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Top 40 Best Anime Couples [2024]

Top 40 Best Anime Couples [2024]

It seems like a good dose of sweet romance and chemistry is good for one’s heart.

Intense action and jumpscares can make the adrenaline pumping and increase your heart rate, but there’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned love to keep the heart beating with feel-good chemicals.

We’ll be giving you a healthy dose of lovey-dovey couples today. We’ll be putting the spotlight on 40 of the best anime couples.

They’re not just from romance shows but from all anime genres. Love, after all, can be found in the bleakest of places.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Spoilers ahead!

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Best Anime Couples

40. Goku and Chi-chi (Dragonball and Dragonball Z)

Goku And Chi Chi (dragonball And Dragonball Z)

As a kid, Goku was clueless about girls or romance and was just preoccupied with fighting and eating.

He’s still the same when he gets older, to be fair, but because of his hyper-focused interest on martial arts and food as a child, he mistakenly thought that a wedding was some type of food!

So when Chi-Chi tells him about their wedding, Goku promises he’ll be back for it after dealing with some enemies. After all, he thinks it’s food!

However, they don’t meet again until they’re both older, but they do end up getting married once things are cleared up for Goku!

39. Celty and Shinra (Durarara!!)

Anime Couple Celty And Shinra

The first time Shinra laid his eyes on Celty, he was instantly fascinated by her. Celty is a dullahan who came to Japan to find her head.

She ends up living with Shinra and his father, and in exchange for a place to stay, she lets them research her headless state.

Despite having no way to show her facial expressions, Shinra somehow can understand Celty’s emotions.

38. Haruka / Sailor Uranus and Michiru / Sailor Neptune (Sailormoon)

Haruka Sailor Uranus And Michiru Sailor Neptune (sailormoon)

LGBTQ+ reps are a rarity in anime, but Sailormoon can be considered one of the pioneers for representation like this back in the 1990s with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

In both the manga and anime adaptations, these two were described as lovers and would be playful and sweet with their dialogue together.

They looked cool and cute, fought enemies as a duo, and remained true to each other till the end.

Unfortunately, in the English dub of the series back then, the translation was changed to make it seem like these two were just cousins.

The world wasn’t ready for their inspiring romance, but I like to think the circumstances have changed now.

37. Shuichi and Yoshino (Wandering Son)

Anime Couple Shuichi And Yoshino

The show follows a young trans girl, Shuichi, and a young trans boy, Yoshino, as they go through life learning more about themselves.

They deal with issues regarding gender identity and dysphoria, as well as survive through problems a young trans person would experience.

Shuichi develops feelings for Yoshino and later confesses this.

Although the story doesn’t show if this attraction continues into a romance, these two have shown that they understand each other’s struggles and are there for each other.

36. Izuku and Ochako (My Hero Academia)

Izuku And Ochako (my Hero Academia)

Both are aspiring heroes dealing directly with the League of Villains, as well as handle their personal problems.

Izuku has to protect the power gifted to him and prove that he is worthy of it, while Ochako has to push herself to be a better hero for her family’s situation.

Their positive and often cheerful outlook in life are pretty similar, and they work hard to reach their dreams despite some setbacks.

They don’t know how much they inspire one another, and a lot of fans are hoping they become more than just an inspiration to each other.

35. Suzaku and Euphemia (Code Geass)

Anime Couple Suzaku And Euphemia

She was a princess, and he was her knight. Because of her position as royalty and soon-to-be Sub-Viceroy to Area 11, Euphemia needed a knight to escort her around and to protect her. She chose Suzaku.

Love blossomed between them as they both admired each other’s strengths, which they both couldn’t see, and vowed to help each other.

Euphemia is kind but needs confidence, and Suzaku is loyal and hardworking but full of self-loathing.

Eventually, she chose Suzaku, not just to be her knight but to be with her forever.

Unfortunately, the tale of this princess and her knight ends in tragedy.

34. Menma and Jinta (Anohana)

Menma And Jinta (anohana)

An unfortunate event shakes up Menma and Jinta’s childhood. Because of an accident, Menma dies at the tragic age of 10 years old.

Miraculously, she shows up again to Jinta years after her death as a spirit, and only Jinta can see her.

