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Top 55 Best Rimworld Mods [2024]

Top 55 Best Rimworld Mods [2024]

RimWorld is a colony management simulation game with the inclusion of Science Fiction. Through intelligence and strategy, you have to ensure your survival in a new world.

Players begin with three other survivors of a shipwreck in a distant world.

After reaching a new world, they have to build a colony along with a bunch of colonists, each with his/her unique backstories and set of skills that are randomly generated through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Being a colonist in this game, you manage other colonists’ moods, needs, and addictions. Further the fun by adding these top 42 best mods for the game!

Best Rimworld Mods

55. Rational Romance 2

Rational Romance 2 is an update of the original RR mod that adds more romantic and relationship options to Rimworld.

The original Rational Romance Rimworld mod was a great addition to the game, providing more relationship options and activities for players to enjoy. However, there is always room for improvement.

The new RR 2 from the Steam Workshop is a major step forward, adding support for polyamory and giving culture a more significant role in the strategy game.

If you’re looking for a richer Rimworld experience over the base game, the Rational Romance 2 mod is an essential download.

It’s important to note that RR 1 and 2 have different creators; some players may prefer the scope of the original mod, which appears later in our list.

54. Questionable Ethics Enhanced (Qee)

Questionable Ethics Enhanced (qee)

QEE adds morally grey scientific activities to Rimworld.

Have you ever wished you could clone your favorite Rimworld colonist? Or maybe you’ve wanted to experiment with genetic manipulation to create the perfect pawn.

Well, now there’s a mod for that! Questionable Ethics Enhanced adds cloning and pawn manipulation to the game, giving you new ways to build your colony just like a sociopath mad scientist would

This updated version adds integration for the sci-fi colony sim’s ethics and ideology systems.

53. Mods Compatability Pack

Mods Compatability Pack

This pack contains support for a few popular mods and general, standalone changes to the base game that make mods work better.

One of the challenges of using mods is that they can often conflict with each other, causing errors and crashes.

That’s where the Mods Compatibility Pack comes in.

This mod adds compatibility between Rimworld and a selection of different mods, making it easier to use multiple mods together without experiencing conflicts.

In addition, the pack also includes several bug fixes and performance improvements that make it a good choice as a standalone download, too.

52. Augmented Vanilla – Firearms

Augmented Vanilla Firearms

Augmented Vanilla – Firearms adds new weapons, textures, sounds, and balance changes.

This mod adds 80 new types of firearms to the game, giving you plenty of new ways for your colonists to take down your enemies.

And with all textures being 1024×1024, you can be sure that your new guns will look great.

The Augmented Vanilla mod is also fully compatible with Combat Extended, so you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues as you play Rimworld.

51. M-13’s Wind Turbines

M 13's Wind Turbines

These new wind turbines generate more power than the default ones do.

This mod adds new wind turbines to the game that generate more energy, making it easier to keep your colonies running smoothly.

Even if you’re not a big fan of wind power, the extra energy production can make a big difference in the long run, and it’s definitely worth checking out so if you’re looking for a mod that will make your life in Rimworld a little bit easier, be sure to give M-13’s Wind Turbines a try.

50. Go Explore

Go Explore

Go Explore adds new Rimworld random events.

Go Explore is a mod for Rimworld that adds new random events like raiding ancient cities or finding abandoned spaceships.

The mod’s creator wanted to add a greater sense of adventure and exploration as gamers played the game. Each custom event is interesting narrative-wise and rewarding for your colony.

One of the great things about Rimworld is the sense of variety and exploration it offers. Every game is different, thanks to the random events that can occur.

This means that you never quite know what will happen next, and that’s a big part of the fun. We highly recommend any mod that enhances this unique quality.

49. Character Editor

Character Editor

This Character Editor mod allows players to customize their colony’s units.

This mod is essential for any Rimworld player who wants to customize their game experience.

With the Character Editor, you can change your colonists’ appearances to match your personal preferences.

You can also change their clothes and titles to give them a more unique look. In addition, the mod lets you change your colonists’ abilities to suit your goals better.

Whether you want to make your colonists better at gathering, fighting, or just look better, the Character Editor mod has you covered.

Mods like this are among the best Rimworld mods because of the level of control they give.

48. Sparkling Worlds

Sparkling Worlds

Enjoy Rimworld for many more hours with this mini-expansion called Sparkling Worlds.

