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Top 35 Best Adventure Anime [2024]

Top 35 Best Adventure Anime [2024]

One of the greatest things about fiction is that it can transport us to new worlds and let us explore new experiences in the comforts of our homes. The possibilities can be endless with how creative and unique anime can be.

If you’re looking to start a new adventure through anime, you’ve come to the right list. So ready your backpacks as we take you on a journey to discover the best adventure anime in the land!

Best Adventure Anime

35. Tower of God

Adventure Anime Tower Of God

In this world, a mighty Tower summons people to climb it and reach its peak for a chance to have their wishes granted. These people, called “Regulars,” will do anything to have their desires – riches, fame, or power – fulfilled by the Tower.

A poor kid meets someone who’s about to climb the Tower. He’s had no one in his life before, just his musty cave and a yearning for friendship. So when this person decides to leave to go up the Tower, he decides to tag along and become an “Irregular” who’s not chosen by the Tower but is accepted anyway.

This Korean manhwa turned anime aired in 2020 and has 13 episodes.

34. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Adventure Anime Shield Hero

To protect the kingdom of Melromarc, four heroes from modern-day Japan are summoned to take the mantle of the kingdom’s legendary Four Cardinal Heroes. These heroes have bestowed their assigned weapons – sword, spear, bow, and shield.

Unfortunately, the hero for shield, Naofumi Iwatani, gets ridiculed and betrayed just because his hits are not strong enough, even though he literally only has a shield.

Watch his journey as he trains to become the hero Melromarc needs when enemy waves approach. This isekai anime aired last 2019 and has two seasons.

33. Majo No Tabitabi

Adventure Anime Majo No Tabitabi

Elaina has always dreamed of going on journeys and seeing the world – just like her favorite witch! After becoming a proper witch herself, she can finally go on a trip! But awaits her are crucial lessons about life, both good and bad. It’s a trip she’ll never forget and will change her life.

A bit of warning – Majo no Tabitabi can be a bit too heavy with some of its substories. It aired in fall 2020 and has 12 episodes.

32. Bofuri: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense

Adventure Anime Bofuri

An online game newbie decides that maxing out her defense is the best course of action because she’s afraid of getting hit by enemies. As her defense stats increase, she faces new adventures and gets the attention of the game’s mods and other notable players.

Watch her online adventure unfold in this 12-episode show that aired in 2020. Watching it now is impeccable timing because Bofuri’s second season will drop this year!

31. Dororo

Adventure Anime Dororo

Because of a wish his father made, Hyakkimaru was born with no limbs, eyes, ears, or skin. He was then left to be disposed of and forgotten. Luckily, a kind medicine man saves him and gives him prosthetics to survive.

Now, he traverses the land, ready to defeat the demons that took away his body parts. Along the way, he comes upon an orphan boy named Dororo, and together they continue to survive the wretched world they live in.

Demons and sword fights are aplenty in this 24-episode action-adventure anime.

30. Golden Kamuy

Adventure Anime Golden Kamuy

An ex-soldier dismisses a tale of a man with hidden gold until he comes across one of the clues to his treasure. The clue, a tattoo on a man partially eaten by a bear, could be proof that the tale is true.

But before he could collect his thoughts, the bear, who wants to finish her dinner, lunges at him. He is saved by an Ainu girl whose father was one of the people murdered for the stolen gold.

This unlikely duo sets out on a treasure-hunting adventure of a lifetime. With three seasons aired and a fourth to be released this year, Golden Kamuy will give you action, adventure, and even history lessons.

29. Inuyasha

Adventure Anime Inuyasha

He’s a half-demon, and she’s the reincarnation of his old love who betrayed him. When the Shikon Jewel inside her shatters into numerous pieces and teleports across the land, these two have to stop bickering and work together to save their world.

This popular shounen anime about demons and the supernatural aired back in 2000 and was broadcasted in 30+ countries. It became a hit and won a lot of awards in Japan and North America.

28. The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Adventure Anime The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Satoru Mikami’s monotonous life gets a jolt when he gets stabbed but wakes up as a reincarnated slime. A dragon he befriended grants him divine protection, and now he can journey this new land with a fresh mind and a restored enthusiasm.

With 24 episodes, a second season, an OVA, and an upcoming movie, you’ll have loads of slime fun with this series.

