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Top 10 Best Animal Crossing Villagers [2024]

Top 10 Best Animal Crossing Villagers [2024]

Everyone’s got a favorite villager, but out of 413 villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, only a handful emerge as standout characters in the game.

These highly coveted villagers, often called “dreamies” by the community, are favorites for a reason.

In this article, we picked what we think are the best Animal Crossing villagers in the game.

We judged them based on their character design, uniqueness, and popularity. Let’s start!

10. Ankha

Animal Crossing Ankha

Personality: Snooty

Catchphrase: Me meow

Ankha, a Snooty cat villager, gets the 10th spot in our list! Her design, name, and catchphrase are all based on Egyptian culture, which makes her pretty unique!

Her name is from the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol, ankh, which means “key of life” or a symbol of life.

She’s pretty popular, too, with a current ranking of number six in the tier one group in Animal Crossing Portal.

9. Audie

Animal Crossing Audie

Personality: Peppy

Catchphrase: Foxtrot

For the 9th spot, we have Audie, the Peppy wolf villager who actually looks like a fox! Her catchphrase, foxtrot, supports this guess, as well as her red-orange fur.

Audie is one of the new villagers added during New Horizons release, so it’s no surprise that she’s pretty popular based on her newness alone.

Another reason for her popularity is the speculation that her English name, Audie, is based on a grandma who loves playing Animal Crossing.

Audrey Buchanan, a 90-year-old Animal Crossing fan, spent more than 3,500 hours playing New Leaf. She named her character Audie.

Nintendo hasn’t said anything official about the name, but Animal Crossing fans love the possible link of Grandma Audie and Audie, the villager!

8. Dobie

Animal Crossing Dobie

Personality: Cranky

Catchphrase: Ohmmm

Now for the actual grandpa in the game, here’s Dobie for the 8th spot! He’s a wolf villager with a Cranky personality, and his design makes him look like a tired, old wolf.

Cranky villagers can be a bit blunt and will often be out of touch or disagreeable with a lot of modern or trendy things other personalities do.

But the more you get to know them, the more you see that they care for you and give you fatherly advice – or grandfatherly in Dobie’s case!

He’s not the typical adorable or cute villager, but Dobie gets a spot in our list for his “grandpa” uniqueness.

A lot of players who want a Cranky grandpa on their island usually invite Dobie!

7. Julian

Animal Crossing Julian

Personality: Smug

Catchphrase: Glitter

Like the rare and elusive unicorn in myths, Julian is one of a kind and a truly unique villager.

He is sparkly, the only villager with a unicorn design, and has a house filled with equally rare and sparkly items from Celeste’s DIY recipes.

His catchphrase even mirrors his sparkly and glittery life. Shine on and enjoy the 7th spot, Julian!

6. Coco

Animal Crossing Coco

Personality: Normal

Catchphrase: Doyoing

Her hollow eyes and mouth might look a tad creepy to some people, but Coco is a Normal bunny with a pleasant disposition and an adorable nature.

She is based on clay figures called haniwa from the Yayoi period in Japan, just like the gyroids in numerous Animal Crossing games.

She has one of the most unique designs among all villagers in the game, and this seemingly creepy appearance, partnered with her sweet personality, gives a melancholic feel to her.

This is why you get the 6th spot, Coco!

5. Marshal

Animal Crossing Marshal

Personality: Smug

Catchphrase: Sulky

Tiny squirrel Marshal joins the top 5! Because of his cute size and character design, he quickly became very popular in different Animal Crossing communities.

His name could be a reference to marshmallows, given his color and fun-size stature.

You get to squeeze into the 5th spot, you squishy and adorable marshmallow, you!

4. Dom

Animal Crossing Dom

Personality: Jock

Catchphrase: Indeedaroo

Dom is an enigma at first glance. He has an adorable crying face with a wool so fluffy, but he’s actually a musclehead with a Jock personality!

Because of his crying expression, he soared to the top of everyone’s list, particularly among Japanese ACNH players, where he topped a poll done by Famitsu magazine last year.

You can also find lots of fanart showing his iconic face. Get cozy in the 4th spot, Dom!

3. Sasha

Animal Crossing Sasha

Personality: Lazy

Catchphrase: Hoppity

Defying expectations and stereotypes, Sasha earns the top 3 spot!

A lot of people expected Sasha to be a female rabbit with a Peppy or Normal personality, but he turns out to be a boy rabbit with a Lazy personality.

His feminine character design partnered with the boy-only Lazy personality is a very unexpected combination, but it is a refreshing take and a very welcomed one in Animal Crossing communities.

Sasha is currently ranked at number 5 in the tier 1 group in Animal Crossing Portal.

Enjoy all the snacks, Sasha!

2. Raymond

Animal Crossing Raymond

Personality: Smug

Catchphrase: Crisp

Raymond’s viral popularity during Animal Crossing’s release year was a juggernaut of unexpected proportions, and that’s why he deserves the number 2 spot on our list.

This Smug cat continues to be at the very top of a lot of people’s dreamie lists for a good reason.

Aside from the viral Twitter post that propelled him to be the top cat of the Animal Crossing world, his character design is quite unique.

Raymond is a Smug cat with heterochromia and a business-themed outfit and house. Quite a unique combination, don’t you think?

1. Bob

Animal Crossing Bob

Personality: Lazy

Catchphrase: Pthhpth

And for the villager who rightfully deserves the number one spot on our list, here’s Bob!

This Lazy cat has been in the games since the very start and is an iconic character in the series.

Long-time fans have him in their dreamie lists since they had him in their older Animal Crossing games as well.

He is actually the first ever villager designed and made during Animal Crossing’s first game, as revealed by game co-creator Hisashi Nogami in this Famitsu interview.

They gave him January 1st as his birthday – a befitting date for this number one cat.

Animal Crossing Top 10 Best Winner

And that’s our Top 10 Best Animal Crossing Villagers. Did your dreamies or favorite villagers show up on our list?