Rimworld is a great game, but it can be challenging to keep things fresh after hundreds of hours of play.

That’s where mods come in. Sparkling Worlds is a mod that introduces several new advanced items, weapons, and buildings without deviating too much from the vanilla game.

The mod also includes somequality-of-life improvements involving crafting, storage, farm animals, and more.

Sparkling worlds is a great way to add some new spice to your Rimworld experience.

47. Mine to Exhaustion

Mine To Exhaustion

This mod makes it easier to target and collect particular ore resources.

Building up your base in Rimworld is a challenging and rewarding endeavor.

Mine to Exhaustion is a simple quality of life mod that makes the experience even smoother. It’s a great way to get a steady stream of resources without too much thought.

Best of all, it only considers adjacent tiles, which keeps it from revealing more information than a player should have access to, unlike some other mining mods.

Because of this, we don’t consider Mine to Exhaustion cheating.

46. Xenohumans – Gen-spliced Xenos on the Rim

Xenohumans Gen Spliced Xenos On The Rim

Xenohumans is a mod that adds four new vanilla-friendly races to Rimworld.

Each new race is based on the basic human colonist; each can be chosen as starter units.

Players will also encounter these newcomers later in the game as enemies, wanderers, or refugees. The new races include Designer Mates, Soldiermorphs, Wolfmen, and Scalemen.

We can’t understate the number of flavor Xenohumans’ races add to the base game without interfering with the classic Rimworld game flow, as if Rimworld could get any more replayable.

45. Hugslib


With the many mods for Rimworld out there, you have or will have encountered an issue with running multiple mods at a time.

The HugsLib mod fixes that by providing a database where mods can be run simultaneously without challenge.

This mod provides additional library controls, a log publisher, log window additions, and more. In fact, many mods for Rimworld require you to have HugsLib downloaded in order to function.

HugsLib is great for keeping your mods in one place, making it easy to sort, find and manage them. So, if you’re ready to download other mods from this list, make sure to download HugsLib first!

44. 1-2-3 Personalities

1 2 3 Personalities

Most great storytelling involves in-depth characters, and the 1-2-3 Personalities mod is the best way to add more organic flair to your Rimworld gameplay.

There are three modules included in this mod that affect gameplay without being too intrusive.

Basically, the point of this mod is to turn each colonist into a more unique character, including how they think, talk and behave.

This is done by the mod adding a multi-layered profile with approximately over one million combinations.

The creator states that this mod is loosely based on the Enneagram personality type system, which includes 16 primary personality types.

This mod also has add-ons, including an RPG alignment add-on that swaps the Enneagram personalities for D&D alignments.

43. Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

Expanded Prosthetics And Organ Engineering

This mod is the perfect addition for any player who wants the chance to create super-colonists with stronger sci-fi enhancements.

The Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering mod provides players with the ability to create artificial organs and custom prostheses.

You can research and craft advanced bionics and synthetic organs, which helps in times when organs go missing.

Some of the main features of this mod include crafting prostheses, new parts, upgrading bionics with new advanced parts, curing brain damage, and much more!

This mod is also vanilla game friendly and offers multiple language options, including German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and more.

42. Multiplayer

Multiplayer is one of the most exciting modsfor the game because it allows you to play the game with your friends.

Using this mod, you can go around and perform different war crimes along with the best people around you.

It is also compatible with Royalty and has almost 98 percent features except for the colony name.

This mod works with the 1.1 and 1.2 versions of RimWorld. You can play with as many players as you want in this mod; however, it is recommended by the mod creators not to do it with more than 8 players at a time.

41. Rf Rational Romance

Rf Rational Romance

These two keywords together, “rational” and “romance,” may look weird to you, but this is actually the name of a mod. 

RF Rational Romance allows you to develop romantic feelings and orientations among the pawns of the colony because we believe that a bit of intimacy can keep you motivated to play for hours.

Apart from romantic behavior, it also includes new traits and activities among the colonists, such as long walks as a date option for couples which helps them to improve their relationships and enhance intimacy.

It is compatible with the 1.2 version of RimWorld and makes you feel that love is indeed in the air.

40. Children, School and Learning

Children, School And Learning

This mod takes realism to another level within the game. Children, School, and Learning allow players to have kids and add pregnancies to the game.

However, this mod does not include realism as children are born like 15 years old, which is good and bad depending on how you look at things.

Birth control pills can also be crafted, and according to the drug policy of the game, one pill lasts for 5 days.

