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Top 20 Best Anime Kisses [2024]

Top 20 Best Anime Kisses [2024]

Let’s take a break from all the action and feel lovey-dovey with some smooches!

Here we take a look at the best, most memorable, and iconic kisses in the anime genre.

While most of these kisses are romantic, some are played for laughs or push the plot forward instead.

Either way, these are kisses worth discussing! Ready for some smooch and peck?

Best Anime Kisses

20. Naruto and Sasuke’s Accidental Kiss (Naruto)

Best Anime Kisses Naruto And Sasuke Kiss

I know, I know – this isn’t a romantic kiss!

But what’s great about it is that it dissolved any childish rival tension between Naruto and Sasuke the moment it happened.

Naruto is eager to prove himself, and Sasuke just wants to be left alone to do his thing.

Naruto can’t stand how popular Sasuke is, and Sasuke can’t stand the attention from Naruto!

They were at each other’s throats, and this accidental kiss definitely diffused the situation.

19. Takaki and Akari’s Kiss Under a Tree (5 Centimeters per Second)

Best Anime Kisses 5 Cm Per Second Kiss

Sometimes, your love for each other is just not meant to be. This is what Takaki and Akari realized in 5 Centimeters Per Second.

After elementary school, the two parted ways but decided to keep in touch through letters. But fate had other plans for them, and Akari had to move far away again.

They meet one last time during a snowy night. Akari notices that the falling snow looks like cherry blossom petals.

They kiss under a tree with this beautiful thought in mind.

18. Hori and Miyamura’s Candy Kiss (Horimiya)

Best Anime Kisses Horimiya Candy Kiss

Hori has a bright personality and is popular among her peers. Miyamura is gloomy, reserved, and nerdy. Turns out, outside of school, they’re both very different.

They bond over their real secret identities. They eventually find themselves drawn to each other, which leads to this kissing scene where Miyamura takes back Hori’s candy!

Who would have expected the introverted Miyamura to do this? Hori’s blushing and shocked face says she sure didn’t!

17. Morita and Hagu’s Cherry Blossom Kiss – And the Cute Aftermath (Honey and Clover)

Best Anime Kisses Honey And Clover Kiss

Morita finds Hagu absolutely adorable! He can’t help but be overcome by her cuteness.

In one scene, he was playfully teasing Hagu. Looking at her, he was flooded with emotions and went for a kiss.

This absolutely made his brain do a quick reboot! He was embarrassed, wrapped Hagu with a scarf, and fled.

Hagu, also extremely blushing and shocked by what happened, simply toppled over with the scarf.

16. Utena and Anthy’s Movie Kisses (Adolescence of Utena)

Best Anime Kisses Utena And Anthy's Kiss

What the series lacked, the movie added – and there definitely was a lack of kissing scenes that the movie happily provided.

Adolescence of Utena is a retelling of the show but with more obvious affection from Utena and Anthy. In the ending scene, they ride into the gray wasteland as they kiss.

15. Howl and Sophie’s Ending Kiss (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Best Anime Kisses Howl And Sophie Kiss

Howl and Sophie share a lot of romantic and fairytale-like moments throughout the movie.

They floated in the air, enjoyed a field of flowers, and even cooked breakfast together.

Most importantly, Howl became true to himself. And for Sophie she showed her fortitude by helping Howl and everyone else, as well as breaking her curse.

So when they share a kiss during the ending sequence, it’s the cherry on top of this magical whirlwind of an adventure.

14. Naruto and Hinata’s Ending Kiss (Naruto)

Best Anime Kisses Naruto And Hinata's Kiss

While romance was slightly shown in the show, it wasn’t until The Last: Naruto The Movie that the story heavily focused on it for our main characters.

In it, Naruto realizes how deeply Hinata cares for him. This, in turn, made him look into his own feelings for her.

They finally kiss in the end, with the moon as their romantic backdrop.

For Hinata and Naruto fans, this was a great way to end the series!

13. Asuka and Shinji’s Character-driven Kiss (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Best Anime Kisses Asuka And Shinji's Kiss

As opposed to a lot of entries here, Asuka and Shinji’s kiss is not of a romantic sort.

Instead, it’s another way to show how these two characters operate differently.

Asuka is brash and direct but can’t properly express her emotions. Meanwhile, Shinji can be quite a doormat. This dynamic is expertly shown through this scene.

We’re reminded that these two are teenagers trying to wade through life amidst the chaos.

12. Araragi and Senjougahara’s Kiss Under the Stars (Bakemonogatari)

Best Anime Kisses Araragi And Senjougahara's Kiss

From superpowers and vampires to awkward tooth brushing moments, Bakemonogatari can be quite a wild ride.

But there are sweet and tender moments sprinkled throughout.

One of these stand-out romantic moments is Araragi and Senjougahara’s kiss under the stars!

After an awkward date, Senjougahara awkwardly asks him for a kiss. It’s not shown to viewers, but these lovebirds can have their moment to themselves.

11. Mei and Yamato’s Kiss That Started It All (Say “I Love You”)

Best Anime Kisses Mei And Yamato's Kiss

What makes this kiss stand out is that it happens way before these two characters end up falling for each other.

Mei finds herself in a difficult spot with a stalker. She asks for Yamato’s help, and to shoo the stalker away, they pretend to be lovey-dovey together and kiss.

It’s the kiss that started it all. Mei keeps her distance from people due to past trauma, but she can’t help but be drawn to Yamato after this kiss.

