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Top 30 Best Cat Girl Anime [2023]

Top 30 Best Cat Girl Anime [2023]

We can’t deny that anime cat girls are cute and purrfect. The way their ears twitch, their tails swish, and the “nyan nyan” pose they do are irresistibly adorable! Moe!

So for today’s NerdBear anime article, we thought we should compile a list of cat girl anime shows for your pleasure.

These titles don’t just have one-off or minor cat girl characters – they are a major part of the show! You can be assured that you’ll definitely get your cat girl anime fix with these.

For the meow-ment you’re waiting for, here are 30 of the best cat girl anime ever! Nya!

Best Cat Girl Anime

30. A Whisker Away

Best Cat Girl Anime A Whisker Away

Being a teenager who’s juggling high school, romantic feelings for your classmate, and a complicated family life is hard enough. But it’s even more difficult when you get transformed into a cat!

Now Miyo has to juggle her human teenage life and secret cat life. As a cat, she gets to spend time with her crush, which is all nice and dandy until a cat mask seller threatens to give her human face to a cat!

29. Totsuzen! Neko No Kuni Banipal Witt / Catnapped

Best Cat Girl Anime Catnapped

Toriyasu and Meeko, along with their cat guides, journey to the land of Banipal Witt to find their lost dog Papadoll. There, they have to defeat the evil Princess Buburina, who is now controlling a monstrous Papadoll!

Aired in 1998, this movie might seem like an oldie, but if you want a feel-good kid’s movie filled with cat girls and adventure, we recommend Catnapped for your next movie night. Young viewers and young-at-heart adults will equally enjoy it!

28. Phantom Thief Reinya

Best Cat Girl Anime Phantom Thief Reinya

She’s an ordinary convenience store clerk by day but a cat girl phantom thief by night!

Anything that glitters and is gold will definitely catch Kaitou Reinya’s attention! In her secret lair, along with her sidekick Chutaro, Reinya plans her heists while watching her favorite soap operas.

But watch out! The Oedo Police Department is definitely on her tracks.

27. Yuyushiki: Nyanyashiki

Best Cat Girl Anime Nyanyashiki

If you’ve enjoyed the wacky high school life of Yuzuko, Yukari, and Yui in Yuyushiki, you’ll definitely get more cat girl enjoyment in the bonus specials Nyanyashiki.

In it, the oddball trio of the Data Processing Club show their goofy antics in chibi cat girl forms. From being fascinated and squealing about their cat girl transformations to touching each other’s tails and chins, old and new fans of Yuyushiki will get a kick out of this meow-tastic special.

Oh, and did I mention it includes cat puns?

26. The Diary of a Crazed Family

Best Cat Girl Anime Diary Of A Crazed Family

Ordinary human Ouka Midarezaki finds himself in a situation far from being ordinary – he has to play husband to an alien cat girl!

Centuries ago, an alien wreaked havoc on Earth, but when it was finally defeated, it left a progeny who would one day conquer Earth. Through DNA tests, authorities found six possible candidates. But which one is evil?

That’s what Ouka needs to find out! As the “father” and “husband” of the family, he has to figure out which among his “kids” and “wife” is the evil one.

25. Acchi Kocchi

Best Cat Girl Anime Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki is in love with her best friend, Io. However, confessing her feelings is just not possible. She clams up, blushes a lot, and adorably sprouts cat ears!

Their friends can see how much of a perfect couple the two are. But Io is oblivious and dense as a rock, while Tsumiki can’t say anything at all.

If you’re into romcoms, will-they-won’t-they trope, and blushing cat girls, Acchi Kocchi is perfect for you!

24. Wata No Kuni Hoshi / Fantasy of a Kitten

Best Cat Girl Anime Fantasy Of A Kitten

Abandoned as a kitten, Chibi-neko, fortunately, gets rescued by 18-year-old Tokio, who has become withdrawn due to repeated failures at school.

Due to the love and care Chibi-neko received from Tokio, she wants to become a human and be with him forever. In her mind, she partially looks like a human and believes people were kittens before turning into human adults.