The newborn kids inherit many traits from their parents, but they also have random traits and passion.

You can build boards and tables where the children get the education and learn skills from the colonists giving you a realistic worldly feel.

Yes, education is important in-game because you want useful citizens and not those that only consume resources.

39. Vanilla Expanded

Vanilla Expanded

Vanilla Expanded is a collection of a wide range of mods in the game, which expands the game in all directions. This mod helps you to experienceRimWorld with a deeper and variety of experiences.

A lot of new content has been added in this mod, including expanded armor and weapons, new furniture, better plants and cooking, more animals, and many books.

This mod is a wonderful addition to the game, which has massively enhanced the gameplay allowing gamers to experience new interactions, great combat, and a new game look.

38. Blueprints


Constructing new buildings is a big hassle in RimWorld as it takes a lot of time and precision to build a building such as a home.

However, the Blueprints mod allows you to take the blueprints of already constructed buildings and create them much quicker.

Once you have built a building, you can take the blueprint of that, and if you want to produce a copy of that, you just have to click on the blueprint button and select your desired design.

Not only that, but it also allows you to change the wall color, wall material, and many other aspects of the building, giving you a customized feel at a fraction of the time spent.

37. Men’s Hair

Men's Hair

Sometimes the base game does not really do justice to the features of the characters in the game, and this mod aims to tackle just that.

You can use Men’s Hair to add new hairstyle options for the colonists.

Though there are many mods for adding new hairstyles, such as vanilla expanded, this mod has a new variety of hair colors and styles that you may want.

Apart from new hairstyles and hair colors, this mod offers you a wide range of facial hairstyles as well. Pop up a goatee or rock a sideburn.

Whichever you choose, we’re sure you’re going to have a blast customizing characters.

36. Animal Variety Coats

Animal Variety Coats

There are a lot of mods that are used to enhance the appearance, thinking, and behavior of your pawns.

However, Animal Variety Coats allow you to change the appearance of animals by giving them different shades so that they look different from each other.

In the base game, all the animals look the same. However, this mod helps you identify different animals by adding a new skin to them, giving the game many more colors and a bit of a personality.

If your players can change costumes, so can the animals!

35. Hospitality


The vanilla game sadly does not have any colonists interacting with each other. Moreover, you see visitors of other factions visiting your colony, workaround, and then go back to their homes.

There is no level of realism among the NPCs.

However, Hospitality looks to change all that. Gamers can develop relations and friendships with the visitors.

Using this mod, you can extend your friendship and hospitality to the visitors by offering them to join your faction, give them rooms and offer them beds.

Integrate it with the romantic mod and hubbahubba, things get heated quite fast.

34. Common Sense

Common Sense

RimWorld uses AI to control the pawns and colonists in the game, but the problem here lies that the pawns are not smart enough to figure out what should be done and what should not be.

Based on AI, they usually end up doing something that you don’t want them to do.

Common Sense fixes this problem as it adds a bundle of new actions you want them to perform, such as cleaning the room daily.

You can enable and disable their particular sense with just one click. The mod gives you more control and allows your keen sense of management to ensure compliance or lead to complete chaos.

33. Colony Leadership

Colony Leadership

This mod is a new addition to RimWorld, which gives this game a sense of realism. Using colony leadership, you can introduce an institution of leadership in the colony.

Once you activate this mod, your colony can either be a democracy where the people chose their leader or a dictatorship where one rules by fear and intimidation.

The leaders possess other qualities, such as inspiring others and affecting their moods. Leaders also have the ability to teach others so that the colony can be run in a better way.

Enjoy from the backseat and appraise the performance of the leaders as you see your empire grow.

32. Colony Manager

Colony Manager

Colony Manager allows gamers to appoint a manager for the colony who will make sure that you never get short on any resources.

You can assign different tasks to other colonists in this mod, such as forestry, collecting livestock, hunting, and production jobs, and they will work for you as a manager.

You can assign a task or set a condition in each area and never worry about manually organizing that department again.

This mod is fun to play as it gives you an experience of a powerful colony leader and tests your managerial skills.

31. Animals Tab

Animals Tab

In RimWorld, there are many sorts of animals; some are used as a pet while others are hunted. In either case, it is very important to have information about your animals.

Animals Tab allows you to keep the record of all your animals, such as name, life stage, age, gender.

You can easily track your chicken farm butchery designation by just clicking on the animals’ tab.

