Top 40 Best Anime Couples [2021]

Kurisu And Okabe

Everyone loves a love story now and then, and anime fans are no exception. There have been gazillions of couples throughout the medium. Some are iconic signifiers of a shounen pairing, whereas others are the central focus of the entire narrative.

They can be tragic, awful, brilliant, cute, or sad! It doesn’t matter, we’re talking about 40 of them here, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it! Prepare for the feels!

Best Couples in Anime

40. Inori and Shuu

Inori And Shuu

Guilty Crown

From the first episode, we can tell that the story will join these two characters together romantically. He’s infatuated from the moment he sees her, and though she’s initially reluctant (for reasons) to admit it, she feels the same.

Though, for what reason, I’m unsure as Shuu is quite a bland character. Nonetheless, their relationship is buyable, and the tragic conclusion really contextualizes earlier episodes for more emotional oomph.

39. Winry and Ed

Fullmetal Alchemist

The cutesy relationship between Edward and Winry serves as the subtle yet substantial romantic part of FullmetalAlchemist. They started their relationship as best friends as children before it blossomed into something more throughout the series.

Even when they’re bickering, which they are often, you can see they truly care for and admire one another. It’s a bittersweet relationship that’s got a beautiful conclusion. She even built him his mechanical limbs!

38. Akira and Haruo

High Score Girl

Akira And Haruo

Haruo is the prototypical autistic child, eager to play games over anything else, not fantastic at socializing, and generally unable to communicate with others very well.

When paired with the competitive prodigy Street Fighter player Akira Oono, who rarely speaks and loves the same things he does, he discovers he’s able to open up about himself more and learn compassion.

High Score Girl is a simple, gimmicky, yet entirely entertaining series that kept me enthralled throughout, and it’s all due to the cast!

37. Takeo and Yamato

My Love Story

Appearance-wise, Takeo and Yamato are polar opposites. One is tiny and softly spoken, while the other is giant, hulking, and quite loud.

Nonetheless, they’re also remarkably similar, and My Love Story explores how two aesthetically different people can still find solace in one another.

It’s a humble, sweet, funny, and constantly endearing anime with a beautiful style and presentation.

36. Hinata and Yui

Angel Beats

One of Jun Maeda’s most celebrated works, Angel Beats, is no stranger to pulling emotional punches – particularly in the romance and relationship department.

This is exemplified through the sub-relationship of Hinata, the comedic support character, and Yui, the free feeling singer, and the heartwarming tenderness they feel for one another.

35. Yukako and Koichi

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable

JoJo’s is many things, but romance isn’t usually one of them. There are the occasional glimpses (particularly in the most recent manga parts), but in general, it’s a series more about individual growth and familial bond than anything.

One exception is Yukako and Koichi. Originally, she was quite creepy – and to be fair, that creepiness doesn’t really vanish – however, if anything, it was misplaced feelings. They eventually connect and end up getting on really well, resulting in Koichi’s confidence going up quite a bit!

34. Shiro and Ganta

Shiro And Ganta

Deadman Wonderland

Shiro and Ganta’s relationship is at the middle of Deadman Wonderland, starting from before the series even began in many respects.

They share a bond and connection stronger than most attacks fired off throughout the series, and the latter arcs focus on their relationship entirely. It’s a tragic, horrific, and unforgettable relationship.

33. Rin and Shirou

Fate/stay Night

Shirou and Rin’s relationship was one of the main reasons I continued watching Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, as it didn’t draw me in as much as Fate/zero did. That said, their relationship is a good and interesting one, even if Shirou can be quite self-inserty a character on occasion.

It’s all saved by Rin’s quick wit and developed writing, which is why she’s one of the most popular and iconic characters in the visual novel and anime realms, respectively.

32. Victor and Yuuri

Yuri on Ice

Victor And Yuuri

After Victor falls in love with Yuuri’s distinct dancing technique while on the ice, he decides to mentor him into becoming a champion. What forms is a distinctly emotional and heartfelt romance based around realizing their feelings and emotions, both in their interpersonal life and career.

While there are some questionable choices (why wasn’t the kiss and engagement made more narratively clear??), it’s overall a beautifully animated, wonderfully sound directed anime revolving around a gay relationship.

