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Top 10 Best Doorbell Cameras [2024]

Top 10 Best Doorbell Cameras [2024]

Having a doorbell camera is a great way to see and interact with whoever is outside your home at all times without needing to open the door. You can even use them remotely through an app that comes with the doorbell, helping you to keep your home safe whilst you’re away.

What To Look For in a Doorbell Camera

Video Quality

The doorbell camera’s video resolution can impact how clear and sharp the camera image will appear. Having a higher resolution will make the images appear much sharper, making it a lot easier for you to see more details in your footage.

The maximum resolution available at the moment for a doorbell camera is 1080p, but some doorbell cameras come with a resolution as low as 480p.

There’s more to video quality than resolution. A good quality video will allow you to see more of your property by having a large field of view (FOV) angle. For a decent FOV, you should look at doorbell cameras with an angle of at least 120°, and then higher if you need a wider view.

Wired vs. Wireless

Doorbell cameras can be found as either wired or wireless. This will have an impact on how you install it onto your door.

A wired doorbell camera is powered by wires that connect your doorbell to the chime box. As it is wired, you won’t have to worry about it running out of power or it being hacked by intruders.

If you already have a regular wired doorbell, it’s likely that you’ll have a chime box already installed, so installation will be relatively easy. However, if you don’t have this, then installation may be a bit difficult with all the drilling and the wiring that will need to be done.

A wireless doorbell camera is much easier to install as it runs on batteries instead of a wire. Unfortunately, with batteries, you’ll have to change them every so often to keep your doorbell camera fully working. Depending on the quality of the doorbell and if you live in extreme weather conditions, battery changes can range from every two months to every two years.

Motion Detection

A lot of modern doorbell cameras now come with a motion detection feature. This feature will alert you via the mobile app when someone is going towards or away from your home.

More advanced doorbell cameras have extra features that allow you to set specific areas to be monitored. This is perfect if you live near a busy street so that you can avoid getting notified every time someone walks past or drives by.

Night Vision

Anything can happen during the night, so having a doorbell camera with night vision technology would be ideal for keeping your home protected 24/7.

Night vision will allow the camera to pick up clear images in the dark. This will ensure that your home is always under surveillance, even whilst you’re sleeping, giving you some peace of mind.

Without night vision, it will be hard to see anything happening outside of your property, and it will be even more difficult to see any faces.

Two-way Audio

A big feature to consider for your doorbell camera is being able to communicate through it using two-way audio. This feature will allow you to speak with the guest at your door, and they will be able to hear you and speak back with a built-in microphone.

Best Doorbell Cameras

Ring Video Doorbell 3

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is one of the most popular video doorbells available on the market. It features a 1080p HD video resolution with enhanced features that allow you to see, hear, and speak to whoever is at your door from your smartphone or other devices.

Installing this doorbell camera is easy. You can choose to install it wirelessly and have it powered by the rechargeable battery pack, or you can choose to connect the doorbell with wires for constant power.

The doorbell can be set up easily through the Ring app via Wi-Fi connectivity. This app will give you complete control over the doorbell’s settings, plus you can have a real-time view of the camera outside and talk to any visitors through its two-way audio technology.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 comes with improved motion detection that alerts you when someone is nearby. It also has an automatic light sensing feature that allows it to activate night vision when the lighting has dimmed enough.

As a bonus, you can connect the doorbell camera to your Amazon Alexa and Echo Show 5 screen to hear announcements when the doorbell is pressed, talk to visitors, and see a live view of your camera.

Arlo AVD1001-100NAS Essential Video Doorbell

The Arlo AVD1001-100NAS Essential Video Doorbell can help you to see more at your front door with its 180° field of view. Plus, with a 1080p video resolution, you’ll be able to see a lot more detail.

This doorbell camera is a wired model so that it can work consistently without losing any power. As it will likely be a permanent installation, this doorbell camera is very durable and will be protected from the weather all year round. Its heatproof can withstand against the cold and is waterproof in the rain.

You will never miss a moment with the motion detection feature. Once movement is detected, the doorbell camera will be activated and begin recording and notify you through the Arlo app.