10. Ritsuka and Mafuyu’s Thank You Kiss (Given)

Best Anime Kisses Ritsuka And Mafuyu's Kiss

Mafuyu wants to learn how to play the guitar and asks for Ritsuka’s help.

However, because of his captivating voice, Mafuyu ends up being asked to be the lead singer of Ritsuka’s band!

They not only learn about music but about each other too.

After an exhilarating performance, Mafuyu thanks Ritsuka for the experience. Ritsuka replies by giving Mafuyu a surprising kiss instead! Talk about breathtaking.

9. Takeo and Rinko’s Kiss Under the Snow (My Love Story!!)

Best Anime Kisses Takeo And Rinko's Kiss

You can’t help but root for Takeo and Rinko in My Love Story.

They are definitely not the typical romance shoujo couple, but they make up for it by being one of the most adorable!

Since they’re taking things slow, their first kiss didn’t go as planned. Rinko’s peck on Takeo’s lips was so light that Takeo thought it was just a bug that landed on him!

But finally, on one snowy evening, they share a romantic and proper kiss.

We’re rooting for you two!

8. Kyo and Tohru’s Emotional Second Kiss (Fruits Basket)

Best Anime Kisses Kyo And Tohru's Kiss

Due to a misunderstanding, Tohru thinks she can’t be with Kyo. She can’t even face him without feeling hurt for her love for him and runs away.

Luckily, Kyo catches up to her and clears things up.

They properly confess their love for each other and express how they want to be together. Through tears, they kiss. Fans know how much of a perfect fit these two are!

After their emotional kiss, Kyo tells Tohru that this isn’t actually their first kiss.

Tohru doesn’t remember because of the accident, but Kyo just chuckles. You’re too adorable, Tohru!

7. Usui and Misaki’s Firework-backdrop Kiss (Kaichou WA Maid-sama!)

Best Anime Kisses Usui And Misaki

Misaki is a perfect student and a strict student council president. She has to work at a maid cafe to support her family but has to keep it a secret from anyone at school!

So when the most popular boy at school finds out her secret, romcom hijinks ensue!

But after all that bickering and will-they-won’t-they tension, they both admit their feelings.

The anime ends with them kissing during a fireworks festival, and it’s everything Maid-sama fans were hoping for!

6. Yuu and Touko’s Bittersweet Kiss (Bloom Into You)

Best Anime Kisses Yuu And Touko's Kiss

Bloom Into You is about two girls finding love in high school.

Yuu is a hopeless romantic who hopes for a heart-fluttering romance. Touko has never been into someone and has turned down confession after confession.

Somehow, they found each other. You see them learn more about themselves and their feelings for each other.

Eventually, they share a kiss. But Touko tells Yuu not to fall in love with her because she doesn’t like herself.

It’s bittersweet and shows that Touko needs to love herself first.

5. Haruhi and Kyon’s Universe-saving Kiss (Haruhi Suzumiya)

Best Anime Kisses Haruhi And Kyon's Kiss

She might not be aware of it, but Haruhi has the power to alter the universe according to her mood and whims.

Because of this terrifying power, a lot of entities – aliens, time travelers, espers – try to keep her calm and happy.

Interestingly, only one person can really make her happy – Kyon.

When she unknowingly created a pocket dimension of just her and Kyon out of jealousy, Kyon calmed her down with a kiss!

4. Kurisu and Okabe’s Memorable Kisses (Steins;Gate)

Best Anime Kisses Okabe And Kurisu's Kiss

It’s always tricky when you meddle with time. For Kurisu and Okabe, they end up in a perilous situation where Kurisu will be gone from his life.

To make their last moments memorable, they kiss. And kiss again. And kiss some more.

Kurisu thinks about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and how time is passing by while she’s enjoying the kisses.

It’s totally adorable, if not for the heartbreaking reminder that she has to go.

3. Taiga and Ryuji’s Wedding Rehearsal Kiss (Toradora!)

Best Anime Kisses Toradora Kiss

Taiga and Ryuji finally face their feelings for each other. They decide to elope and be together, far away from their families and friends.

But they realized they wanted their union to be with the people they care about. Before going back, however, they decide to hold a wedding rehearsal and see what it’s like.

This is when their kiss happens. They’re both taken aback by how passionate it is!

2. Yuuri and Victor’s Victory Kiss (Yuri on Ice)

Best Anime Kisses Yuri And Victor's Kiss

Yuuri struggled with his ice skating career, but it was Victor who pulled him out of his funk and coached him to victory.

It’s not so strange that these two developed feelings for each other.

With Yuuri’s successful routine and their overwhelming emotions, they celebrate with a kiss.

This was during a televised skating event, with a lot of people watching them, but Victor didn’t mind.

Yuri On Ice fans definitely didn’t mind too!

1. Simon and Nia’s Bittersweet Wedding Kiss (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Best Anime Kisses Simon And Nia's Wedding Kiss

After defeating the Anti-Spiral, it seemed like it would be rainbows and sunshine for our lovely couple here.

They even decided to have a lovely wedding with all their friends. Simon is at the altar, all smiles and beaming at the image of his soon-to-be-wife.

Nia walks in, all lovely and beautiful in her wedding dress. Her smile matches the nice spring day they’re having. It seemed like all was well.

But after they kiss, Nia slowly fades away. They both seem undisturbed by it while the crowd is speechless and in shock.

It turns out they knew she was going to fade due to being an Anti-Spiral creation.

Their kiss is beautiful, heart-wrenching, and bittersweet.