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Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads [2024]

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads [2024]

Having the perfect gaming mouse pad can really assist in optimizing your gaming. It can help give you more control over the mouse movement so your tracking can improve, and you can get pixel-precise clicks much easier.

What To Look For in a Gaming Mouse Pad


The size of the mouse pad determines how much space there is for mouse movement. There arefour different sizes to choose from: small, medium, large, and extended.

To pick the right size for you, you should think about the size of your gaming deskand how much space you need for mouse movement. If your desk is on a smaller size, a small or medium mouse pad could be the best size for you. These sizes are also great for people who play with a high gaming mouse sensitivity/DPI.

If you play with a low gaming mouse sensitivity, a large or extended-sized mouse pad could be a better choice. These sizes can give you more space for precise movements and clicks without the worry of touching the edges of the mouse pad.

Surface Material

A mouse pad’s surface material can affect how much control you have over your mouse and the speed that it can glide.

A soft mouse pad can allow for more precision and control in gaming due to the friction of the material. There’s also less noise produced whilst gliding, and the soft material doesn’t wear out your mouse feet as fast as a hard material would. However, one downside of a soft mouse pad is that you won’t be able to glide your mouse as quickly.

If you want a fast-paced gaming experience, a hard mouse pad can really give you some speed. The smooth surface has very little friction and will let your mouse glide effortlessly.

Unfortunately, some people find hard mouse pads uncomfortable after long-term use because there’s no cushioning material. Plus, theycan be nosier than softer surfaces and can wear down your mouse feet much quicker.

Whichever material you choose, make sure that the edges of the mouse pad are well-made. A softer mouse pad should have stitched edges to prevent any fraying, and a harder mouse pad should have smooth edges to avoid any shredding. How well-made the edges are can really affect the lifespan of the mouse pad.


The base of the mouse pad determines its thickness. The thickness of a mouse pad can affect its flexibility, if it lays smooth or flat, and whether it will slide around or grip on the surface of your desk.

A thinner mouse pad is more flexible and can take the shape of the desk it’s placed on, making it great for smooth surfaces. However, if your desk is bumpy or curvy, then a thin mouse pad will take this shape, creating an uneven surface for your mouse.

You can’t go wrong with a standard mouse pad. The standard mouse pad has a medium thickness, which allows them to stay in place on your gaming desk and keep a smooth surface for your mouse to glide on.

Having a thicker mouse pad is great if your desk is of an uneven size. It’ll keep a smooth surface for your mouse, won’t move around on your desk, and the thick cushion can be very comfortable for long-term use. The only issue really is that thicker mouse pads aren’t very convenient when it comes to portability.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads

Steelseries Qck Gaming Surface

A great choice for a mouse pad, the SteelSeries Qck Gaming Surface can make any gaming setup feel efficient and complete.

The mouse pad is a medium size measuring 12.6inch x 10.8inch, making it a perfect fit for the average desk space. With plenty of space, you won’t have to worry about reaching the edge of the mouse pad whilst you’re focused on your game.

Made from soft micro woven cloth material, this mouse pad provides the user with some wrist cushioning. The material used is optimized for gamers who play with mid to low mouse sensitivity/DPI settings.

The thickness of the mouse pad is on the thinner side, measuring in at 2mm. This is ideal for a smoother surface, but if your desk is a bit on the bumpy side, the mouse pad may not sit flat. The base is guaranteed to not slip or slide around your desk, thanks to the non-slip rubber material.

Amazon Basics Gaming Computer Mouse Pad

The Amazon Basics Gaming Computer Mouse Pad may seem underwhelming at first, but once you have a good look, it definitely holds up.

This medium-sized mouse pad measures around 12.4 inches x 10.6 inches, giving you lots of room to move your mouse around whilst gaming. The size is ideal for most desktops, so it will more than likely fit into your setup with ease.

Made from a soft smooth-gliding cloth material, this mouse pad can help you make more precise movements and clicks, enhancing your gameplay. The base is made from anti-slip rubber to stop unnecessary sliding. Plus, it’s even machine washable for easy cleaning.

The thickness of the mouse pad is ideal for a smoother surface, measuring at roughly 2mm thick. It’ll sit nice and flat for smooth mouse gliding and precision movements. Plus, the mouse pad provides a good amount of cushioning for long periods of time so you can relax your wrists whilst gaming.

Corsair MM300 – Anti-fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

If you want a more premium feeling, the Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad style can give you just what you need. It features a cool graphic design on top with the Corsair branding in the corner and will enhance the look of any gaming setup

The mouse pad is an extended size measuring 36.6inch x 11.8inch, meaning it can reach from one side of the desk to the other side. This mouse pad provides you with more than plenty of space for mouse movements whilst also decorating your desk.

Made from a soft cloth material with a textile-weave, this mouse pad is designed with reflexes and precision mouse control in mind. The edges are stitched to stop any fraying, increasing the life span of the mouse pad. Plus, the anti-slip rubber base helps to keep the mouse pad securely in place on the desk, no slipping or sliding.

Victsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

With its smooth surface and sleek design available in a range of different colors, the VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad will make a great addition to any gaming setup.

This mouse pad is an extended size, measuring 31.5 inches x 15.75 inches. The size will cover most of your desktop, providing you with plenty of space for mouse movement. It also has a water-resistant coating to prevent any water damage and for easier cleaning.

Made from superfine fiber braided material, this mouse pad has an ultra-smooth surface for extra control, speed, and accuracy whilst playing any game. It’s optimized for players who use lower sensitivity/DPI settings.