27. MO Dao Zu Shi

Adventure Anime Mo Dao Zu Shi

In this world, humans try to reach a state of immortality called Xian. The story’s protagonist, Wei Wuxian, decides to make his own path to immortality called the Modao or the Demonic Path.

However, tragedy befell him, and he wakes up after being summoned into the body of a man seeking revenge. Mysteries surround Wei Wuxian and the man who has summoned him, and they go on a journey to find answers.

This donghua, or anime from China, is based on a novel of the same name.

26. Digimon Adventure

Adventure Anime Digimon

A group of kids in summer camp gets teleported to a new world after snow starts falling in July. This odd phenomenon is just the start of their bizarre adventure in this vast land filled with digital monsters or “Digimon.” They each get a partner Digimon and must find a way back home.

An adventure in the digital world? With cute creatures that transform into cool monsters? Sign us up! We can’t skip this classic anime from a lot of people’s childhood.

25. Dragon Ball

Adventure Anime Dragonball

Speaking of childhood classics, there is nothing more classic than the show about going on adventures and tournaments while treasure-hunting for a bunch of golden balls.

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, GT, and so on follow Goku and his friends and family as they retrieve the powerful and wish-granting Dragon Balls. A lot of bad guys show up to get said treasure, but you bet Goku and friends will defend planet Earth no matter the cost!

24. Pokemon

Adventure Anime Pokemon

Our trip down memory lane isn’t over yet! Our last stop is a show that was a part of a lot of people’s childhood as well: Pokemon!

Currently, it has 25 seasons and still follows Ash and Pikachu as they travel around the different regions of their Pokemon world. They meet new Pokemon, companions, rivals, and even the consistently pesky Team Rocket.

23. Log Horizon

Adventure Anime Log Horizon

Due to an update gone wrong, thousands of players get trapped in an mmorpg. Now, they have to survive their way in this digital land of sword fighters, magic, and monsters. Good thing our protagonist, Shiroe, is a veteran player!

Fantasy, adventure, strategy, politics, and economics are what you can expect in this isekai anime! With three seasons under its belt, watch as Shiroe and his friends navigate the world of Elder Tale.

22. Spice and Wolf

Adventure Anime Spice And Wolf

She’s a wolf deity yearning to go home, and he’s a merchant saving up to open his own shop. Quite the odd duo, but their banter and chemistry are top-notch, plus you learn about economics throughout their journey.

With two seasons, OVAs, and an upcoming new season, Spice and Wolf is a one-of-a-kind adventure anime about trade and economics.

21. Made in Abyss

Adventure Anime Made In Abyss

In Made in Abyss, our heroes journey down into a place called The Abyss. It’s a chasm so deep and mysterious that it tempts adventurers of all kinds to go to its depths despite its dangers.

And when I say danger, it’s the scary, bloody, and heart and mind-breaking kind. This adventure series can get really dark and disturbing, so brace yourself before watching!

20. Kino’s Journey

Adventure Anime Kino's Journey

Kino and her talking motorcycle travel around the world to see and observe people and their behavior. Sometimes, what they see is heartwarming and inspiring, but oftentimes they witness heartbreaking and shocking situations.

With two TV anime adaptations, two movies, and an OVA, tag along Kino’s Journey and ponder with her the realities of human nature.

19. Cardcaptor Sakura

Adventure Anime Cardcaptor Sakura

In the mood for a mahou shoujo adventure? Give one of the most popular magical girl anime a try!

After accidentally releasing magical cards from his father’s library, Sakura now has to collect all of them back before they harm people. These cards, called “Clow Cards,” have different powers and skills, like the power to control the wind, manipulate dreams, or imitate appearances.

She also meets the cards’ guardians and gains rivals and companions along the way. Not only is this magical adventure full of, well, magic, but you also get to see Sakura in a lot of cute costumes as well!

18. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Adventure Anime Dragon Quest The Adventures Of Dai

A ruthless demon finally gets defeated by a brave swordsman known as “The Hero” and his companions. All was well for many years, and peace reigned on the island until the demon was revived.

A young boy dreams about becoming a hero as well, and this dream becomes a reality for him when news of the demon’s revival reaches his home. Along with his friends, they go on a journey to stop his evil ways, learn more about the hero of the past, and find out the person responsible for bringing the demon back.

17. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Adventure Anime Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic

A Magi is a powerful being who can influence the world with their magic, as well as choose a deserving leader who can rule the world.