A tomcat gives her a reality check that crushes her heart. However, the tomcat also tells her of a magical place called Cottonland where dreams can come true. Can Chibi-neko realize her dream?

23. Etotama

Best Cat Girl Anime Etotama

Every 60 years, the heavens choose representatives for the Chinese Zodiac from numerous Eto-musume. Nyaa-tan, a cat Eto-musume, wants to join the Zodiac ranks badly! Unfortunately, she needs a lot of Sol/Lull or divine energy full of positive emotions.

Enter Takeru, a man with high-quality So/Lull. Now, Nyaa-tan desperately wants to work with Takeru to fulfill her dream of becoming a Chinese Zodiac Cat!

Fans of Fruits Basket, this is the cute cat girl version you’ve been looking for.

22. Dog Days

Best Cat Girl Anime Dog Days

In an alternate Earth, the residents of the planet are inhabited by animal-like people with ears and tails of different creatures.

This sounds absolutely cute, but unfortunately, the dog citizens are at war with the cat faction. Junior high student Cinque Izumi was summoned to help but is now stuck in this adorable fur-filled war.

21. All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

Best Cat Girl Anime Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

Using his wife’s company funds, genius inventor Kyusaku transferred the brain of his son’s cat to an android body. This resulted in Atsuko, the Nuku Nuku android!

But now, Akiko, Kyusaku’s wife, and CEO-extraordinaire want to make more weaponized robots, which Kyusaku disapproves of. Their son, Ryuunosuke, is caught in between, while cat android Atsuko fights off enemies and threats for the family.

Atsuko has a lot of adjusting to do!

20. Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto

Best Cat Girl Anime Taruto

Little cat Taruto just moved to a new city with her family. Naturally curious and adventurous, she sets off every day to explore her new home and meet new friends.

Unfortunately, Taruto has a natural talent for getting in trouble! She also discovered that she might be a legendary magical princess.

For Taruto, that’s quite a dangerous combo, but she’s eager to prove her magic to her friends! Now, if only it’s not so unpredictable.

19. Omamori Himari

Best Cat Girl Anime Omamori Himari

Life got pretty tough for Yuto. Not only did he lose his relatives years ago, he suddenly lost his parents in a car accident. All alone, with only his childhood friend and her family to occasionally help him, Yuto was sure his lonely fate was sealed.

Then suddenly, on his 16th birthday, a cat girl shows up swearing an oath to protect and serve him. Turns out, his family has been demon slayers, with his amulet as proof, and this cat-demon-samurai entity has ties to him and his forgotten past.

18. Kemono Friends

Best Cat Girl Anime Kemono Friends

Japari Park is filled with lively and adorable kemono friends!

These friends are animals anthropomorphized into cute girls. If you’re in it for the cat girls, there’s Serval, Jaguar, and Caracal, who are wild and big cats.

Season one follows the story of Kaban, who wakes up in the park with no memory. Serval and the other animals try to help Kaban discover who she is.

17. Monogatari Series

Best Cat Girl Anime Monogatari Series

Monogatari mainly revolves around Araragi and his life involving spirits, monsters, ghosts, and deities. He tries to help however he can while also juggling his own vampire-related problems.

In one part of the story, he tries to help his classmate Tsubasa Hanekawa. Due to stress, she became susceptible and was eventually possessed by a bakaneko. This enabled her to transform into a being called Black Hanekawa.

16. Mayoi Neko Overrun

Best Cat Girl Anime Mayoi Neko Overrun

Takumi might seem like an ordinary high school student, but his routine-filled life is far from ordinary. And it definitely got more bizarre when his sister brought home a cat girl!

After going to school with his childhood friend, fending off the school board chairman’s granddaughter, and working at his sister’s cafe, the Stray Cats, dealing with a mysterious runaway “cat girl” is the last thing he wants.

But there’s something about this cat girl that piques his interest.

15. UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie

Best Cat Girl Anime Ufo Ultramaiden Valkyrie

Despite being young, Kazuto is eager to run his late grandfather’s bathhouse on his own. Unfortunately, an alien ship crashes into it!

He gets saved by the alien princess inside the ship, but his life is turned upside down. Now he has an alien princess love interest with a squadron of cat girl maidservants.

At one point, the head cat girl maid, Miss Sanada, transforms a bunch of Earth girls into cat girls!

14. Di GI Charat

Best Cat Girl Anime Di Gi Charat

Can’t get enough of alien cat girls? Here’s one more for the list!

Princess Di Gi Charat, or Dejiko, visits Earth hoping to become a star. Unfortunately, she finds out that she needs some moolah to make her dream come true.

With cute cat girls doing funny and relatable retail job hijinks, Di Gi Charat will surely tickle your funny bone and warm your cat-girl-aficionado heart.

13. Show by Rock!!

Best Cat Girl Anime Show By Rock

Cat girls with stardom dreams? We have another one fitting that description!

Cyan Hijirikawa, a cat girl with an adorable frilly dress, dreams of becoming a rock star. This all started with her fondness for rhythm games, but now she wants to save Midi City from evil people who want to control the city with music.

12. Hyper Police

Best Cat Girl Anime Hyper Police

In the world of Hyper Police, humans and monsters co-exist together. Due to their differences, squabbles often happen, which sometimes lead to unfortunate crimes.

We follow the story of Natsuki, a bounty hunter with cat-girl features. She’s new to the crime-fighting business but is eager to do her job and bust some criminals.

If you throw in catnip milk as extra payment, I’m sure she’ll work double!

11. Cat Planet Cuties

Best Cat Girl Anime Cat Planet Cuties

Kio thought his life was boring and mundane. But after attending the memorial service of his ancestor, he meets a beautiful alien cat girl called Eris, who has come to Earth to learn about human customs.

But things aren’t so simple. Numerous secret organizations want to get their hands on this alien cat girl, including some people in Kio’s life! Will Eris peacefully learn about Earth and return to her planet Catian?

One thing’s for sure – Kio’s life is not so mundane anymore!

10. Beast Tamer

Best Cat Girl Anime Beast Tamer

In Beast Tamer, the world is filled with strong beasts that prove useful to humans once tamed. Rein Shroud, a beast tamer, trains his beasts for reconnaissance, logistics, and other supporting tasks.

But the party he joined, led by an evil hero, kicked him out. They think his beast-taming skills are useless!

Well, jokes on them, Rein is an exceptional beast tamer who meets a strong cat spirit. Together with this cat girl, Rein starts his journey to become the ultimate beast tamer.

9. Reincarnated as a Sword

Best Cat Girl Anime Reincarnated As A Sword

Magic, beasts, and mysteries are aplenty in this fantasy world. However, our protagonist joins it as a sword!

Having no memory of who he is, he wants to know his name and why he got reincarnated as a weapon. Meanwhile, his wielder, a cat girl named Fran, wants to get stronger and rise up from her life of slavery.

Together, they form a unique duo that can vanquish enemies and mysteries alike!

8. Uchi Tama?! Have You Seen My Tama?

Best Cat Girl Anime Uchi Tama

Tama is one curious cat! He wanders his hometown every day to meet with his fellow furry friends.

His best friend is a dog named Pochi. He also befriends a stray cat called Nora. There is also the pretty “cafe idol” cat Momo, climber Tora Kiso, absent-minded cat Beh, and the kitten Koma.

Life is cat-erly adorable in Uchi Tama. His owners are not too happy with him getting lost everyday, though!

7. Nyanko Days

Best Cat Girl Anime Nyanko Days

Shy and socially awkward, Yuuko isn’t really that good at socializing. She doesn’t have a lot of friends at school and spends her school days in a mundane and routine-filled way.

However, when she gets home, her day becomes brighter than ever! What awaits her are three adorable cat girls, each with very amusing and unique personalities.