AnoHana is a story of love, heartbreak, grief, and finding the strength to move on from a loved one’s death.

Menma and Jinta have feelings for each other that cannot be, but at the end of the show, they are thankful to get one last moment with each other.

33. Touya and Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Anime Couple Touya And Yukito

These two are presented as best friends at the start of the show, but you eventually see that their bond is deeper than that.

Yukito is just the humanoid alter-ego of Yue, a guardian of the Clow Cards.

When Sakura took over the cards, her own magical powers could not sustain Yue’s existence.

Touya was more than willing to give up his magic for Yukito. Later, Yukito confessed to Sakura about his feelings for Touya.

Apparently, they are one of Clamp’s soulmates or soul pairs, so in other Clamp works, you will see them together as well!

32. Kenshin and Kaoru (Ruruouni Kenshin)

Kenshin And Kaoru (ruruouni Kenshin)

After saving her from a man pretending to be the legendary Hitokiri Battousai, a swordsman renowned for his skills and kills, Kaoru invites Kenshin to live in her dojo.

It is later shown that Kenshin is the swordsman of legend.

Despite Kenshin’s violent and troubled past, Kaoru accepts him and sees his gentle side, and motivates him to continue his new life as a reformed man.

She is his rock amidst his tumultuous ronin life, and Kenshin would do anything to protect her.

31. Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha)

Anime Couple Inuyasha And Kagome

What would you do if the woman you fell in love with reincarnated into someone new, but a portion of her original soul would still come back and show up? Sounds complicated, but that’s what we’re dealing with in Inuyasha.

On her 15th birthday, Kagome discovers that she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a priestess who protected the sacred Shikon Jewel from demons.

She gets dragged to the past and meets Inuyasha, a half-demon being who was in love with Kikyo.

Their relationship sure seems complex, but Inuyasha sees Kagome for who she is, and Kagome helps Inuyasha work through his past.

30. Historia and Ymir (Attack on Titan)

Historia And Ymir (attack On Titan)

Ymir and Historia are far from being two peas in a pod. Ymir is tall, loud, aloof, and values self-preservation. Historia is small, gentle, and worries for everyone.

But after accidentally hearing Historia’s past, Ymir discovers that they’re not so different after all.

Ymir was an orphan, left to be punished for actions she did not do. Historia was just treated like a pawn.

Wanting to give her a normal life, Ymir risked it all to save Historia, and Historia responded by throwing herself in harm’s way just to save Ymir.

29. Kurenai and Asuma (Naruto)

Anime Couple Kurenai And Asuma

Kurenai and Asuma are two supporting teachers in the show.

They were frequently teased by their students and fellow teachers, playing the “will they or won’t they” trope, and Asuma would just brush off their questions or change the subject.

Their relationship seemed very cute but always just in the background.

A lot of fans hoped that the series would eventually show these two as a proper couple. Unfortunately, Asuma’s death made that impossible.

To make it more tragic, everyone only found out about their relationship after his death when Kurenai revealed her pregnancy.

28. Yato and Iki Hiyori (Noragami)

Yato And Iki Hiyori (noragami)

After an accident that caused her body to be aware of two parallel worlds, Hiyori meets a god who could fix her.

This god is Yato, a stray god who accepts even the most trivial wishes just to earn money. After helping her, she decides to become his assistant.

As both of them go through their journey of dealing with spirits, gods, and their own troubled pasts, Yato and Hiyori get close and develop feelings.

Other than Hiyori and Yato’s weapon, Yukine, Yato isn’t close with anyone.

He actually has a phobia of being forgotten, but thankfully, he learns that he doesn’t have to have that fear anymore with Hiyori by his side.

27. Sakuta and Mai (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

Anime Couple Sakuta And Mai

What started as a random activity to test out the phenomenon “Adolescence Syndrome” turns into a love story of remembrance and bunny girls.

Mai is a teenage actress who is worried that “Adolescence Syndrome” is affecting her and making people forget about her.

She decides to dress as a bunny girl and walk around in the library to see if people notice her.

Curiously, Sakuta is the only one who acknowledges her existence. This sparks their friendship and eventual romance.

The stress of celebrity life can get a bit overwhelming, and luckily for Mai, she has Sakuta with her.