This mod also allows you to change the name of your pets as well! Give your pets a personality and a name while keeping tabs on your animals, ensuring they are well-fed and growing just like they should.

It’s not only about managing people, but animals are just as important.

30. Smart Speed

Smart Speed

While playing a simulation strategy game, some players get fed up with the game’s slow speed. Smart Speed mod allows you to fix the problem of slow time travel of the game.

Through this mod, you can add an icon of ultra-speed. By just right-clicking the icon, you can speed up the time and set the pace of the game yourself.

Using this mod, you can speed up the game by x2 and slow down the game by x0.5. You can also speed up events only if you’re tired of waiting.

29. Psychology


This is one of the best mods for the game. Game colonists don’t have any specific identity and independent personality in the base, nor do you even remember their name.

However, psychology mod gives the colonist a sense of depth.

It allows the colonists to interact with each other, discuss a number of topics, form opinions about others, and many more activities.

It adds a new set of relationships among the colonists, whether it is romantic or not, making the game more interesting and fun to witness.

28. Combat Extended

Combat Extended

Combat Extended mod totally changes the course of combat in the game. The vanilla percentage shooting is replaced by a ballistic model where bullets can fly in trajectory. The mod also rebalances the shields and armors.

A more graphically sound injury and blood are also introduced in this mod, making the game more gruesome yet interesting and exhilarating.

Combat extended is a mod for all those looking for some action in the empire.

27. Animals Logic

Animals Logic

This mod works for animals in a similar fashion as common sense works for humans. In short, animals logic inculcates a new set of behaviors in the animals.

It makes your animals smart enough to hunt for themselves, lay eggs, make their bed, and prevent them from eating random things.

This mod also gives you an option of medical emergency for animals through which you can determine which animal needs to be treated by the doctor.

Not only are the animals useful but they don’t need a whole lot of looking after.

26. Hunt for Me

Hunt For Me

We’ve been altering the behavior of colonists using mods, but what about animals? Hunt for Me alters the behavior of the animals and makes them more useful for you.

You have to train your animals how to hunt before they can do the hunting bit for you. Once trained, your animals will be able to hunt for you on their own.

This mod also gives you control over how predators will hunt. Normally predators hunt in the pack; however, they can hunt both individually and as a pack with this mod.

Moreover, some animals such as cats bring gifts for you. A gift for a leader, that’s what we gamers want, some appreciation in life.

25. Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Wall Lights mod allows you to decorate the building, such as your home in the colony, by making the walls colorful.

The lights directly fit in the wall, and it can also remove the need of using a bulb lamp that takes some space in your buildings.

You can use a different set of lights to enhance the beauty of your colony.

However, these lights are directly fitted in the wall, which means if the wall is destroyed so the light will be.

But on the bright side (see what we did there), you don’t need additional space for the lights.

24. Amazons Challenge

Amazons Challenge

Designed for women, the Amazons Challenge is a mod that allows only women of the Amazonians to live in the colony.

All men in the colony must be killed or banished. Men as visitors are allowed to visit the colony, but they are not welcomed to live in it or procreate.

If any woman (Amazon) engages in a relationship with men, she must be banished from the colony forever.

The mod takes this one step further by removing food and water for men, which can lead to their death if guests stay a bit longer.

You won’t have to worry about them dying from hunger because these tough women might get to them first.

23. Medieval Times

Medieval Times

Sometimes we can get bored of playing the same game with the same features, maps, quests, and more.

There are many mods in RimWorld that help you change the scenario and time of the gameplay.

Medieval Times are an example of that which changes all the items, clothes, homes and molds them into something from medieval times.

The mod also replaces modern weapons and shields with that of medieval times where you live in tribes and clans.

Now raise your spears and bows as your colonists embark on a medieval hunting expedition and much more.

22. The Survival Reality Show

The Survival Reality Show

If you are looking to have some extra fun and want to organize a reality show in RimWorld, so be it. 

The Survival Reality Show allows you to become a reality show producer, allowing you to take 10 colonists and host the show.

You help the contestants by guiding them about the drama, which will determine the elimination method.

After every 5 days, one contestant will be eliminated, and the top 2 will contest for the final round.

Yes, it’s fun, interesting, and worth looking into! We’ve never seen a mod quite like this.

21. Dubs Bad Hygiene

Dubs Bad Hygiene

In the base game of RimWorld, one thing is clearly missing, and that is toilets.