When the doorbell button is pressed, you will receive a video call to your phone so that you can hear and speak to visitors through two-way audio, or you can respond with a pre-recorded message if you’re busy or not at home.

The video features HDR technology that ensures you can see everything that’s going on, even in low light conditions during the night.

For extra convenience, this doorbell camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

Xtu WiFi Video Doorbell Camera

The XTU Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera is 100% wireless for easy installation and connection, so you won’t have to deal with any tangled wires. After installation, you can manage and access the doorbell camera using the CloudEdge app.

With the 1080p video resolution, you will be able to see a clear picture with lots of details. The doorbell camera can be used during the day and at night thanks to its infrared night vision feature. Plus, for a wide view outside of your home, the camera has a FOV angle of 166°.

Like many doorbell cameras, this model comes with motion detection that can notify you when someone is at your door. Through the available app, you can talk to people outside of your door with its two-way audio technology.

To store your videos, this product comes with secure Cloud storage and local storage. It has a 32GB SD card included, but it can support up to 128GB in Micro SD and the Cloud. Videos can be played back remotely at any time.

You’ll find that this doorbell camera will never fail, no matter the weather. It’s built to withstand any weather conditions and is equipped with an IP65 waterproof design for extra durability.

Haoxuandianzi Smart Wireless Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The Haoxuandianiz Smart Wireless Wi-Fi Video Doorbell does not require any wires or cables in order to work. It’s completely wireless and can be controlled remotely through the XSHCam app.

With the XSHCam app, your doorbell camera will always be online and available. You can answer the door without being in your house, and with the two-way audio technology, you can see, hear, and talk to your visitors in real-time.

The doorbell camera features a 720p video resolution and a wide-angle field of view. It may not offer HD video quality, but the quality is still sharp and will pick up everything going on.

Equipped with a built-in motion sensor alarm that will detect movement, this doorbell camera can send instant alerts to your phone and record a short video clip to the cloud.

To ensure that you can see clearly at all times of the day, this doorbell camera comes with night vision. The sensors can detect when the lighting outside has darkened and will automatically turn on the infrared night vision feature.

Bad weather will not affect the video quality as it’s able to withstand any weather condition, ensuring that your home will remain safe and protected no matter what.

Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro

The Amcrest 1080p Video Doorbell Camera Pro can be hooked up to your home’s existing doorbell wiring and is compatible with existing mechanical and electronic digital chimes for easier installation. With a wired connection, this doorbell will never run out of power.

The video is clear and high quality with its 1080p resolution. You will be able to see as much detail as possible. Plus, the camera comes with a wide FOV angle of 140° that allows you to see further outside of your home.

With a PIR motion sensor, you will always be alerted via email or through push notifications on the Amcrest Smart Home app. The app also allows you to instantly review recorded footage, and with a built-in microphone and speaker, you can talk to any visitors outside using the two-way audio system.

You’ll be able to keep your home safe at night with the built-in night vision function. Whilst night-vision is in use, your doorbell camera will be able to see up to 16 feet away.

To easily store your video footage, this doorbell comes with the Amcrest Smart Home Cloud, or you can store directly to a class 10 MicroSD card of up to 128GB.

Toucan Video Doorbell Camera 1080P HD With Chime

The TOUCAN Video Doorbell Camera 1080p HD with Chime is a wireless model with a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery can last up to six months before needing to be recharged, and you can easily check how much power is left through the Toucan App.

With its 1080p video resolution, this doorbell camera can show you footage with clear, sharp details. Plus, you’ll be able to see as much distance as possible and never miss a thing with the ultra-wide 180° FOV angle.

A motion detection feature and smart PIR will alert you through the Toucan app when movement is detected. After you open the app, you’ll be able to see, hear, and talk to whoever is outside with its two-way audio technology.

You’ll always receive a high picture quality at any time of the day. During the day, the camera can adjust to make sure the lighting doesn’t ruin the video, and at night it has night vision technology so that your home can remain safe and secure.

Other features include instant notifications, real-time live feed, and prerecorded messages for when you’re not home. In an emergency, the Toucan app can help you call emergency services if you need immediate assistance.

