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Top 31 Best Anime Characters With Glasses [2024]

Top 31 Best Anime Characters With Glasses [2024]

There are few gestures in anime as iconic or symbolic as that of the glass-push. You gently prod them up your nose with one finger and deflect any light away from your eyes.

Are you evil? Planning something? Really cool? Adjusting your glasses? Who knows?

Today, I’m going to go over 31 anime characters who wear glasses and are also amazing in their own right.

Don’t be mad if your favorite didn’t make it, please, as there were hundreds and hundreds of contenders.

Glasses on, we’re going in!

Anime Characters With Glasses

31. Sakamoto


Sakamoto, of ‘Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto,’ is a perfect specimen.

He could fall from a helicopter and not only land on his feet but solve world hunger at the same time.

He is the epitome of human, and that is more capable than any of us will ever do.

He does all this by accident, as Sakamoto really just wants a quiet life.

It’s just a shame, then, that he’s so perfect.

30. Shintaro Midorima

Shintaro Midorima

Midorima was once the vice-captain of the Generation of Miracles before moving on to Shutoku High after graduation, where he now competes against his former friends and teammates.

He’s the leader of the team, able to use logic and rhetoric as well as perfect statistical simulatipn to ensure he makes the shot from his shooting guard position.

His perfect accuracy and limitless range make him a formidable foe to face against, however, he can run against his teammates on a frequent basis for his personality.

29. Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki

Hunter x Hunter has a gargantuan cast of well-rounded and fascinating characters, and one such example is Shizuku of the Phantom Troupe.

She’s the twelfth strongest in the group, with a distinctly kuudere emotionless personality regardless of the context or environment. Her stoic attitude works in her conjuration Nen ability’s favor.

She can make a huge vacuum cleaner out of thin air she calls Blinky that can consume inanimate objects, allowing her to clean up the corpses of her teams exploits with ease.

28. Toko Fukawa

Toko Fukawa

Toko is a woman of two shades. That is to say, she has dissociative identity disorder.

The dominant half is a reserved, antagonistic, and self-righteous writer who firghts at the merest sight of violence, blood, or upset.

On the other hand, her other half is Genocide Joe – a mass murderer who strings her male victims up by their arms after killing them.

Therein, one must wonder what it’s like to be in the mind of Toko. One might similarly not want to know at all, and that’d be more than understandable. Moving on…

27. Rei Ryugazaki

Rei Ryugazaki

Rei is my favorite character in Free! He’s one of the main characters, tall and lanky and proficient in butterfly swimming, and he tends to hold the swimming club together with his pragmatic outlook on their prospects and abilities.

At the beginning of the series, his desire to look graceful and perfect in everything he does comes at odds with his poor swimming abilities.

But over time, he comes to recognize how ugly learning something can be and how that can serve as an integral part of the experience.

26. Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen

How could we not mention Aizen – the glass pusher upper himself – with his conniving ways and intricate ploys that always end up paying off.

He was a former captain of Gotei 13’s 5th Division before defecting and waging war against his former allies and the Soul Society in general. He becomes the leader of the Arrancar and the driving antagonist of the entire series.

Just when you think things have wrapped up and the villain has been thwarted, Aizen appears behind it all, like a magician or a puppeteer pulling strings.

25. Kishou Arima

Kishou Arima

Kishou Arima is a complex and winding character. He was initially introduced as an incredibly competent Ghoul Investigator with the codename Reaper, leading the S3 squad and revolutionizing many aspects of the CCG.

However, as we later discover, he had been siding with the ghouls from the beginning as the illusive One-Eyed King, planning and plotting another revolution from the other side.

Therein, much like Ken Kaneki, he is a man torn between an allegiance to humanity and ghoulishness, stuck in the middle and hoping for the best outcome for both sides.

24. Kusuo Saiki

Kusuo Saiki

Saiki wants a quiet and simple life, much like our #31 place Sakamoto, but unfortunately, he can’t have that. See, Saiki is a psychic, no psyche, who can do near-impossible things without lifting a finger.