Even when she was disappearing from everyone’s memory, Sakuta was the one who brought her back.

26. Misaki and Usui (Kaichou WA Maid-sama)

Misaki is a hardworking and strict student council president in a former all-boys school, while Usui is a smart and athletic guy popular for turning down love confessions left and right.

They start on the wrong foot when she reprimands him for making a girl cry and when he finds her secret job of being a maid at a maid cafe.

But after bickering and teasing and spending time together, they both fall in love.

Their relationship hits a bumpy ride when Usui, an illegitimate child of a prestigious English family, gets sent to a different school and then to England.

Misaki, who hasn’t given up on Usui, goes to him, and Usui, who was confined by his brother and grandfather, heads back to Japan to be with Misaki.

25. Miyuki and Kaguya (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War)

Anime Couple Miyuki And Kaguya

From an outsider’s point of view, student council president Miyuki and vice president Kaguya seem perfect for each other. Miyuki is the top student in their school, and Kaguya is the cunning daughter of a wealthy conglomerate family.

They’re both intelligent, capable, and good-looking. Match made in heaven, right?

Unfortunately, they’re both too proud to admit that they like each other, and they think whoever confesses first will lose.

They get into different hijinks just to get the other to confess their love.

Throughout the show, you see their banter and chemistry and witness how truly perfect they are for each other. Now, if only they would confess already!

Love truly is a battlefield.

24. Kyon and Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Aliens, time travelers, espers, and a reality warper! At the center of this craziness is Kyon, a normal student who gets dragged by his eccentric classmate, Haruhi.

Throughout Haruhi’s erratic nature, Kyon becomes her rock and support. So whatever universe-bending event happens, he’s there for her.

23. Yuu and Touko (Bloom Into You)

Anime Couple Yuu And Touko

Yuu is a hopeless romantic who dreams of falling in love. She yearns to feel her heartbeat for someone but has yet to have that experience.

Meanwhile, Touko is a popular student, and turning down love confessions is no problem for her.

Touko’s cool demeanor instantly left an impression on Yuu, and upon meeting Touko, her heart started beating to the tune of love.

Bloom Into You is a lovely tale about two high school girls learning more about themselves and falling in love.

22. Shota and Sawako (Kimi NI Todoke / From Me to You)

Because of her quiet nature and appearance, Sawako is gossiped about as scary and often called by classmates as Sadako from the horror movie The Ring.

In reality, she is shy, timid, and sweet but has a hard time befriending people.

Thanks to Kazehaya Shota, an outgoing classmate of Sawako, she realizes she can change and be like him after meeting him.

She considers him her idol and inspiration, not knowing that Shota himself admires her strength, optimism, and smile.

Kimi ni Todoke is about a love that mutually inspires and uplifts each other.

21. Melodias and Elizabeth (Seven Deadly Sins)

Anime Couple Melodias And Elizabeth

Once upon a time, an angel and a demon fell in love.

This demon is Melodias, the eldest son of the Demon King, while the angel is Elizabeth, the Supreme Deity’s daughter.

Because their love wasn’t deemed appropriate by the Goddess Clan and the Demon Clan, a war broke out.

In the end, Elizabeth was cursed to be reincarnated as a mortal who will die whenever she remembered her past.

On the other hand, Melodias was punished with immortality and to see his Elizabeth die again and again.

In a lot of shounen shows, the romance aspect usually takes a backseat in the story. Sometimes it’s nonexistent at all!

That’s not the case for Seven Deadly Sins because the romance is front and center of the plot and is the foundation and driving force for the story and characters.

20. Edward and Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward and Winry are childhood friends. She and her grandma were there to help Ed and Al when they lost their mother.

Winry helps Edward in any way she can, particularly with his automail and other mechanical repair needs, making sure his metal arm and leg are always working and in good condition.

By the end of the series, Ed proposes to her to use the Law of Equivalent Exchange. That’s alchemists for ya!

19. Roy and Riza (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Anime Couple Roy And Riza

We have another outstanding couple from the same series.

Roy regards Riza very highly, even making her his conscience to criticize and guide him at certain times.