Dubs Bad Hygiene allows building a system of hygiene in the game. You have to create a sewerage and plumbing system in order for your colonists to clean.

Apart from sewage and toilet systems, this mod also provides additional features such as hot tubs, water irrigation, and bathing.

Improve the lifestyle of your colony and colonist by bringing in innovative water usage and implementing hygiene SOPs.

20. Realistic Rooms

Realistic Rooms

As colonists flock to a new world searching for a better life, they have certain expectations regarding their belongings, and room sizes are no exception.

Realistic Rooms allow you to make your room more realistic and compatible without upsetting the other colonists.

The mod brings a minimalistic feel to the game by ensuring smaller room sizes without compromising on the qualities of spacious rooms.

Yes, your colonists enjoy the feel of a minimalistic yet spacious room.

19. Start With Nothing

Start With Nothing

Born cold and naked, this mod makes the game really challenging. Start With Nothing sees your ship taken over by the AI.

All men are either killed or taken as captives, and the imprisoned humans are treated like slaves.

After getting tired of the situation, you formulate a plan to escape, eventually leading you to RimWorld, where you end up with nothing.

The mod introduces you to the cold reality of starting from the bottom. You need to be inventive, quick, and decisive to survive and create a colony to thrive.

18. A Rimworld of Magic

A Rimworld Of Magic

A RimWorld of Magic takes the combat system in the game to the next level. In this mod, 12 new magic classes and 6 new fighting classes are introduced, each with its own set of abilities and development.

The development tree of the classes can level up the class with the passage of time.

This mod also has some additional features such as gems crafting, magical building, and a separate magic faction.

You can even control the AI difficult according to your own comfort levels. It is fantastic to dwell in the world of magic.

17. Dark World

Dark World

If you are looking for a challenging scenario in the game, dark world is one of the best mods available.

In this mod, there is a scenario in which players were supposed to be in slumber for 2 decades in the hopes to witness a new tomorrow.

However, that never happens as the slumber system falters and players wake up after four centuries.

You don’t have your parents and elders with you to guide you, and you have to face a new world totally around you.

Build your colony under the dark eclipse as you struggle to get grips to reality with 5 colonists by your side.

16. Let’s Cook- A Breaking Bad Scenario

Let's Cook A Breaking Bad Scenario

If you like watching Breaking Bad, then this mod is definitely for you.

Just like the show, Let’s Cook- A Breaking Bad Scenario sees you working in a laboratory along with two other chemists who want to apply their advanced knowledge in a potential drug trade.

However, unlike the show, you can build your own go-juice empire.

But before that, before you can shower in wealth from the illicit drug trade, you need to gather resources and ensure you have an area where you can cook all this stuff to sell.

Addiction is bad so keep an eye out for potential druggies in your colonists trying to steal your product.

15. Randomplus


Add some suspense and excitement to the game with RandomPlus. The mod allows you to control some aspects of the pawns while taking others at random.

For example, if you want only to increase the fighting spirit of the pawns without disturbing other aspects, you can do it easily with it.

You can also set any aspect of the pawn according to your own liking in the game.

14. Interaction Bubbles

Death Rattle

If you ever check your social jog, you will find your colonists making conversation with each other.

Normally you miss these conversations as you are busy doing other stuff, and you can’t check your social jog at regular intervals.

However, using interaction bubbles, you can have all the messages on your screen wrapped in a bubble to not miss any interaction.

This feature can be added or removed anytime without disturbing your saved files.

13. Simple Sidearms

Simple Sidearms

If you want your pawns to carry more than one weapon at a time, get Simple Sidearms.

The mod allows you and your pawns to carry a melee and a fire gun at the same time. It also increases the inventory space for you.

During combat, your pawns can face different scenarios in which they will need a hybrid set of weapons to fight.

In these conditions, this mod is perfect. It not only increases the capacity to carry more weapons but also makes the combat more dynamic.

12. Death Rattle

Death Rattle

Those who have played RimWorld would be familiar that it takes a lot of time and hard work to train the pawns and develop good relations with them.

Combating in RimWorld can be very dangerous, and it takes only one lucky shot to permanently eliminate any of your pawns because some injuries are very lethal.

That unlucky pawn can be your favorite one, and losing him can be very tragic for you. However, adding Death Rattle mod allows rescuing any of your pawns instantly.

