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Top 12 Best No Mans Sky Mods [2024]

Top 12 Best No Mans Sky Mods [2024]

An exploration-survival game, No Mans Sky is one of the largest open-world games to be ever created. With hundreds of planets, each having its own biomes, gamers can explore the unknown, have an encounter with different species, and learn to survive.

Criticized for procedural generation limitations (something the game uses to create elements like planets), mods are a perfect way to go beyond what the vanilla game offers. Here is a list of the best No Mans Sky mods that will completely immerse you and provide you endless fun.

Best No Mans Sky Mods

12. No Teleporter

No Teleporter

The teleporters are a great way to planet jump and save on time when reaching your objectives; however, having teleporters in-game takes that immersion element away.

No teleporter is a mod that converts all teleporters in the game to save points, ensuring that gamers travel to planets and reach their objectives without having to use teleportation (by using their spaceship). This makes the game more immersive as players can experience traveling within the game; how cool is that?!

11. Better Planet Generation

Sick and tired of visiting the same old planets and need something new and exciting. Better planet generation creates around 40 new planets with different regions on the planet that you can explore, giving you more places to wander around and try your luck.

There are different biome variations, including more than 10 dead biomes. With this mod, you’ll have a total of 163 planets in the game. That’s more than double the current number of planets in the vanilla game.

 10. Trainer Plus 25

Every mod list should include a trainer mod, and this one is no exception. Sometimes a game can be more challenging than you expected and a trainer plus 25 mod makes you the king of the hill in No Mans Sky.

This trainer mod allows gamers to have an infinite shield, infinite health, infinite arms and ammunition, and anything else you can think of. Even if the game is not challenging enough, these trainer mods make the game a lot more fun for a while. Fly around the planets and wreak havoc in GTA style.

9. HD Clouds 1.2

Hd Clouds 1.2

Graphical enhancements are a category of mod that everyone look towards as it improves the visual experience of a game making it as realistic as possible. HD clouds 1.2 is no different. If you pay close attention to the clouds in No Mans Sky, you will realize that it they don’t match, their resolution is lower, and there is unusual tilting to the clouds.

With this mod, the clouds are 4 times better than what you find in the base game. The mod ups the cloud’s resolution to 4K, making the clouds around the planets as realistic as possible. No more mismatching clouds that throw your game off!

8. Big Things 5

You’re on a different planet, and what is the first thing you realize? The trees, rocks, plants, and other environmental obstacles are all the same sized. How is this possible? How can a tree be the same size on different planets?

Make planets livelier and more different with largescale plantations with big things 5. With the mod activated, walk around the forest and completely disappear in large trees, shrubs and plants. You will slowly notice and feel part of the world as you move across the planet and its different biomes.

7. Faster Analysis

Don’t you feel that the analysis visor takes more time than it should? C’mon, it’s a game with the machine doing your analysis, not financial statements and an underpaid accountant.

The faster analysis will have you rejoice at the new and upgraded analysis visor, which is now much faster than before. Using technology saves time, and faster analysis allows you to save time with the instant analysis done by the improved visor.

6. Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building

Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building

Base building is one of the best aspects and the worst in the game. Best because you get to build your base the way you want it, and worst, it’s almost impossible to construct anything the way you want. “Invalid position” becomes your enemy.

Exosolar’s beyond base building alters the game building script, ensuring you can place any object or item anywhere you want without the “invalid position” popping up every second. You can rotate parts according to your needs, and foundations and pavements can be placed anywhere.

5. Black Space 1.8 for Vision

Ever wanted to experience the space dream? The unending dark landscape can give you shivers, and black space 1.8 for vision will let you experience the space dream that you always wondered about.

The stars can easily be seen through the nebulae, the sky lighting is fixed, and star sizes have been altered to make it look real and diverse. The mod has three different variants a pure black version, black space, darker space catering to all types of space dreamers.

4. Fast Actions 2.9

Fast Actions 2.9

The game is very interesting and intuitive; however, gamers have to hold the click for a moment longer to perform an action when it comes to clicks.

With fast actions 2.9, gamers no longer have to hold the click for a second longer to perform an action, but a single click is more than enough and satisfying too. The clicks are applicable on menu selection, entering ship, gathering small plants, and more. The list keeps on updating.

3. Deep Space V2

Contrast and immersion did perfectly well with the deep space V2 mod. The mod reduces the noise in the sky, reduces landscape fog for clear dark skies, increases cloud textures, very dark space, and more.

The mod recreates the space and sky like it is, creating an immersive experience that shouldn’t be missed. No Mans Sky, more like No Childs Sky with this bad boy of a mod.

2. Lowflight V3.1

The flying limitations in No Mans Sky restrict gamers from flying their spacecraft close to the ground. The spacecraft can’t go downwards or hover near the ground, which can be quite a hassle.

LowFlight V3.1 is a mod that enables your spacecraft to fly as close to the ground as possible. You can even go underwater or hover around while enjoying the views and the landscape. It is one of the greatest mods in the game for adventurers out there.

1. Reduced Launch Cost 1.5

It takes a hell of lot of resources to generate enough fuel for a launch. Resource collection can take a lot of time which you can put to good use if only there was a way to reduce the launch cost. Luckily for you, reduced launch cost 1.5 mod is an adventurer’s halo.

The mod brings the launch cost down to a tenth. There are three versions of it. You can either eliminate the launch cost completely, bring it down to 5% or have it stay at 10%. Many might prefer to keep a bit of challenge and stick to 10%. However, 0% can have you traveling to planets and mock Space X and Blue Origin from there. Check it out.

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