Measuring at 2.5mm, this mouse pad is slightly thicker than normal for comfort and durability. For extra durability, the edges are stitched to prevent any unraveling from occurring. The non-slip rubber base is dense and will firmly grip to the desktop, keeping itself stable whilst you’re using it.

Ktrio Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Designed with quality and durability in mind, the Ktrio Large Gaming Mouse Pad is guaranteed to last any user for a long time.

Although the name says “large” mouse pad, the size is actually extended and measures 31.5inch x 11.8inch. It’s large enough to cover your desktop and has loads of room for mouse movement, perfect for players who use a lower DPI setting.

The highly durable design is made from textured micro-weave cloth to provide a balance between glide and control. The mouse pad also has awater-resistant coating, so it won’t be damaged from any drinks, and it’s easy to clean.

The mouse pad is roughly 3mm thick, making it much more durable and comfortable for the user. It will also stay flat over a rough surface.The edges are stitched to keep the mouse pad from fraying, and the non-slip rubber basewill keep it from sliding around.

Blade Hawks Rgb Gaming Mouse Pad

If you would like something a bit more colorful, the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is the perfect choice. This mouse pad has a backlit feature available with 10 different lighting modes that can be activated by plugging it into a USB port.

This mouse pad’s size is extended and has plenty of room for movement, measuring 31.5inch x 12inch. Combined with the LED lights, the mouse pad creates a much more atmospheric gaming experience and will add some excitement to your gaming setup.

Made from a high-quality micro-textured cloth,the mouse pad’s surface is ultra-smooth for quick movements and pinpoint accuracy. It’s also water-resistant to prevent any damage from spillages and for easy cleaning.

The mouse pad is roughly 0.2inch thick, allowing it to stay flat if placed onto a rough surface. It also has anon-slip rubber base to prevent it from sliding around.

Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad

Made for gamers who want a smooth desktop experience, the Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Pad is ultra-thin with a colorful graphic design on the surface.

The size of this mouse pad is on the smaller side, measuring 4.14 inches x 13.99 inches. Even the thickness of the mouse pad is small, measuring at a tiny 0.5mm. This ultra-thin design is perfect for gamers who don’t want to feel elevated on their mouse pad, providing an inconspicuous gaming experience.

Like other mouse pads, the base is made to be non-slip. The adhesive base allows the user to easily attach and remove the mouse pad from the desktop, stopping it from sliding around during gameplay.

Despite how thin the mouse pad is, the polycarbonate surface is extremely durable and can withstand against any rips and tears. The material is also perfect for users who play with high speeds and want more control whilst gaming.

Benvo Extended Mouse Pad

Featuring a beautiful rainbow cloud photograph on its surface, the Benvo Extended Mouse Pad is definitely one of the more fancy choices of mouse pad available.

The spacious extended size measures at 35.4inch x 15.7inch, providing a large enough area for both your mouse and keyboard.

Made from thick cloth padding, the mouse pad’s surface is ultra-smooth for high speeds and more precise control. The padding makes it really comfortable to rest on, making it ideal for long periods of use. It’s also very durable as a result of the edge stitching, meaning it will last longer and won’t fray so easily.

Themouse pad’s 3mm thickness can help maintain a flat surface for your mouse, even on a desk that isn’t so smooth. The anti-slip rubber base prevents it from sliding around, giving you higher stability. Plus, the mouse pad is also waterproof, meaning it won’t be damaged from any spilled drinks.

Victsing Rgb Gaming Mouse Pad

Another mouse pad with backlit lighting, the VicTsing RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, features 13 different lighting modes that can bring more color and excitement to your setup.

The size of this mouse pad is extended, measuring roughly 31.5inch x 12inch. It’s big enough for you to have your keyboard and mouse on top of it and to prevent you from gliding your mouse off the edge.

Made from a premium micro-woven fiber material, the texture of the mouse pad is soft and smooth, so you can make quick mouse movements and have better control over your game. It also has a non-slip rubber base to get rid of any unwanted movement and reinforced stitched edges for added durability and lifespan.

Powered by a USB, all you need to do to activate the LED lights is plug it in. There are buttons on the side so you can control the brightness and choose which mode you want to use.

Anpolla Gaming Mouse Pad

The final option in this list is the Anpolla Gaming Mouse Pad. Designed specifically for gamers, this mouse pad is large with a smooth surface for enhanced gameplay.

The size of the mouse pad measures at 35.4 inches x 15.75 inches, putting it in the extended size category. It will fit your gaming desktop perfectly and provide plenty of space for your mouse and keyboard.

Made from a superfine braided material, the mouse pad’s surface is ultra-smooth and will allow for more accurate clicks and precise mouse movements. As an added bonus, the material is very comfortable yet sturdy and is water-resistant to prevent accidental damage from any spillages.

The thickness of the mouse pad is roughly 3mm, making it ideal for desks that aren’t so smooth. It has anon-slip rubber baseto prevent any slipping or sliding, and it has durable stitched edges to make the mouse pad more resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to think about what you would like to gain from having a mouse pad before choosing which one to buy. Be sure to look at the different mouse pads available. You could be surprised and find a feature that you didn’t consider beforehand.

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It is also essential to check on material. I believe getting a comfy and effective large gaming desk mat where your arm could rest and how you can move the mouse with ease just the things anyone should take into consideration. Also, aesthetically pleasing, design-wise i also a must. I’m not really into RGB desk pads. But the japanese tyle bushido desk mat is what I was really into from which I purchased recently. It looks so awesome on my red gaming room.