Knowing about her tiresome time at school, Maa, Shi, and Ro make sure to shower Yuuko with their companionship and cat-girl cuteness.

Oh, to spend your days the nyanko way – Yuuko is living the life!

6. Nekogami Yaoyorozu / The Everyday Tales of a Cat God

Best Cat Girl Anime Nekogami Yaoyorozu

Slice-of-life anime, cat girls, and the supernatural? You got a winning formula right here with Nekogami Yaoyorozu!

The story follows a Cat God named Mayu, who has been kicked out from the abode of the gods and stripped of her title and powers. The reason she got banished was due to illegal gambling!

Now, she passes her time at an antique store owned by a human girl named Yuzu. Throughout the story, they meet other gods and supernatural creatures from Japanese mythology. Another Cat God even shows up!

5. Tokyo Mew Mew

Best Cat Girl Anime Tokyo Mew Mew


Do you want Sailormoon, Magica Madoka, or Pre-Cure but with cat girls? You got it, chief! Be amazed at this magical cat girl anime called Tokyo Mew Mew!

It all starts when Ichigo’s date with her crush ends weirdly. She gets a vision of a cat spirit entering her and sort of loses consciousness.

The next day, to her utter surprise, she starts to display cat-like behavior! And after seeing her crush get into trouble, she transforms into a magical cat girl called Mew Ichigo.

Well, it turns out that two scientists injected her with a special cat DNA. Weirdness aside, Ichigo finds out there are other girls like her, and together they form a superhero cat girl group that fights evil!

4. Tokyo Mew Mew New

Best Cat Girl Anime Tokyo Mew Mew New

The 2003 Tokyo Mew Mew anime was quite a success. Cat girls and mahou shoujo? Of course, that’s a hit!

But almost 20 years later, a new Tokyo Mew Mew anime was created. To celebrate the old anime and the manga’s 20th anniversary, Tokyo Mew Mew New is a retelling of the same story but with an upgraded art style and an idol group for the characters!

Can you guess what their idol group’s name is? It’s Smewthie! How purrfect is that!

3. Nekopara

Best Cat Girl Anime Nekopara

Kashou’s family has always been a sweets expert. Wanting to be independent of his family, he puts his skills to the test by opening his own patisserie called La Soleil.

But after setting up shop, he finds that two cat girls have snuck into one of his boxes. They don’t want to leave and instead wish to stay with him and his new sweets store.

But that’s not the end of Kashou’s cat girl woes. After one of the cat girls goes out and explores, she comes back with a stray kitten! Will Kashou’s new life continue to be sweet?

2. Strike Witches

Best Cat Girl Anime Strike Witches

During the World War II era, this alternate Earth ended up being invaded by aliens who could transform into aircraft! Not wanting to be defeated, all countries banded together to fight against this alien enemy with new technology.

Regular weapons don’t work against the aliens, but researchers discovered that young girls with magical powers work very well against them. These young girls, called Witches, transform into cat girls and other kemono entities when using their magic.

What about cat girls, you ask? Don’t worry, we have Lynette, whose familiar is a Scottish Fold, Perrine, who has a French cat, Francesca has a black panther, and Sanya has a black cat.

1. The Cat Returns

Best Cat Girl Anime The Cat Returns

And the ultimate cat girl anime for us? Well, it’s none other than Studio Ghibli’s The Cat Returns!

This 2002 film follows the story of Haru, who saves a cat one day from being hit by a truck. Unbeknownst to her, the cat is a prince from a faraway cat kingdom, and as thanks for her actions, she is given the prince’s hand for marriage.

As a human, the idea of a cat marriage stupefied her. Luckily, a mysterious voice tells her to seek out the white cat Muta to help her with her predicament.

Through Muta, Haru ends up meeting The Baron, a cat figurine brought to life by the artistry of its crafter. Together, they try to figure out how Haru can weasel out of her surprise marriage.

The Cat Returns has it all – cat girls, magic, adventure, and wonderful animation that will leave viewers feline good.