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The 10 Worst Animal Crossing Villagers [2024]

The 10 Worst Animal Crossing Villagers [2024]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot of adorable villagers. From cute cats like Lolly to elegant deer like Diana, this game is a fountain of precious characters!

There is always a villager out there that’s just for you.

But I gotta admit, some of these villagers just look so unfortunate. Some of them look unsettling, while some are outright creepy.

I don’t want to judge these villagers too harshly, but we gotta figure out which ones are the worst Animal Crossing villagers to recruit.

10. Ricky

Animal Crossing Ricky

Personality: Cranky

Catchphrase: Nutcase

Personal Saying: “You gotta break a few shells to get to the nut.”

The combo of his personal saying and his facial expression comes off as slightly unsettling.

Ricky looks quite intense, and we don’t want to test out how much of a nutcase he can be.

9. Chow

Animal Crossing Chow

Personality: Cranky

Catchphrase: Aiya

Personal Saying: “All good things must come to an end.”

This pink panda might love exercising and karate, but it’s difficult to fight back the urge to not think his face is creepy.

His odd facial expression and lack of pupils have perturbed some Animal Crossing fans.

Cranky villagers usually sleep at 3:30 AM, so seeing Chow walking around your island in the middle of the night doesn’t sound too fun. Sorry, Chow, some things must come to an end.

8. Camofrog

Animal Crossing Camofrog

Personality: Cranky

Catchphrase: Ten-hut

Personal Saying: “What you can’t see can’t hurt you.”

Camofrog says, “what you can’t see can’t hurt you,” but we can totally see his eyes piercing through the very center of our souls, and it hurts. It’s hard to look away!

His wide and round eyes with tiny pupils appear off-putting the longer you stare at him.

One one hand, he seems like he’ll win a lot of staring contests. On the other hand, he also wins our 8th worst villager spot. See you never, Camofrog.

7. Bella

Animal Crossing Bella

Personality: Peppy

Catchphrase: Eeks

Personal Saying: “A glamour shot is worth a thousand words.”

One look at Bella and the words “menacing gremlin” immediately pop up to my mind.

While that kind of description has a charm of its own, some players just don’t want to deal with a mouse villager who looks like she’ll gnaw on your ankles any chance she gets.

If you want a villager like that on your island, I certainly won’t fault you. At number seven, Bella the Peppy mouse is yours.

6. Canberra

Animal Crossing Canberra

Personality: Big Sister / Sisterly

Catchphrase: Nuh uh

Personal Saying: “It’s never too late to start over.”

As far as intense facial expressions go, Canberra has one of the most intense faces in the game.

With her furrowed eyebrows, wide circular eyes, and odd smile, partnered with her rough Big Sister or Sisterly personality, it’s not surprising that some players are put off by her.

5. Beardo

Animal Crossing Beardo

Personality: Smug

Catchphrase: Whiskers

Personal Saying: “Fashion first!”

Beardo gets the 5th spot on our list for looking like a random grown-up in Animal Crossing.

With his brown mustache and mutton chops, it’s as if your high school principal wandered into the game and started talking about being a fashionista.

I mean, good for you, Mr. Beardo, but that’s just something a lot of Animal Crossing players don’t want to have.

4. Barold

Animal Crossing Barold

Personality: Lazy

Catchphrase: Cubby

Personal Saying: “Please DO feed the bears!”

Despite his gentle expression, it just doesn’t work with his overall character design. If you get creepy vibes from him, I won’t blame you.

It’s an unfortunate conclusion to his character, but he’s one Lazy bear cub who won’t get an island invite.

3. Rodney

Animal Crossing Rodney

Personality: Smug

Catchphrase: Le ham

Personal Saying: “Everything is temporary.”

Not a lot of Animal Crossing players are fond of Rodney’s face due to his extra smug expression and devious smile.

It’s almost like he’s being sly about something, and that doesn’t sit right with a lot of people.

Hopefully, what we’re feeling towards him is temporary. You still get the 3rd spot, Rodney.

2. Clyde

Animal Crossing Clyde

Personality: Lazy

Catchphrase: Clip Clawp

Personal Saying: “The grass is always greener.”

The eyes are the windows to one’s soul, but with Clyde, these windows seem to be a bit off.

His eyes look like buttons that never seem to open, and because of this, he earns the 2nd spot in our list. Stay where the grass is greener, Clyde, preferably not on our island.

1. Jitters

Animal Crossing Jitters

Personality: Jock

Catchphrase: Bzzert

Personal Saying: “When you’re a team of one, you’re always captain!”

And our top choice as the worst villager to invite to your villager ever is none other than Jitters!

The reason that made him the winner of this unfortunate list is his unsettling eyes that just seem to endlessly stare right into your soul.

He also doesn’t look like he sleeps at all, which explains his jittery name. Here’s to you getting some shut-eye, Jitters!

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Whew, that’s a list I don’t want to go through again.