31. Isaac and Miria


These two are the comedic heart and core of the critically acclaimed Baccano!! They’re criminal mastermind thieves in love who travel the world stealing together, proclaiming their bond from the rooftops all the while.

Their constant grins and obvious bond make them an easy sell, for sure, and while they’re not too complex or thematically deep, they’re definitely up there with the best characters in the series.

30. Subaru and Emilia


From the moment Subaru met Emilia, he fell head over heels for her. Much to her (and the viewer’s ire), as he didn’t even know her name and was willing to do anything to help her as a stranger in the hopes of making her fall in love.

Nonetheless, he decides to fix himself and be a better person who deserves her attention and care, and this small motivation serves as one of the backbones of Re:Zero as a series.

29. Jessie and James


The flamboyant duo, known the world over (both in anime and the real world) for their catchphrases, appearances, and general inability to do things completely right.

Their relationship is constantly hinted at throughout the show, often humorously but many times romantically, but it’s clear that they’re a couple that cannot live without one another at the end of the day!

28. Mitsuha and Taki

Your Name

Mitsuha And Taki

Your Name took the world by storm upon release. Directed by Makoto Shinkai, and perhaps his most universally regarded, it tells the romantic story of two literally star-crossed lovers who, through circumstances, keep swapping bodies.

They grow attached to the others’ world and grow eager to meet one another in one of the most beautifully animated films ever crafted.

27. Chiyo and Umetarou

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

I wasn’t expecting much from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun going in, but man, was I pleasantly surprised. And one such reason is the endearing and lovable central romance surrounding Chiyo.

She’s a high-schooler who confessed to the mangaki Nozaki, only to be mistaken as a fan wanting to work for him. It’s as cute as it is funny and only improves with the cast’s expansion and every episode. It’s truly an under-watched gem of 2014.

26. Kaoru and Hajime

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

Kaoru and Hajime’s relationship is insane, completely crazy, and bizarre. He’s an otaku trying his best, and she’s a normal woman who doesn’t understand his obsessions. He also doesn’t understand many of her interests.

However, they’re always willing to learn and connect with one another due to the love they share. It’s one of the surprisingly most realistic relationships out there, tackling some subjects other anime don’t even touch!

25. Miki and Akira

Devilman: Crybaby

Miki And Akira

It’s difficult for one not to buy Akira and Miki’s dorky if not endearing relationship, which makes the ending so much harder for everyone watching.

They truly do care for one another, and it’s obvious that Akira would do anything to keep Miki smiling and that Miki loves Akira’s protective, emotional, and feeling disposition. They have a wonderful, if not short-lived, relationship that has stuck with me ever since release.

24. Eureka and Renton

Eureka Seven

From the moment they meet, you can tell they’ll end up together in some capacity. He’s immediately drawn to her, despite her apparent lack of emotion, and falls madly in love.

However, due to Eureka’s personal hangups, she’s unable to realize those feelings herself. At least until those planets are resolves and Renton is able to stand up for what he believes in.

23. Haruhi and Kyon

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Though their relationship wasn’t officially confirmed by the end of Disappearance, and we’ve had no further adaptation of the light novel, it’s easy to buy Kyon’s feelings for Haruhi and her perhaps reciprocation.

Through coming to know her, he gradually realizes things about himself as well as her and the world in general. She, in turn, takes more care with her feelings and intent through knowing him.

22. Kaneki and Touka

Tokyo Ghoul

Touka and Kaneki’s relationship was established as early as episode one, but it grows gradually throughout the series into a romantic one.

She brings him out of his shell, and he brings her out of hers. She also acts as his guide through the world of ghouls throughout the series, bringing out the best parts of him in his weakest moments.

21. Hikaru and Rihito


Hikaru And Rihito

The rockband renegade Hikaru incidentally finds his classmate, the timid yet genius Rihito, singing one day and decides to help him practice his vocal chops. Despite being entirely different people, they very quickly form a bond and connection that evolves into more by the end.

It’s beautifully animated, delicately told, and short enough to outstay its welcome – and unlike Yuri on Ice, it provides a complete, undeniable confirmation of their romantic intention.

