Top 21 Best American Truck Simulator Mods

Unleash The Beast

The “Simulator” genre has been getting a lot more traction in recent years. It’s still not what one would consider “mainstream,” but many of the best ones have been carving out their niches with their devoted followings.

One of these is American Truck Simulator, developed by the Czech company SCS Software, known for their Truck Simulator series. This one takes players across the United States delivering cargo in American-style trucks and landscapes.

Since its release, the game has sold over 2 million copies, this has lent to the creation of a very solid modding community around ATS, with around 5,000 mods for it on the Steam Workshop alone.

Best ATS Mods

21. DOWL’s High-Resolution Skyboxes

Dowl's High Resolution Skyboxes

In line with making the game look prettier through visual enhancement mods, DOWL’s High-Resolution Skyboxes upscale the base game skybox textures making them four times larger. It contains 6 new skybox textures, which help to improve the visual clarity of the sky.

The modmakes your travels just a bit more aesthetically pleasing as the sky takes up quite a bit of your vision while driving. No more tearing and pixelated skies as you drive through the country in your wheels of choice.

20. High-Quality Construction Props

High-Quality Construction Props is a mod that replaces some of the default construction props (that were more in a European style) with high-quality props that have custom models and textures that are more appropriate to the roads of the United States.

The mod is great in giving a feel of traveling around the US countryside with its old-fashioned construction props. Yep, you’re going to be learning what signs look like in the US if you’re not from there.

19. New Mountain Textures

We’ve covered visual enhancements of the sky and the flora, now let’s move on to improving the terrain itself. New Mountain Textures is a mod that replaces the mountain and terrain textures in your game.

This mod has a good diverse amount of retextures from the sandy deserts of the west coast to the rolling fields of the midwest. You won’t get bored in your truck adventures across the countryside as no two mountains are the same!

18. Enhanced Vegetation

Enhanced Vegetation

Part of the appeal of driving cross-country in American Truck Simulator is appreciating the beautiful landscapes as you zip through the highways that cut through the United States, which has some of the most varied landscapes in the world.

Enhanced vegetation looks to replace the vanilla vegetation textures with higher quality ones with more saturated colors and some new vegetation models and textures. Peep out the window to snap a couple of cool pictures with different and fresh natural elements on the map.

17. Easy Weather Mod

For all the other weather effects other than rain, you can check out the Easy Weather Mod. This mod adds more weather types to the game giving more variety to your gameplay as you traverse the open road.

Some of the weather types added include cloudy weather, windy bad, and nice, foggy weather, and much darker nights, making it a bit more realistic.

16. Assorted Cargo

Variety is the spice of life, and Assorted Cargo spices up your game by adding, wait for it, Assorted Cargo. This mod includes a large range of different items in the cargo market for you to ship around.

The mod comes with 140 new cargo items, all with different weights, just waiting for you to haul them. The items added can be hauled by curtainsiders, dry vans, or reefers.

15. Municipal Police Traffic Pack

Municipal Police Traffic Pack

More on the topic of representing the real world in-game, the mod Municipal Police Traffic Pack does that by representing the police liveries and patrol car colors and designs of several state and city Police Departments in the USA.

The states affected by this mod include Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, and Utah. This also affects police cars added by the Special Transport DLC, although the base game Taurus can still spread in the random event accident. This should also work with any traffic density mods.

14. Complete North American Background Map

Besides the outdoors, there is quite a bit of improvement that can be made to the UI of the game. For example, one of the things you’ll be looking at a lot is your map, and Complete North American Background Map can make that look a bit nicer.

It is a mod that adds a high-quality background map to the game that covers all of North America. The map is a great visual aid to help you locate yourself and track your destination.

13. Cold Rain

Cold Rain

Weather effects can do a lot to set the mood. Cold Rain does that by modifying the rain effects and intensity. Some of the features of this mod include better raindrop textures, effects of rain on windshields, wet effects on vehicles and roads, better rain sounds, better thunder sounds, and increased raindrops inside the cabin.

There are a few add-on mods with this that you can get if you’re looking to increase the rain’s intensity and its density. Cold rain gives you a realistic feel of how rain usually is in real life inside the game.

12. Real USA Diesel Gas Prices

Providing a realistic experience is a huge part of the appeal of simulator games (at least in the ones that are not parodies).

Sometimes this applies to things that we consider inconveniences in the real world because it makes it just that bit more realistic. If that’s your thing, then you should check out Real USA Diesel gas prices so you can complain about gas prices in-game too.

