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The Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

The Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

Choosing a headset in the $100 price range can be quite a tricky and strenuous task, especially with all the options available. In addition, with the overwhelming amount of headsets to choose from, it can be easy to make the wrong choice.

A gaming headset is supposed to bring the best sound for your enjoyment and immersion, allowing you to dive deeper into your game. But buying the wrong one could not only you dissatisfied but might ruin your game as well. Imagine all the money and victories that you’ll waste with a crappy gaming headset.

That’s why we created this buying guide, to help you choose the best gaming headset under $100 so that you can bring the best out of your game.

Things To Look For in a Gaming Headset

Although there are more expensive headsets, $100 is still hard-earned cash that shouldn’t be wasted on the wrong product. There are important factors that you should consider so that you make the right decision. Here are the features and qualities that you should be looking for in a $100 gaming headset.

Sound Quality

Gaming headsets aren’t usually bought if you want to get the highest audio quality, but this is still important if you want to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in your game. As you go up the price range, you also get better sound quality that’s why we chose the headsets in the $100 category that offers the best audio available.

When it comes to sound in gaming, stereo imaging or sound localization is what you should be looking for. This is a feature that enables you to pinpoint the direction of where a sound is coming from. This is pretty useful, especially in games like CS:GO and Fortnite, where you need to find your enemy as fast as you can.


Good communication is vital for winning in most multiplayer games. To do this, you must have a good microphone so your teammates can hear you better. In the $100 price range, gaming headsets already offer decent microphone quality.

But we chose the best ones that are a cut above the rest. Headsets with noise-cancellation and microphone quality would satisfy your needs not only in gaming but also in some live streaming. Being able to remove and retract your mic is a great feature for flexibility as well.


Who wants to play while having a crappy headset disturbing your ears? Nobody. As gamers, we wear our headsets for a long period of time, and a little discomfort can start to get annoying after a while and may even get in the way of your gaming.

This is why ensuring that your headset can snuggly fit into your head and that it doesn’t hurt your ears is very important. Look for a headset that can be adjusted and is made with decent materials designed for your comfort.


The good news is gaming headsets below $100 already offer this surround sound. This is a feature that lets you experience that 360-degree arc with your audio. Using multi-directional audio drivers makes you hear sound coming from afar or behind you like you’re really inside the game.

Normal stereo headsets are decent but don’t give you the same experience. This isn’t a necessary feature, but it is one of the most immersive additions to your setup.


Your headset can have the greatest features and most premium looks, but without a great driver, your headset wouldn’t sound good at all. Drivers determine the quality of the sound you’ll be getting.

Headsets with proprietary drivers sound better than those with open-source ones. So try learning what yours comes with.

Battery Life

When you opt for a wireless headset, this is an extra factor that you should be considering. Wireless headsets typically last between 15-30 hours in use. That’s about 7 days of playtime. If you want a great wireless headset, this is the minimum you should be looking for in its battery.

The 5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

You don’t need to pay a hefty price to get a great gaming headset. In this category, you can already acquire near-premium quality without paying a premium price.

Instead of overwhelming you with a ton of choices, we have carefully considered all these important factors and selected 5 of the best buys you can get with a hundred bucks.

Logitech G433

Let’s start off this list with our best budget pick, the G433 gaming headset from Logitech. With around $85, you already have a gaming headset with great performance and features for your gaming needs.

The Logitech G433 is compatible with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch. It has both USB and 3.5 mm ports allowing you to use it on gaming on different platforms.

It has an extremely lightweight design for maximum comfort. For it’s price, it already offers surround sound and Pro G drivers. So if you’re searching for immersive great sound quality at a budget price, this is it.

When it comes to its microphone, it comes with a detachable boom mic with a pop filter that reduces background noise from your surroundings. It has two cables that let you use it on different platforms, including mobile.

The exterior is covered with a hydrophobic, stain-resistant fabric shell that protects your headset from dirt. The design of this headset is simple and compact, and it allows you to bring it along for casual everyday use. So for its price and performance, we can say that the Logitech G433 is a killer budget gaming headset.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha S

Here we have one of the most solid picks under $100. From the makers of what has been one of the greatest budget gaming headsets of all time, Hyperx Cloud Alpha. This time we’ll be taking a look at its successor, the Hyperx Cloud Alpha S.