It will add a doctor window to your screen, and in any such situation, you just have to click on the window icon in order to save your pawn from dying.

11.Worldedit 2.0

Worldedit 2.0

This mod of RimWorld helps you create an entirely new world of your own. Whether you want to change the temperature, biome, or rainfall, all are available in the WorldEdit 2.0.

Not only that, but you can also change the type of rocks, mountains, and caves.

The mod also enables you to create or delete a river of your own choice, roads as you like, as well as factions on the map.

You can also choose and name a leader in the newly created faction.

In addition to that, this mod also helps you to create or delete settlements and choose a fraction for the settlement and your own objects on the map, such as bandit camps and item stash.

In short, you live in a world created by yourself like Shakespeare in a play!

10. Pick Up and Haul

Pick Up And Haul

Its working is very similar to simple sidearms. Picking up a single item not only makes your pawns less efficient but also irritating to watch them work at such a slow pace.

As simple sidearms allow the pawns to have multiple weapons at a time, the Pick Up and Haul mod allow the pawns to have as many items in their inventory as they want.

This mod provides a lot of conveniences as it increases the efficiency of your pawns and streamlines hauling in the game.

9. Save Our Ship 2

Save Our Ship 2

The goal of Vanilla RimWorld is to make a ship and travel far from the planet in space. However, Save Our Ship 2 allows us to expand the gameplay by adding a twist in the game.

In this game, you have to build a spaceship yourself, take colonists with yourself in the ship, and add some mandatory items.

It doesn’t end there as you have to travel to distant worlds in the ship, leaving your colony behind in the hands of factions that are your ally.

During your travel in space, you will have encounters with other ships, and you even have to combat with some of them.

But if you’re tired of all that, you can go back to your colony anytime because the heart belongs at home at the end of the day.

8. Z-levels Beta

Z-Levels Beta

While landing on new land, you have ambitions to construct multi-story buildings; however, that is impossible in the vanilla game as you can build only a single-story building.

Z-Levels Beta mod is in beta stages, so expect to have some bugs, but it’ll be sorted out soon. But what does it do?

The mod helps you to construct additional floors underground or above the ground to expand the storage.

Moreover, it will also have 3D mountain ranges along with a defense and storage system and more efficient buildings to ensure the survival of your colony.

7. Edb Prepare Carefully

Edb Prepare Carefully

Some people might get frustrated at the start as you have very low capabilities to build a colony, a few reserves for spending, and untrained pawns in your colony.

Other factions can easily attack you as your colonist does not even know how to hold a knife.

This makes the game a little difficult for the amateurs.

However, EDB Prepare Carefully gives you a head start by allowing you to customize the attributes of your character and other colonists.

You can set the capabilities according to the difficulty you feel comfortable playing.

6. Pharmacist


To enhance the gameplay of RimWorld, there are many mods available that can change the features, capabilities, and behavior of your pawns and animals.

However, Pharmacist allows you to change the course of medication in your colony.

By enabling this mod, you will be able to administer the doctors of your colony.

It also changes the way the doctors in your colony manage the injured by adding 4 different levels to it.

You can also set the amount of medicine or the maximum amount one colonist can get from the supplies so that you can easily manage the medical supplies.

5. Grim Reality

Grim Reality

In the game, the behavior of characters is based on AI. However, despite several successes, the mood of the colonists keeps on fluctuating, which really makes no sense at all.

They keep on trying for a partner despite getting rejected several times romantically.

Also, let’s not forget how the intelligent doctors who save their lives get verbally abused due to their ungrateful behavior.

However, grim reality gives you a sense of realism in the game. Your pawns and colonists are more likely to behave like humans using this mod.

They move on from partners and are more grateful for what they have besides many other things.

4. Color-coded Mood Bar

Color Coded Mood Bar

Those who have played the base mod of the game would be familiar that managing the mood of the colonists is a crucial part of the game.

Color-Coded Mood Bar allows you to check the mood of each pawn based on the color.

If the color is red on the bar, it indicated that the particular pawn is in extreme mental break threshold, the orange indicates the pawn is in major mental break threshold, the yellow color indicates the pawn is under minor break threshold, while the blue color indicates that your pawn is not under any mental break threshold.

Monitor your pawns easily and efficiently with this mod.

3. Hangover From Hell

Hangover From Hell

With Hangover From Hell mod, you have a great challenge ahead as you wake up with four other colonists who are also experiencing hangover like you and don’t remember anything that happened last night.