In this story, we follow Aladdin, a young Magi who is still figuring himself out. He is accompanied by his djinn mentor, Ugo, and befriends Alibaba Saluja, who guides them to the nearest dungeon.

Will Aladdin become a mighty magi and aid a tremendous king fit to rule the world? You have two seasons to find out!

16. Dr. Stone

Adventure Anime Dr Stone

A mysterious event turns all humans into stone. Thousands of years later, some of humanity slowly wakes up and breaks from their stone shell.

One of these survivors is Senkuu, a guy who is crazy smart with science! A world that needs to get back to modernity definitely needs a science guy like him.

With his friends and newly found companions, they try to survive their own stone age and revive civilization while figuring out what caused everyone to turn into stone.

15. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Adventure Anime Konosuba

Would you rather go to heaven or get to live again in a fantasy world? For gamer and recluse Kazumo Satou, this is a no-brainer. He tells the goddess who asks him this question that he wants to live again in a real fantasy world.

And in a hilarious turn of events, he makes the goddess his companion! But his ideal fantasy life gets a smack of reality when he realizes he actually has to work and manage his expenses to survive. On top of that, his new goddess companion is actually pretty useless.

Aside from it being a not-so-run-of-the-mill isekai adventure, it’s full of parodies, cliches that turn into anti-cliches, and other surprises.

14. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Adventure Anime Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demons have wreaked havoc in the land, and sadly Tanjirou’s life gets turned upside down in one single night due to them. Wanting to know who attacked his family and harmed his sister, he goes on a journey to get stronger to effectively slay demons.

Demon Slayer gets two seasons and a movie that’s currently the highest-grossing film in Japan.

13. Mushishi

Adventure Anime Mushishi

Mushi are mysterious creatures that exist with us. They are neither good nor bad, but their powers and very nature affect people.

To learn more about them, a wandering man named Ginko travels all around Japan to document the phenomenon surrounding Mushi. He encounters fascinating stories due to Mushi, while some situations end up tragically.

With sequels, movies, and specials, this series won Tokyo Anime Award’s TV category in 2006.

12. Samurai Champloo

Adventure Anime Samurai Champloo

In order to find a samurai who smells like sunflowers, an oddball trio goes on a trip together and meets a colorful cast of characters. Set in Edo, Japan, but with a modern twist, this series will give you samurai sword fighting, as well as hip-hop and baseball!

Fun fact: Japanese hip-hop musician Nujabes provides catchy tunes for this series.

11. A Place Further Than the Universe

Adventure Anime A Place Further Than The Universe

Four girls meet at the point in their lives when they need each other the most.

Mari dreams of exploring the world but is held back by her doubts and worries. Shirase wants to look for her mother, even though people around her are against it. Hinata wants to prove herself and reserved Yuzuki needs friends.

What can a trip to Antarctica do to the lives of these girls? Join them on their trip to the farthest place they’ve been to yet in this 13-episode series.

10. Vinland Saga

Adventure Anime Vinland Saga

Growing up, Thorfinn has only seen war and death. It’s difficult to have a different life when you’re at the center of it all and a mercenary too. With the war between England and the Danes growing fiercer, his mercenary work with his father continues.

But he hears tales about Vinland, a mythical place where it’s warm and fertile, with no war and fighting, and wishes he could visit it one day. Unfortunately, the reality is way harsher, and now he has to avenge his father’s death while surviving this brutal era of violence and vengeance.

09. Ousama Ranking

Adventure Anime Ousama Ranking

Young Bojji becomes a prince, but he can neither speak nor hear. He gets ridiculed by everyone and is nicknamed “The Useless Prince” while being laughed at.

Amidst his sad reality, he meets a shadow called Kage, who doesn’t seem to focus on his shortcomings. Bojji decides to befriend him, and the shadow slowly warms up to him.

With a friend by his side, Bojji is determined to show everyone that he can be a great ruler fit to rule their kingdom! This is one royal journey you don’t want to miss.

Fun fact: Tokyo Foundation of the Deaf supervises the sign language shown in the show.

08. Seirei No Moribito

Adventure Anime Seirei No Moribito

An empire suffering through a drought learns from ancient myths that they can make it rain if they slay a water demon. However, a water demon manifests in the body of the emperor’s own son! Choosing his empire over his family, the emperor decides to have his son killed.

With a stroke of luck, a spear-wielding mercenary on a business trip happens to pass by and saves the emperor’s son from an assassination attempt. His mother then pleads with the mercenary to protect her son from his own father and the rest of the empire.