20. Shouya and Shouko

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice isn’t straight-up a romance, and I think that’s good. It focuses more on the mature interdynamics of the two main characters following their tumultuous childhood, and the narrative is more concerned with fixing wrongs and living with mistakes or obstacles.

Nonetheless, it’s hard not to feel a real relationship forming between Shouya and Souko by the end, and I couldn’t help but root for them to be on the same page.

19. Legoshi and Haru


Legoshi and Haru’s quiet, disproportionate, timid, yet completely buyable relationship is the highlight of Beastars for me. They’re given a compelling and interesting backstory together that’s wrapped up by the end of season one, and from two onwards, they’re straight up in a relationship.

It’s a complex watch that’s not pandering to the furry crowd as initial impressions might misconstrue.

18. Banri and Koko

Golden Time

Although it has its peaks and valleys as a series (and especially as a romance), there really was no contestant for who Banri would go within the end. He was smitten by Koko from the moment he met her and would do anything to appease her for better or worse.

It’s a rollercoaster of a series with a consistently surprising plot structure and some narrative developments that will leave you astounded by the end, all held together by their relationship.

17. Retsuko and Haida

Aggressive Retsuko

Retsuko And Haida

Aggretsuko is way better than I ever anticipated, touching on topics and situations horribly relatable and all too real. We follow Retsuko, the red panda, as she tries over and over to find love while they endearing, loving Haida watches from the sideline for three seasons.

However, it’s certainly looking up for Haida, and I’m hoping for the best from the next! He’s comforting, understanding, loving, and never pressures her – and she respects, listens, and appreciates him immensely.

16. Inaba and Taichi

Kokoro Connect

Inaba and Taichi’s relationship is at the heart of Kokoro Connect. Seeing them grow from amiable friends to dependent confidants is as endearing as it is emotionally upsetting at times.

Yet their relationship remains rock-solid throughout – only escalating and getting better. As their secrets are exposed and they’re made more intimate, they realize they feel a lot more than friendship for one another.

15. Guts and Casca


Guts and Casca’s relationship isn’t a good one. It’s a horrible, tragic one even. After falling in love with one another after facing rejection and growing reliant, they quickly have it ripped away from them, and their lives are ruined.

Despite this – the way Casca won’t talk to Guts, the way there’s no longer that pure feeling between this – he strives to help and reverse the damage done to her at any cost, even if it feels impossible.

14. Hitagi and Araragi


The beginning of Hitagi Senjougahara and Koyomi Araragi’s relationship is a… Peculiar one. They meet when she falls from a huge staircase and lands in his arms, only for her to staple his cheek shortly after.

She’s maximum tsundere, borderline yandere, but way more complex than any trope stereotypes might imply. Their relationship is sweet, well-written, and beautifully animated, with some stellar moments standing out thanks to cinematography and dialogue.

13. Kaguya and Miyuki

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya And Miyuki

Most of Love is War hinges on the relationship between the President and Vice President of the Student Council – or should I say, ‘dysfunctional relationship,’ considering they don’t really confess and their whole interpersonal interaction boils down to manipulation?

Nonetheless, watching them is a constant (and at rare times horribly relatable) joy, as they delve deep into the anxieties of falling in love at a young age and the problems with being honest with yourself when you have hubris.

12. Celty and Shinra


This is one of the most peculiar entries on this list, by far. Celty is an ancient dullahan, an Irish folklore creature known as The Headless Rider, and Shinra is a scientist completely obsessed with her.

They fall in love through text communication (she doesn’t have a mouth) when he decides to help her find her missing head, and so they become somewhat reliant and attached to one another.

11. Shiki and Mikiya

The Garden of Sinners

If it wasn’t for Mikiya, Shiki may have gone on a murderous rampage ages ago. However, she promised him not to kill those underserving or human, and so she strives to live by those words no matter how hard it can be.

Their relationship is brought up constantly throughout the series, being eluded to behind the scenes before being brought to the complete forefront by the end. They work well together both professionally and intimately, as they help one another open up and be more honest with themselves.

10. Saki and Satoru

From the New World

The interpersonal dynamics of From the New World are responsible for the majority of the plot and intrigue, with a shifting and aging cast you grow to know closely throughout their lives.