This gets him involves in world-bending antics his classmates can only guffaw at. It doesn’t help that he’s an introverted loner, either, who struggles with socialization.

Yet beneath all this bizarreness is a human tale of connection and friendship that made it a special and hilarious watch.

23. Conan Edogawa

Conan Edogawa

There are few anime characters as prolific or iconic as Conan. Once a 17-year-old student known as Shinichi, he is resorted to swallowing an experimental agent that turns his body into that of a 6-year-old.

Through connections, he manages to craft a new identity for himself and join with a Detective Agency to solve crimes and mysteries in the hopes of one day finding a way to return to his original body.

Though the plots are far more winding and exhaustive than that (it’s a very, very old series, you see), that’s the gist.

He’s fascinating, funny, clever, and overall a joy to watch crime bust despite its age.

22. Shiroe


Log Horizon isn’t like other Isekai.

While they usually jump on tropes in the genre to create an amalgam of everything that has come before, Log Horizon strives to create a ‘new-life’ feeling through societal and economic growth (as well as questing and the usual lark) to really sell the idea that the main cast is trying to make the best of being transported to a new world.

Shiroe is what holds all this together, with a confident but not arrogant attitude and a mature mindset that distinguishes him from other Isekai protagonists.

He’s cool, smart, and humble – what’s not to love, really?

21. Yuusaku Kitamura

Yuusaku Kitamura

Toradora! has a brilliant main cast. Every member is brimming with personality and conflict, rooted just above realism to the degree that they’re constantly entertaining yet easy to relate to.

He’s the student council’s vice-president and the initial crush of Taiga Aisaka and best friend of RyuujiTakasu.

However, his heart lies elsewhere, and his sense of identity is always at odds with himself in a way that is explored throughout the show.

He’s endearing and lovable, and his dub voicing is brilliant (thank you, Johnny Yong Bosch).

20. Riko


The main character (and heart and soul) of Made in Abyss, Riko, is an orphan from Orth on the edge of the gaping chasm that is the ‘Abyss.’

That very same maw is what took her mother, and so when given the opportunity, Riko elects to dive down to the deepest depths if required to find her mother, or what happened to her at least.

Before setting off, she meets a small half-human half-robot named Reg, who cannot remember where he came from, and together they travel.

She’s endearing and heartfelt in all the right ways, bringing a childlike fragility to the show that really amplifies the consequences of every action made.

19. Homura Akemi

Homura Akemi

Homura is first shown as being cold, callous, and distant. She’s a new student and pushes everyone away before they can get close – Madoka included.

There’s a complex and amazing reason for this, however, that spins the whole tale on its head towards the end.

While in her human form, Homura dresses as a schoolgirl with pigtails and glasses, however as a Magical Girl, she adopts a purple and black aesthetic that perfectly aligns with her character.

18. Asada Shino

Asada Shino

Known as Sinon in-game (commonly Gun Gale Online but occasionally ALfheim Online), Asada is one of the Phantom Bullet arc characters and appears in every subsequent arc.

She’s extremely talented with long-ranged weapons, like guns or bows, which ties into her backstory and initial arc concerning gun-related PTSD.

She’s one of the best characters in Sword Art Online, by far, and her design in GGO is one of the best in the series, in my opinion.

17. Mari Makinami Illustrious

Mari Makinami Illustrious

Mari is a very confusing character. Introduced in the second Rebuild movie (which is an alternate continuity retelling of the NGE series), Maria is a cataclysmic and confounding member of the new main cast.

She serves almost as the opposite for the rest of the group, being bubbly and exhibited, outgoing, and energetic.

Yet beneath that is an obvious rage and upset that we have not yet fully explored.

Here’s hoping we do in 3.0 + 1.0 whenever that’s released.

16. Vash the Stampede

Vash The Stampede

Please, ignore the carnage and mayhem that seems to follow Vash everywhere he goes. Ignore his name, or his nickname ‘The Humanoid Typhoon,’ and ignore the sixty billion double dollar bounty on his head.

