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Where Screenshots Are Saved in Ffxiv

Where Screenshots Are Saved in Ffxiv

Finding your screenshot folder is unnecessarily frustrating. The file path isn’t mentioned on the launcher or in the in-game menu.

There’s a built-in screenshot feature; why is it a pain to use?

Ffxiv Screenshot Folder

Finding Your Default Screenshot Folder for Ffxiv

On PC, your screenshot key is bound to the PrtSc (Print Screen) key by default. This can be changed in the Keybinds settings accessible by hitting ESC.

Screenshots are saved in a folder called “screenshots” (duh) that can be found in your “My Games” folder in your “Documents” directory. There will be a “Final Fantasy XIV” folder inside the games folder.

Any pics you take with the built-in screenshot feature will have Final Fantasy XIV copyright info burned into the lower-left corner of the image file.

Locating Saved Ffxiv Screenshots on Playstation

This is a much simpler task than on PC.

Screenshots are taken the same way for every game on the console, with the controller’s “share” button. These snaps can then be reviewed in your PS Capture Gallery within the Library app.

This guide is most helpful for PC players looking to find where their screenshots are saved in FFXIV. Unfortunately, PlayStation FFXIV players likely aren’t reading this.