This mod changes the diesel prices in-game to be the same as the real average prices per state in the USA. Note this may not be exactly like they are in real life (sorry, realism fans) as these are based on stats and not real-time information. However, it is a great improvement from the random old prices within the game.

11. Realistic Headlighting

Another realism mod that affects your truck is Realistic Headlighting. This mod reworks headlighting to make it more realistic. It does this by rebalancing the brightness, color, and pattern of the lighting.

This supports the 9 SCS truck models in the game and only applies to the light while you are driving. With this mod, you can be sure that your long night drives will look and feel much more realistic and atmospheric.

10. Container Plus

Container Plus

Container Plus is a mod that offers a more realistic feelwhen handling containers. The mod was created by a mod author that has experience in hauling containers, so you can be sure that it is just like real-life! Or close, at least.

This mod does this by adding additional container subsets, which allows you to choose your container as an add-on.

9. SiSL’s Trailer Pack USA

SiSL’s Trailer Pack USA is a mod that adds over 100 trailer skins to the vehicles in traffic.

These high-quality skins represent the most prolific Logistics and Freight companies in the United States, giving you a feel of driving on the roads of the country. Here’s a challenge. See how many companies you recognize while driving around.

8. Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps Navigation brings another real-world element to the game, namely Google Maps. This mod simulates Google Maps navigation in the in-game navigation screen, making it feel a little closer to real life with the ubiquitous navigation interface of google.

The mod also changes the arrow and map icons to fit more with the google maps look.

7. Barn Find K100E

Barn Find K100e

The Barn Find K100E adds a paint job for the K100E to make it look like a “Barn Find.” Just like the Barn Find Mack R mod, this makes your trusty K100E look rusty, dirty, and well used, which is just how an old truck find would look like.

This might not be a style for everybody, but we really like the feel of an old relic still plying the good ‘ol USA roads. Match this with them rusty wheels and rusty trailer mods!

6. Dynamic Suspension & Realistic Steering with Keyboard

Dynamic Suspension & Realistic Steering with Keyboard is a bit of a mouthful, but it brings a lot of significant realism changes to your gameplay.

In addition, this mod improves the driving experience by bringing improvements to the suspension, brake, seat, and trailer systems.

This mod aims to implement realistic suspension, realistic braking, bumpier feeling roads, and better steering to the game.

5. Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks

Each player’s truck is their own, and they make them their own by customizing them to be unique, whether this is with the vanilla bits or community-made mods. You can never have too many choices with ATS.

Accessory Parts for SCS Trucks give you a lot of choices. The mod adds multiple accessory parts to customize most SCS trucks. There are many different parts and paint jobs added by this mod, giving players the power to pimp their ride however they want it.

4. DP’s Realistic Traffic

Dp's Realistic Traffic

DP’s Realistic Traffic brings another aspect of the road in real life to the game. Traffic. This mod brings realistic density and behavior to the traffic in-game.

The specific changes it makes include density based on day, more realistic proportions of vehicles (cars, trucks, buses), and more realistic traffic merging. This not only increases the density of the traffic but also the overall feel and flow of it.

3. Barn Find Mack R

Barn Find Mack R is a mod that adds a Mack R paint job that makes it look like an old “Barn Find,” which, if you didn’t know, means a classic vehicle that has been rediscovered often in a somewhat derelict condition.

Although it makes the truck look a little worse due to the wear and tear, we think it gives it many personalities and overall just looks cool. If you want to get a matte texture on your paint job, that’s also available!

2. Truck & Trailer Super Mega-Pak

If you weren’t spoilt for choice before, you would be with the Truck & Trailer Super Mega-Pak. This mod is a content pack that adds skins for all the default trucks and some modded ones.

The modded trucks that can be customized include the K100E and the Freightliner FLB. So be sure to check it out to really make your truck your own. They say you’re comfortable in your own skin, but we prefer to spice things up every day with a different skin.

1. Unleash the Beast

Unleash The Beast

Another accessory of a truck that can add a lot of character is a hood ornament! Unleash the beast adds some horn hood ornaments available for your truck giving your truck a nice rural American feel.

The hood ornaments included in this mod are American Milking Devon horns, Ankole-Watusi horns, Texas Longhorn horns, Texas Longhorn chrome horns, and the Texas Longhorn gold horns.

Spread fear among other drivers as you plow through the roads of the US, honking around and showing off your shiny hood ornament.

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