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Conan Exiles Hardened Steel Crafting Guide

Conan Exiles Hardened Steel Crafting Guide

Surviving in Conan Exiles is a massive challenge in itself. Thriving, on the other hand, is another thing entirely.

Hardened steel is a must-have for all types of players. It is used to craft higher-tiered weapons, armor, building parts, and more. Here’s a guide for those looking to learn all there is to know about hardened steel.

What Resources Do You Need to Craft Hardened Steel?

As far as resources go, you’ll need steel bars and black ice. For those who don’t know much about Conan Exiles, that doesn’t sound too difficult. But there’s more to it than just mashing those two materials together.

How to Craft Hardened Steel

To make hardened steel from scratch, you’ll need access to a furnace, a cauldron, a tannery, and a fluid press. Most players will already have these ready to go.

Once you have all your items ready, it’s time to look at what materials you’ll need. Let’s first look at how to make steel bars.

How to Craft Steel Bars

In order to make steel bars, you’ll need to mine some iron from an iron rock. Iron deposits aren’t hard to come by, but if you are a newbie, head to a place like The Tower of Bats or Skittering Cavern, where iron is plentiful. 

Conan Exile Mining Rocks

Once you’ve got some iron rock, it’s time to craft some iron bars. It costs 2 iron rock to produce 1 iron bar. Pop your iron rock into your furnace and turn it into iron bars. Just be sure to make sure that your furnace has fuel in it.

Next, you’ll need some Steelfire. Steelfire can be crafted using a Firebowl Cauldron. You’ll need 1 brimstone and 2 tar to craft 1 Steelfire. 

You get tar from tannin animal hides with bark at a tannery or by putting coal in your Fluid Press. As for brimstone, you can find some at the following locations.

To craft Steelfire, simply pop it in your Firebowl Cauldron, with a fuel source of course! Once you’ve crafted your Steelfire, you can combine it with your iron bars in a furnace and make your steel bars.

How To Get Black Ice

Now all you need is the black ice, and you can craft yourself some hardened steel. But this is easier said than done. Black ice can be found at the Temple of Frost and the Frozen Slopes.

While this is pretty easy for a more seasoned player, newer players may find this quite difficult. Since these are cold areas, you will need to bring the right gear.

Be sure to wear armor, you’ll also need to bring some spiced food and alcohol to keep your character warm. It also helps to hold a torch. You’ll be looking for black ice nodes, there’s an image below for reference.

Conan Exiles Black Ice

Crafting the Hardened Steel

After all the hard work, it’s time to pop the two resources together. Put your steel bars in the Furnace along with your black ice. Crafting hardened steel costs 1 steel bar and 1 black ice, this makes it pretty easy to calculate how much you’ll need.

Hardened Steel is used for a multitude of different things, this includes crafting armor and weapons that are much better than ones crafted using base steel.

Hardened steel is one of those items that you’ll need over and over again, so try to gather the resources wherever possible to save yourself a trip or two in the future.