Heimvision Wireless Video Doorbell Camera

The HeimVision Wireless Video Doorbell Camera is 100% cordless, easy to install, and comes with two rechargeable batteries that can last for up to six months before needing to be recharged.

This doorbell camera is equipped with an all-glass lens with HDR and distortion correction for a much clearer picture. Combined with a 1080p resolution, your video feed will always appear sharp and will show as much detail as possible. Plus, for a wide view of the outside of your home, this product has a 166° FOV angle.

To keep your footage looking clean 24/7, the doorbell camera is equipped with an IR sensor and LED. These sensors will automatically switch the camera to night vision mode as soon as dim lighting is detected. This night vision will provide you with crystal-clear images in the dark and will keep your home secure.

With PIR motion detection, you will receive notifications through the HeimVision app. The sensitivity of this can be adjusted to alert you to far away or nearby movements. When you answer the notification, you can communicate with your guest through the two-way audio technology or leave them a pre-recorded message.

For higher durability, this doorbell camera can survive against any weather conditions.

Ssying Video Doorbell Camera

The SSYING Video Doorbell Camera can be installed however you like. You can choose to install it with or without wires for your convenience.

This doorbell camera can be easily managed over a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection through the Aiwit app. The connection is consistent and has a strong signal, so you won’t face any disconnection problems. As a bonus, the app offers group sharing that allows you to share the doorbell with your family members.

When motion is detected, you will receive an alert through the app straight away. This way, you will always know when someone is outside your door. With the two-way audio feature, you can talk with your visitors outside, or if you prefer, you can leave a pre-recorded voice message.

For a secure video feed during the night, the doorbell camera is equipped with night vision. It has an IR sensor and LED that allows you to see clearly in the dark. The camera will automatically switch to night vision when dimmed lighting is detected.

To store your video footage, the doorbell camera comes with free Cloud storage that has a seven-day cycle. This cycle can help you manage your files by replacing an older file with a new file every seven days.

Idoo Video Doorbell

The iDOO Video Doorbell is a wired model that features a 1080p resolution for a high-quality video feed that can show you plenty of details. To be able to install this doorbell camera, it’s recommended that you have an existing wired doorbell set up.

With its two-way audio technology, you can communicate with visitors from anywhere. The doorbell has a built-in microphone and speakers with noise cancellation so that visitors can hear you clearly and talk back.

An adjustable motion detection feature allows you to decide how sensitive you want your doorbell to detect movement. You can choose between low, medium, and high so that you can detect movement closer to your house or further away. Once motion is detected, you will receive a notification on your smartphone via the Renpho app.

Automatic night vision can sense when light conditions are low. The doorbell camera is equipped with a high-end infrared sensor that can switch to night vision and show you a clear picture, even in the dark.

You can choose to share the doorbell with up to five family members on the Renpho app. This allows those family members to monitor the camera, allowing your home to be constantly monitored and protected.

Wuuk Smart Doorbell

The final product in this list is the WUUK Smart Doorbell. This doorbell camera is battery-powered for a wire-free installation, allowing you to install it easily by using 3M adhesive tape or by using screws.

Using the WUUK app, you can control and manage the doorbell camera without any hassle. It supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. Through Wi-Fi, you can have access to real-time footage of the outside of your home. The view is a wide 162° FOV angle, so you’ll never miss anything that could be hiding around the corner.

You can easily speak to any guests with the two-way audio technology. Guests can speak back with the built-in microphone, allowing you to communicate without needing to open your front door.

The video feed features a high-quality 1080p resolution for a clear, sharp image at all times. The resolution does not drop when night vision is activated, so you can keep your home secure even in the dark.

Video files and data can be stored locally using an SD card or an OR record. You can also store files for 48hr in secure Cloud storage so you can find evidence easily in the event of an incident, and you can share camera access with other family members.

Final Thoughts

A doorbell camera is key to helping keep your home safe and secure. With 24hr surveillance, you can monitor everything that goes on right outside your door. Not only are they great for added security, but they are also good for maintaining social distancing during this pandemic.