Vash is traveling the world in the name of love and peace and is simply misunderstood.

Something Meryl and Milly, his two companions who encounter him whilst seeking Insurance, learn somewhat well!

He’s a symptom of the 90s in all the best way, and I wouldn’t have him any other way.

15. Shizuo Heiwajima

Shizuo Heiwajima

Bodyguard to Tom Tanaka, prestigious ex-member of the Dollars gang, resident bartender, strongest man, and overall superhuman badass; Shizuo knows how to throw a punch.

His dapper drip and calm yet irate voice blended with his agility, and angry disposition makes him one of the best characters in all of Durarara!!

His rivalry with Izaya is compelling as it is funny, and his importance as a character only grows as the series progresses.

14. Shouichirou Yagami

Shouichirou Yagami

Light Yagami’s father is a character sorely overlooked, serving both as the axiological and social backbone for Light’s descent into corrupt villainy.

As the chief of the NPA, he was tasked with the Kira investigation when it was in its infancy and even reached out to L before creating the Japanese Task Forces comprising members thought competent enough to hunt him down.

Little did he know that his son was the culprit all along, and his engagement in the narrative serves as both a turning point for the narrative and Light as a character.

Overall, he was a good man, good husband, and a good father, who was willing to put everything he had into justice – whether or not he was misguided at times doesn’t matter; his intent was good.

13. Moeka Kiryu

Moeka Kiryu

Moeka Kiryua is a complex character for various reasons that we can’t get into without spoiling the plot of Steins;Gate, so I’ll be brief.

She’s an estranged and alienated young woman, aimlessly searching Akihabara like a zombie for the elusive retro computer, the ‘IBN 5100.’

During this search, she encounters Okabe and the gang and befriends them all; however, her backstory is far more intricate and fascinating than that, so please go watch!

12. Byakuya Togami

Byakuya Togami

Togami is the snobby Ultimate Affluent Progeny.

That is, he’s the best at being a financial heir – the King of Nepotism, who uses his starling wit and ingenuity to logically make his way through the first Danganronpa Killing Game.

His attitude is very standoffish and rarely improves, but he’s still an entertaining favorite for many due to his cocky one-liners and confidence.

11. Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes

Maes is the heart and soul of Fullmetal Alchemist, starting initially as an Amestrian State Military Officer before being promoted to Brigadier General’s position.

More than anything, Maes loves and adores his family – willing to bring them up at any opportunity and carrying a wallet with their photographs inside.

He’s also incredibly good at his job, able to hold himself together in a fight but served better for on-foot investigative work and public relations.

10. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Hanekawa is a lot of people’s favorite character in all of anime. This always surprised me until I properly paid attention to her dialogue.

She’s wise, though only so wise as one could really be, and as she might say, that’s not that wise at all. She speaks in riddles sometimes but will occasionally cut to the point with a line of dialogue that will tear through Araragi’s mask.

Unfortunately, she was possessed by an oddity, creating a split personality she calls the Black Cat Hanekawa that terrorized the locales for some time until Araragi solves the issue.

She’s lovable and endearing and one of the first characters we really meet, too.

9. Ghiaccio


In one of the most violent, cleverly-played, and high-paced fights in all of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, let alone Golden Wind, Ghiaccio made his true appearance.

He’s one of the members of La Squadra Esecuzioni, a team of elite assassins sent to dispatch Bruno and Giorno’s gang and retrieve the Boss’s daughter.

His Stand, [White Album], allows him to generate cryogenic ice at terminal temperatures capable of freezing anything it touches.

He uses this to create a suit of impenetrable armor around himself, complete with skates to chase his prey across the ice.

He’s unfortunately not in part for very long, but man, does he steal the moment.

8. Alucard


Alucard is straight-up iconic. With his round spectacles, toothy grin, and wicked red suit complete with that large hat, he’s straight-up recognizable to most.