It features one of the best sound qualities you can find in this price range. With its custom-tuned HyperX 7.1 surround sound, gamers can enjoy the immersive audio while playing. It also comes with extra bass adjustment for better lows while gaming.

With its advanced audio control mixer, you can customize your sound settings to your advantage. When it comes to sound quality, this headset is definitely one of the best. It has a very durable aluminum frame, and the design is pretty much like the Hyper Cloud Alpha. Sturdy and a beauty to look at.

It has a detachable mic with noise cancellation, and this is where it really beats its predecessor. The Hyperx Cloud Alpha S offers superb microphone quality for its price. It has leatherette ear cushions which are really breathable and comfy to wear. It also comes with two sets of earpads.

With its sound quality and comfort, the Hyperx Cloud Alpha S is a good upgrade and definitely a great choice for a gaming headset less than $100. With its performance, we strongly recommend it to PC gamers, and when it comes to consoles, it can get the job done as well.

Steelseries Arctis 3

If you don’t like cables and want to go with a wireless gaming headset, here is our top pick for you. The Steelseries Arctis 3 is a superb wireless gaming headset with superior sound, style, and comfort.

It is designed to work on different gaming platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, VR, Android, and even iOS. If you want a headset with Bluetooth support, this gives you that versatility in using it even on mobile devices.

The S1 speaker driver produces sound with minimum distortion. Its Windows Sonic Spatial Sound makes it compatible with surround sound on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

It can deliver up to 42 hours of continuous playtime on battery which is insane for a wireless headset. Another awesome factor is its mic. It comes with a ClearCast Mic which is recognized as the best in gaming as it boasts studio-quality sound.

If you want a headset with Bluetooth support that offers a casual look that you can wear every day, go with the Steelseries Arctis 3. With its sound quality, connectivity, and amazing microphone, you can get the most out of your hundred bucks.

Hyperx Cloud Flight

If you want a solid wireless headset but something with cooler aesthetics, HyperX has got the right one for you. The Hyperx Cloud Flight is a gaming headset compatible with PC, PS4, and PS5, packing some great features.

It has a simplistic design with red and black accents, but the LED further enhances this in its cups with different lighting effects. If you have a low-light gaming setup, this simple headset will look dope.

They have made a good balance of making the lows, mids, and high clarity when it comes to sound quality. When gaming with the Cloud Flight headset, you can hear even subtle enemy noises. The microphone is detachable, and it has noise-cancellation as well. So it’s perfect both for communicating with your teammates or listening to music.

The battery lasts for up to 30 hours on use, and it offers a great wireless range with no latency issues. The fit it offers is also great, allowing adjustability for even big heads, representing HyperX’s signature comfort and flexibility.

The design of the ear cups is also worth praising. It is 90-degrees rotatable, and the accessibility it offers with buttons for LED effects, mic mute, volume, and power on the ear cups is just too convenient.

If you want a gaming headset that offers you wireless freedom, great performance, and cool aesthetics, the Hyperx Cloud Flight is exactly what you’re looking for. At the $100 price range, you’ll find it hard to beat this one.

Corsair Void

Here we have our best pick for versatility. The Corsair Void Wireless is an awesome all-rounder gaming headset that would surely satisfy your needs. From comfort to sound quality to durability, you’ll get it all.

The headset has custom-tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers paired with Dolby 7.1 surround sound to give you an epic gaming experience. This gaming headset offers superb sound quality that is super immersive and clear, which is perfect for your favorite titles.

It is equipped with a unidirectional microphone with ambient noise cancellation. If you’re into live-streaming, you’ll find this discord-certified mic quite pleasant. So whether it’s rallying your teammates or engaging with your viewers, this headset will get the job done brilliantly.

The frame is made of metal, and Corsair didn’t just use ordinary plastic. They infused glass fiber into their product so that it is extra durable, giving longevity a big check. The headset has microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam ear cups that ensure your comfort whether you want a quick session or a gaming marathon.

It also supports wireless connection with a 40ft range and up to 16 hours of battery life. So it gives you that wireless freedom on top of the solid performance it offers. Overall the Corsair Void is a pretty solid and versatile pick that has an awesome value for money.

Final Thoughts

If you reached this part, then congratulations. You are now more than ready to choose your $100 gaming headset. Rest assured that every item on this list has a great balance of all the factors we have discussed.

Every single one has been tested and proven by thousands of satisfied customers. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make legendary plays that sound as amazing as they look with a high-quality gaming headset of your own.