated until you get the one you want.

Besides its base damage, this axe makes for a seriously formidable weapon against undead foes, as it deals sun damage to them.

The amount of damage is determined by the number of undead you killed since the last sunrise, so hunters of ghosts and vampires will love this one.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a vast selection of unique weaponry available in the snowy lands of Skyrim, diverse enough to cater to any sort of character or playstyle, and all of it packing a serious punch.

However, you won’t be getting any of them easily – as should ever be the case with any good RPG, each one will require not just a considerable amount of level-grinding, but also a lengthy amount of time getting to grips with the world of Skyrim, and, more importantly, with precisely what style of play and type of character you’re most comfortable with.

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