He’s in servitude to the Hellsing Organization following his downfall in the 1900s and is tasked with using his unbelievable vampire abilities to dispatch of all the Organization’s enemies.

Zombie, vampire, priest, Nazi – they can all take a bullet, and Alucard has plenty of guns.

7. Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner

Yoko wears glasses on/off throughout the series throughout the Beastman and Anti-Spiral War arcs of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Whether it’s her cool red visor used to shield her eyes from the sun when sniping or the spectacles she wears during her years as a school teacher.

She’s also bad-ass as all hell, by the way, bringing some of the most heartwarming moments of the series to the forefront and keeping the main cast together with her action-packed and emotional characterization.

6. Jin


Jin is one of two male protagonists of Samurai Champloo, acting as the stoic and cool blue to Mugen’s eclectic and irritable red, and commissioned as a bodyguard to Fuu after destroying the tavern where she worked.

His calm disposition is voiced perfectly in both the dub and the sub, and as expected of Shinichiro Watanabe, there’s plenty of strong characterization and action perfectly blended together.

He’s one of the best samurai in the medium as a whole for many reasons, so I urge you to check out the show for yourself.

5. Ren Amamiya

Ren Amamiya

Ren Amamiya in the game Persona 5 is whatever you make him to be in many respects, however, in the anime, his character is a lot more defined.

He’s a rebellious teenager keen to make change and impact and self-actualize in a world he doesn’t understand.

He loves and cares for his new friends he makes, too, and will do anything to defend them.

He’s the Phantom Thieves of Hearts leader through delegation and takes that responsibility in his stride, with an awesome design both as a schoolboy and as Joker.

4. Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe

Hange is the dependable and competent 14th-commander of the Survey Corps, and before that, was the leader of the Fourth Squad.

They were tasked with (to their glee) invention and experimentation, possessing a number of Titans they would research, and managing to create vast artillery of next-generation weaponry that they now use in the currently airing final season.

Since their introduction, they’ve been many people’s favorite character for their eccentric mannerisms yet completely capable approach towards fighting off the Titans.

3. Itaru Hashida

Itaru Hashida

Daru is one of the rawest portrayals of Otakuism in all of anime. He’s an overweight, Ero-visual novel obsessed computer geek centralized in Akihabara and a frequent regular of Maid Cafés and Manga Conventions.

He’s also a dependable ally, a rooted human when he needs to be, and a trustable companion when in danger, capable of hacking into SERN and creating scripts at the drop of a hat. He’s truly a genius in his own ways and isn’t given the recognition he deserves.

He grows even more in Steins;Gate 0, taking steps to improve his physical and mental health and become someone he’s proud of being in the future.

His story is just as inspiring as any other character in Steins;Gate’s is, and he’s also got glasses, so hah!

2. Yasushi Takagi

Yasushi Takagi

Yasushi is amazing. Nana as an anime or manga is an under-experienced work of art that direly requires a conclusion, but one of its strongest components by far was Yasushi Takagi.

He plays the drums in the punk band Black Stones when he isn’t studying to be a Paralegal.

His commitment towards his law career and the band is his driving conflict.

But he refuses to be anything but a strong pillar of support for those around him, acting as a father and brother figure to many characters throughout the show. He’s truly an inspiring character and one of the best in all of shoujo or josei, in my opinion.

1. Kamina


Here we are. Number one, and who else could it be but the character who goes on to be defined by his eyegear? Kamina’s visor is iconic but in-canon and out.

His ego is just big enough to not be annoying; his confidence is overwhelming; his sense for the dramatic is unmatched.

Kamina is wearing the most bombastic eyewear on this list, yet he doesn’t half deserve and suite it. He likes the look so much that he even steals a pair for his mecha to really complete the design.

From beginning to end, he’s an entertaining rollercoaster of a character that only makes each scene better and better and leaves a lasting legacy way past his screen appearance.

We need more characters like Kamina, capable of looking the hardest of adversaries in the face and give them lip.

He’s anti-authoritarian, punk as hell, and also a bit of an idiot, and that’s why we all love him.

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