He also appoints her as his executioner for when he strays from his righteous path

. He places a tremendous amount of trust on Riza, and Riza responds to this with immense loyalty.

Although not outright shown, there are hints of romantic tension between the two.

Love won’t be difficult for them when they have a rock-solid foundation full of trust and respect.

18. Soul and Maka (Soul Eater)

Soul is a demon weapon, and Maka is his weapon wielder called a meister. Together, they take out evil and corrupted human souls.

A partnership like theirs won’t work if they’re not in sync. They have to attain soul resonance in order for Maka to properly wield Soul. B

oth of them are considered as one of the strongest demon weapon and meister partnerships in the show because of their strong soul resonance.

Whether this resonance is caused by strong romantic or platonic feelings is up to the viewer’s interpretation, although it is hinted several times in the show that their feelings for each other are platonic.

17. Sophie and Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Anime Couple Howl And Sophie

Magic, steadfast love, and bravery are the foundation of this couple. Howl can be vain and prone to tantrums and runs away from risks.

He’s still a kind and helpful soul, seeing how he helped Calcifer and Sophie from their predicaments.

Still, Sophie showed him that he doesn’t have to be alone or run away from his problems, and Howl realizes that Sophie would always be there for him.

16. Shouko and Shoya (A Silent Voice)

Shouko is a deaf girl who transfers to Shoya’s school. Because of her disability, she gets bullied by Shoya and his classmates.

She ends up transferring to a different school, and Shoya becomes the scapegoat for his co-bullies and gets bullied.

Years later, Shoya attempts to reconnect with Shouko to make amends.

A touching story about bullying, disability, redemption, and finding the strength to carry on, A Silent Voice is a must-watch movie with a couple you can’t help but cry for.

15. Yuzuru and Kanade (Angel Beats)

Anime Couple Yuzuru And Kanade

In this world, students are given another chance to live their life and “graduate.” The angel, Yuzuru, is actually there to help her fellow students but is met with resistance.

Later on, Kanade learns more about Yuzuru and falls for her.

In the end, it is revealed that Yuzuru lived thanks to Kanade’s heart donation, and her only wish before “graduating” is to thank him for it. It is heart-wrenching and bittersweet!

14. Yuuta and Rikka (Chuunibyou)

Imagination can be a powerful thing in young people, and with Yuuta and Rikka, this can either result in funny hijinks or alarming circumstances.

But behind the initial funny premise of the show, we discover that these two just need someone who’ll understand them.

They have found solace in each other.

13. Mitsuha and Taki (Your Name)

Anime Couple Mitsuha And Taki

Due to some mysterious time traveling and body-jumping phenomenon, Mitsuha and Taki exchange circumstances in a seemingly dream-like state.

They learn more about each other through this, as well as discover the dangers Mitsuha’s town could face.

This couple’s situation tugs the heartstrings of viewers due to the possibility of them never meeting each other!

12. Haruhi and Tamaki (Ouran Highschool Host Club)

Anime Couple Haruhi And Tamaki

Haruhi is blunt, practical, and responsible. Tamaki is boisterous, dramatic, and naive. At first, they were both unaware of their own feelings but grew to acknowledge their love for each other.

The clashing of their personalities produces romcom hijinks like no other!

11. Yuri and Viktor (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Anime Couple Yuri And Viktor

Can figure skating really be a medium for a blossoming love? In Yuri on Ice, the answer is a resounding yes!

After seeing footage of Yuri doing a routine, Victor reaches out to him to revive his figure skating career.

They both work hard to win the Grand Prix series, as well as figure out their feelings for each other.

Yuri on Ice has been praised for its depiction of homosexuality, which differs from the usual yaoi genre.

10. Sakura and Shaoran (Cardcaptor Sakura)

You can’t complete a list of cute couples without including this duo from the ever so popular Mahou shoujo show Cardcaptor Sakura!

These two started out as rivals, with Shaoran competing against Sakura for the Clow cards and Yuki’s attention.

Eventually, the two got closer, appreciated each other’s care and strengths, and the rest is Clamp history!

9. Risa and Otani (Lovely Complex)

Anime Couple Risa And Otani

One dreams of fashion and romance but is shunned by her tall height.

The other is tiny but wants to excel in basketball and sometimes acts out because of his short stature.