Fantasy, action, and historical themes form the backdrop for Seirei no Moribito. Join Balsa, the mercenary, and Chagum, the hunted prince, as they run away from their pursuers and learn more about family, life, and forming bonds.

07. Cowboy Bebop

Adventure Anime Cowboy Bebop

A seemingly indifferent bounty hunter, a former cop with a serious demeanor, a charming wanted criminal, and a kid hacker with a cute corgi.

This ragtag group of space mercenaries goes on space adventures as they deal with their own pasts. There isn’t much to say about Cowboy Bebop that hasn’t been said already since it’s considered by a lot of anime fans as one of the classics and a must-watch!

06. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Adventure Anime Fma Brotherhood

After losing their mother, brothers Ed and Al decide to do alchemy to bring her back. It terrifyingly goes wrong, and they end up paying a hefty price for their mistakes.

Now with metallic bodies, the brothers try to survive their alchemy work while knowing more about their craft and the mysteries behind alchemy. Their journey will take them to different lands and meet different alchemists, each with their own heartbreaking tale.

05. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Adventure Anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

It all starts with a brother who just cannot find it in his heart to be nice. Evil knows no bounds, and this brother will not stop until all the power he craves will be his.

This adventure spans generations, with characters and powers bigger than life! Aside from sheer muscles, you get “evil spirits” that aid them in fights. You also follow a different main JoJo character each time. All in all, it is a pretty unique series!

04. Berserk

Adventure Anime Berserk

Cursed to be hunted by demons until the day he dies, Guts travels to the dangerous and demon-infested land where Berserk is set in. He vows to find the man responsible for his curse and make him pay for it.

If you’ve heard of this series and have been meaning to watch it, be prepared for violence, gore, and abuse. It can be a disturbing watch, but Guts and his earnest heart and neverending perseverance can give you hope.

03. Hunter X Hunter

Adventure Anime Hunter X Hunter

In the vast world of Hunter x Hunter, people undergo rigorous tests and training to become a Hunter. These Hunters explore the lands and hunt a variety of things – from criminals and wild monsters to exotic foods and oddities.

The series follows Gon as he strives to become a great Hunter like his dad. He meets friends and comrades along the way, and they get into memorable and life-changing adventures in their quest to be the very best Hunters in their fields.

Not only adventure awaits you in HxH, but also friendship and camaraderie.

02. One Piece

Adventure Anime One Piece

Before the renowned pirate Gol D. Roger was executed, he told everyone that his legendary treasure, One Piece, was hidden somewhere, and everyone was welcome to try and find it. This sets off the Great Pirate Era.

Luffy, a fearless kid with an adventurous spirit, is one of the many people who want to get One Piece and become the next legendary pirate. He slowly gathers his own crew, and together they set sail to wondrous lands, helping people and fighting foes left and right.

With its larger-than-life characters that have unique design themes and powers, and friendship and camaraderie also in heaps, One Piece is a treasure-hunting adventure you don’t want to pass up, no matter how long the voyage is.

01. Ghibli Movies (Kiki’s Delivery Service, the Cat Returns, Castle in the Sky, Howl’s Moving Castle)

Ghibli Movies (kiki’s Delivery Service, The Cat Returns, Castle In The Sky, Howl’s Moving Castle)

It’s hard to pick just one adventure movie from Studio Ghibli, so we decided to put a lot of them in one rank. And that rank is at the top of this list!

In Kiki’s Delivery Service, a young witch travels to a distant city to be a full-fledged witch. The Cat Returns has our protagonist speak with cats and go to a land inhabited by them!

Castle in the Sky is as magical as its title, with airships, robots, and a magic amulet. And with Howl’s Moving Castle? Wizards, a fiery demon, and an actual moving castle is in this adventure!

Ghibli movies are great adventure anime movies to watch for adults and tiny tots alike. They give a sense of wonder and magic and offer little life lessons for grown-ups and kids.

Take, for example, Kiki’s Delivery Service. She goes to a different city to finish her witch training but finds out it’s not as easy as she hoped it to be.

As a kid, you see how she becomes sad but overcomes her problems and saves the day. But as an adult, you also see her struggle when the very thing she loves feels like a burden and a chore at one point. It is something a lot of us have felt.

Good stories, excellent life lessons, a great sense of adventure, and stunning animation as a cherry on top? It’s difficult not to recommend Ghibli movies!