Except for brewing, there are no technologies, and you have to survive this along with 4 other pawns.

All characters in this mod have 80 percent chances of starting with the trait of chemical interest.

Develop your passion for brewing with this gem.

2. Run and Gun

Run And Gun

Pawns can’t move while shooting, which makes the combat a little boring. However, by enabling the Run and Gun mod, your pawns will be able to shoot and move at the same time.

This is a little addition to the base mod, but it has drastically changed the course of battle and combat in the game.

1. Rimatomics


Rimatomics is a great addition to the game. It allows you to build and operate nuclear plants in the game.

It also adds custom research systems that guide you regarding the technology step by step.

Once installed, you will be able to operate the nuclear reactors and make different weapons from them, such as railguns, high-energy lasers, and even flippin’ tesla coils. How cool is that?!

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Colt 1911 Government 45 ACP Full-Size Pistol with Brushed Stainless Finish Colt Silver Stallion Single Action Army 45 Colt Revolver with Nickel Finish and 2-Piece Walnut Grip Colt Anaconda 44 Mag Revolver Stainless Double Action Colt Police Positive 38 Police Trade-In Revolver Colt Army Special 32-20 WCF Police Trade-In Revolver (Manufactured in 1917) Colt M4 5.56mm Enhanced Patrol Rifle CR6920 Series Colt 1911 Gold Cup Lite 45 ACP Stainless Pistol with Blue G10 Grips Colt 1911 Classic 45 ACP Stainless Pistol with Wood Grips Colt Government 1911 Classic Series 45 ACP Full-Size Pistol with Royal Blue Finish Colt Government Model 380 ACP Police Trade-in Pistol Colt Pocket Positive 32 SW Police Trade-In Revolver Colt AR-15 5.56mm Retro Carbine with Pinned Flash Hider, 4-Position Stock and Flat Black Finish (1 of 500) Colt 1911 Heritage .38 Super Full-Size Stainless Pistol with Custom Scroll Engraving Colt 1911 Heritage .38 Super Full-Size Blued Pistol with Custom Scroll Engraving Beretta BU9 Nano Beretta Nano FDE Frame Beretta Nano RE Blue Frame Beretta Nano Rosa Frame Beretta Nano Sniper Grey Frame 1301 Comp 1301 Comp Pro 1301 Tactical 1301 Tactical FDE 1301 Viper Beretta 1301 Tactical Marine Beretta 1301 Tactical OD Green Beretta 1301 Tactical Pistol Grip LE Beretta A400 Xtreme PLUS Kryptek Wraith Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Mossy Oak Bottomland Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Realtree Timber Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus Synthetic Beretta A400 Xtreme PLUS True Timber DRT Beretta APX Beretta APX Carry Black Beretta APX Carry FDE Beretta APX CARRY ODG Beretta APX Carry Wolf Grey Beretta APX Centurion Beretta APX Centurion Combat Beretta APX Centurion FDE Beretta APX Centurion RDO Beretta APX Combat Beretta APX Compact Beretta APX Compact FDE Beretta APX FDE Beretta APX RDO Beretta APX Target Beretta M9A3 FDE and Black Beretta M9A3 Black and Green Beretta M9A3 Black and Gray Beretta M9A1_22 Beretta M9_22LR Beretta 96A1 Beretta 92G Brigadier Volunteer Beretta 92FSR_22 Suppressor Ready Kit Beretta 21 A Bobcat Beretta 21 A Bobcat Inox Beretta 92FSR_22 Sniper Grey Beretta M9A3 Green and Black Beretta Px4 Compact FDE Beretta Px4 Compact Grey Beretta Px4 Storm Carry Beretta Px4 Storm Compact Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Carry Beretta Px4 Storm Full Beretta Px4 Storm Inox Beretta Px4 Storm SD Type F Beretta Px4 Storm SubCompact Beretta U22 Neos Beretta U22 Neos Inox for sale Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12 GA 26″ Realtree Max-5 Shotgun 10307 Benelli M2 Field 12GA 3″ 26″ GORE Optifade Timber 3+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 11146 Benelli