Their height and personality are completely opposite, but together they find love and appreciation for themselves and each other.

8. Kyo and Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Anime Couple Kyo And Tohru

Kyo, part of the Sohma family who has the zodiac curse, is cursed by the spirit of the cat. Being shunned and mistreated because of his curse has made Kyo an angry person.

Thanks to Tohru, who loves the zodiac story as a kid and feels sorry for the cat, she helps him through his problems and accepts him for who he is.

Kyo also sees how selfless Tohru is, despite her own troubles.

This couple shows how you can overcome adversities with love and kindness.

7. Okabe and Kurisu (Steins;Gate)

Anime Couple Okabe And Kurisu

Science fiction, comedy, and romance – Steins;Gate has that in heaps thanks to smart couple Okabe and Kurisu.

Okabe’s experiments managed to send a text message in the past and change the future.

Kurisu, a neuroscience researcher who Okabe accidentally saved from dying, joins him to verify this discovery.

Science hijinks ensue that later turn into something more serious and bigger than they can handle.

Both of them learn more about the science behind time traveling and their feelings for each other.

6. Holo and Lawrence (Spice and Wolf)

Anime Couple Lawrence And Holo

Business, economics, and banter are the spice that makes this couple quite popular among anime fans.

Lawrence‘s dream is to be a successful merchant and start a shop somewhere, meanwhile, Holo is a neglected goddess who longs to go back to her homeland.

They travel together and learn more about each other, as well as the intricacies of commerce.

5. Kousei and Kaori (Your Lie in April)

Anime Couple Kousei And Kaori

Kousei’s world changes after the death of his mother. What once was a piano prodigy is now an empty shell who couldn’t play the piano.

What shakes his world again is meeting Kaori, a young violin player whose lively personality shines through her violin playing.

She helps him rediscover the fun of playing the piano again while she secretly battles an illness.

Throughout all this, they realized their love for each other.

Kousei and Kaori’s tale is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful.

4. Takeo and Rinko (My Love Story!!)

Anime Couple Takeo And Rinko

Takeo might look huge and intimidating, but inside his heart is a caring and gentle soul.

He knows his looks scare off a lot of girls and having a pretty boy best friend who charms all the girls isn’t helping his case either.

But after saving Rinko from danger, his heart becomes hopeful that he’s met the girl of his dreams.

He expects her to fall for his best friend, however, so he acts as a cupid for her and his friend.

Little did he know that Rinko immediately fell for him the moment they met!

3. Ryuji and Taiga (Toradora!)

Anime Couple Ryuji And Taiga

When it comes to romance couples, you can’t just skip these two! Ryuji’s fierce-looking face is the complete opposite of his kind nature.

Meanwhile, Taiga is a tiny and fragile-looking girl who is actually quite ferocious. They both discover that the other has a crush on each other’s best friends.

Toradora is a romantic comedy that features the hijinks of Ryuji and Taiga as they work together to pursue their crushes.

2. Isaac and Miria (Baccano!)

Anime Couple Isaac And Miria

Events that are seemingly disconnected and unrelated to each other form the foundation of Baccano. Mafia gangs at war?

A 1930s Chicago train? Scientists looking for an immortality potion? A mysterious ship during 1711?

Amidst these intriguing series of events is the quirky couple Isaac and Miria.

They stumble from one scenario to another, and their happy-go-lucky charisma is a delight to watch.

Isaac thinks he’s lucky to have Miria, and Miria equally treasures Isaac.

1. Nagisa and Tomoya (Clannad and Clannad: After Story)

Anime Couple Nagisa And Tomoya

And the number one couple in our list goes to… Nagisa and Tomoya from the Clannad series!

Those who have watched and survived through Clannad and Clannad: After Story know how heart-wrenching these two shows are. But despite the tears and the sorrow, a selfless kind of love blossoms from it.

Tomoya’s seemingly bored and cynical personality hides his troubled past.

After his mother’s death, being hit by his dad and giving up on basketball due to his injury, he resents his life and the town he lives in.

He meets Nagisa, a sweet but shy girl who got held back in school due to her illness.

Together, they overcome their problems, cheer for each other, and form a family they cherish and love. 

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