The characters Saki and Satoru end up together in a way that feels bittersweet yet completely deserved, their relationship is as real as it is a testament to those they lost along the way.

9. Shichika and Togame


Shichika And Togame

From the moment Togame landed on his family’s island to rudely request his help in procuring the 12 Deviant Blades, Shichika was in love with Togame. The reason, as he puts it, is quite simple – however, throughout the course of the show, that reason evolves and multiplies, eventually finding itself reciprocated.

Katanagatari is a visually stunning, narratively brilliant straight-up action-romance set across 12 monthly released extended episodes throughout 2010 and never dropping in quality.

8. Simon and Nia

Gurren Lagann

I was ever so tempted to put Yoko and Kamina here, but ultimately Nia and Simon stole the show for me. We follow their relationship from when they meet relatively early on all the way until the end, and it’s incredible.

They hold so much compassion and commitment to one another, enough to literally do the impossible when push comes to shove, and their dynamic is completely sellable.

They grow up together enamored by one another and end the series married in a somber yet wonderfully poignant climax.

7. Tomoya and Nagisa


Clannad’s romantic couple is at the core of the whole experience. Nurtured throughout Clannad before being contextualized throughout After Story, the love tale between Tomoya and Nagisa is unforgettable and only made better with the inclusion of their child.

They’re both hurt or hurting and find compassion and comfort in one another in a way that’s hardly been replicated through anime since. You will likely cry tears at their most somber and emotional moments.

6. Junko and Kyousuke


In an anime that highlights the destructive aspects of romantic relationships and the toxic capabilities of them, then Junko and Kyosuke are the perfect counterfoils.

They communicate and operate in synergy with one another, working out their problems in a harmonious and quiet way – if they ever enter any in the first place. They often end up counseling other relationships due to the functioning relationship of their own even.

5. Lelouch and C.C.

Code Geass

Lelouch And C.c.

Lelouch is only truly himself when he’s around C.C. He’s LelouchLamperous around Shirley, Zero around Kallen, and Lelouchvi Britannia when in the privacy and confidential accompaniment of C.C.

She’s his loyal friend and companion, giving him the power of Geass and traveling with him as he strives to change the world. They are at their most intimate and emotional when alone with each other, and Lelouch is one of few people who knows her real name.

4. Ryuuji and Taiga


Toradora! is one of my favorite romance anime ever made, as it’s succinctly encapsulates what falling in love feels like, with a huge dramatic flair added for good effect. It’s one of the best examples of a romantic love triangle I’ve seen, all executed in a way that leaves you satisfied by the end.

Ryuuji and Taiga are both equally brilliant characters, as complex and funny as they are awkwardly in love, and watching their journey to realizing that is an absolute joy.

3. Chihaya and Arata and Taichi


Okay, so this is a weird one. I’ve got two reasons for this entry. One: we don’t know if Chihaya will end up picking either if any. Two: she loves them both equally, and in a way, those two love each other in the same way.

They’re a trio, and that unity they crafted in their childhood serves as the backdrop for one of – if not the – most compelling love triangle in anime, rich in drama and intrigue as well as emotion, keeping you on edge and hoping she’ll pick neither if anything. It’s many things, but Chihayafuru is also one of the best romance available

2. Holo and Kraft

Spice and Wolf

Holo and Kraft’s relationship throughout Spice and Wolf is one of the most realized, well-written, and purely entertaining interpersonal dynamics seen in anime. They’re always witty, loving, and yet personally flawed and willing to work on their issues.

The unique issues they have to face, and the way they get around those problems, make their relationship feel strong in a way many of the more school-oriented entries on this list don’t.

1. Kurisu and Okabe


Kurisu And Okabe

Kurisu and Okabe’s relationship is perfect to me. Held together by equal respect and admiration (though often unspoken) for the other’s intellect and a desire to help each other through rough and easy.

They are incredibly different and yet also similar, capable of talking on the same wavelengths when needed yet completely different wavelengths when the topic of feelings or personal sentiments comes to the forefront.

Throughout the visual novel and anime, you feel a real and palpable connection grow between them, from strangers to allies to much more, in a way that feels far better written than most anime.

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