M1014 Limited Edition 12ga 3″ 18.5″ Black 5+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 11701 Benelli ETHOS 20GA nickel-plated satin walnut 28″ Shotgun 10472 Sako TRG 22 308 20″ Green Folding Stock Phosphate Metal Finish Rifle JRSW616 Sako 85/S LH 6.5 Creedmoor Carbonlight NS DM SS BUSA 20.4″ 1:8″ Rifle JRSCF202482 Sako 85 Finnlight 300 WSM Receiver Size SM 24.5″ Barrel 1:11″ Twist Rifle JRSFL41 Sako 85 Classic 6.5 Creedmoor 24″ 1:8 Twist Rifle JRSCL82 Beretta A400 Xcel Multitarget Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 BE.S.T. 12 GA 26″ Synthetic Black 12101 Benelli ETHOS Field 28GA 26″ Satin Walnut Silver Engraved Progressive comfort Shotgun 10480 Benelli Ultra Light 20GA Satin Walnut 10803 Benelli Nova Pump Shotgun Black synthetic 20003 Benelli SuperNova 12GA 26″ Black synthetic Shotgun 20105 Benelli M2 Field 20GA 3″ 26″ Realtree Max-5 3+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 11098 Benelli M2 Field 20GA 3″ 26″ Realtree Max-5 3+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 11098 Sako 85 Classic 6.5 Creedmoor 24″ 1:8 Twist Rifle JRSCL82 Sako 85 Finnlight 300 WSM Receiver Size SM 24.5″ Barrel 1:11″ Twist Rifle JRSFL41 Sako 85/S LH 6.5 Creedmoor Carbonlight NS DM SS BUSA 20.4″ 1:8″ Rifle JRSCF202482 Sako TRG 22 308 20″ Green Folding Stock Phosphate Metal Finish Rifle JRSW616 Benelli M2 Field 12GA 3″ 28″ Realtree Max-5 LH 3+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 11121 Sako 85 Carbon Wolf .30-06 24″ 1:11″ Like New Demo Rifle JRSCW320 Sako 85 Finnlight II 243 Win Receiver Size S 20.4″ Barrel 1:10″ Twist Cerakote Tungsten Rifle JRSF315 Benelli ETHOS 20GA nickel-plated satin walnut 28″ Shotgun 10472 Benelli M1014 Limited Edition 12ga 3″ 18.5″ Black 5+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 11701 Benelli Montefeltro 20 Gauge 26″ Satin Walnut Shotgun 10866 Benelli 828 U 12 gauge 26″ AA grade walnut blue anodized receiver progressive comfort Shotgun 10701 Benelli 828 U 12 gauge 26″ grade walnut nickel engraved receiver progressive comfort Shotgun 10703 Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 12ga 3″ 26″ Max-5 3+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 10306 Benelli ETHOS SuperSport 12ga 3″ 28″ Carbon Fiber Nickel-Plated Receiver 4+1 Semi-Auto Shotgun 10631 Benelli Performance Shop ETHOS SuperSport 12ga 3″ 30″ Semi-Auto Shotgun 10652 Sako 85 Grey Wolf 6.5 Creedmoor 22.4″ Rifle JRS2C82 Sako S20 Hunter .300 Win Mag 24″ Bbl 1:11″ Rifle JRS20H331 Benelli R1 Rifle .30-06 Black Synthetic 11771 Beretta A300 Outlander Synthetic Mallard Beretta A400 Xcel Multitarget Beretta U22 Neos Inox for sale Beretta M9A3 Green and Black Beretta Px4 Storm SubCompact Beretta 692 Xtrap Beretta A300 Outlander Mossy Oak Shadowgrass Blades camo Beretta A300 Outlander Camo Turkey Beretta APX Target Beretta APX RDO Beretta APX Compact FDE Beretta Nano Sniper Grey Frame Beretta BU9 Nano beretta 691 sporting benelli m2 vs m4 benelli ethos vs beretta a400 beretta 96a1 benelli nova vs supernova benelli m4 collapsible stock benelli r1 problems 92x performance review beretta u22 neos review benelli nova accessories benelli 828u review benelli ethos problems beretta a400 xtreme plus review beretta 92x performance review benelli montefeltro silver featherweight super black eagle 3 price berreta 92fs baretta 92s baretta m9a3 beretta u22 berreta 92 baretta m9 benelli r1 review m2 super 90 baretta m9 berreta nano beretta a300 benelli 12101 beretta neos benelli m2 vs m4 a400 xtreme plus synthetic sako trg 22 reviews benelli 828u vs browning 725 super black eagle 3 reviews benelli ethos review benelli supernova accessories benelli montefeltro camo 92fs fusion benelli montefeltro camo 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