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Top 18 Best Terraria Mods [2022]

Top 18 Best Terraria Mods [2022]

Terraria is a 2-D sandbox action-adventure game developed by ReLogic, where you explore a beautifully stylish, procedurally generated world.

First released in 2011, Terrariacarved out a niche for itself in the open-world survival adventure genre. By 2020, Terraria had sold more than 35 million copies. That’s quite a lot, and that means that millions of people have their own unique experiences of the game.

After 10 years, though, it could help to spice up the old experience with some community-made mods. These can range from just minor quality of life improvements and shiny new content to a completely overhauled game.

Take your adventures just a few steps further with the mods on this list, arranged in no particular order.

Best Terraria Mods

18. Boss Checklist

Boss Checklist

Terraria is an expansive game that requires a lot of grinding and traveling, which makes it easy to lose track of which bosses you have already defeated.

This Boss Checklist provides you with a list of the various bosses that can be opened in-game so that you can check off which bosses you have defeated. Since the bosses can also be fought out of order, keeping track can be difficult.

This mod removes the step of having to look up the bosses for every playthrough or writing them down several times over. The Boss Checklist mod is also compatible with other mods.

17. Ore Excavator

Ore Excavator

This handy mod is the successor to VeinMiner, a discontinued mod that has been merged with Ore Excavator.

The Ore Excavator mod was created to improve the grind of Terraria’s mining system, allowing the player to mine and perform tile manipulation all at once. While this mod is still in alpha, meaning there might be some bugs from time to time, there are plenty of features.

Features of this mod include multiplayer support, auto-swing, configurable controls and settings, and the ability to mine adjacent tiles and walls.So, this mod is still technically VeinMiner, but this mod is designed for Terraria 1.4!

16. Terrasavr


Unlike other mods, this isn’t a tool that you have to download, as Terrasavr is completely web-based!

Aside from being easy to access, Terrsavr is a mod that allows you to upload your character information and mess around with the inventory. Basically, Terrasavr is a tool for manipulation, in which is provides players with the ability to add items.

With this mod, you can add items to the inventory, add enchantments and buffs to items, and alter your characters’ traits. Terrasavr is especially helpful in times when you feel stuck or you need that one item that feels impossible to get.

15. TModLoader


Before actually getting into downloading any mods,  you will need to make sure to get tModLoader.

TModLoader is an open-source mod manager to make the Terraria modding experience as smooth and painless as possible.

After we saw the release of Journey’s End, The Mod loader has been officially recognized and supported by the Terraria developers at ReLogic and is now available to download on Steam as a free DLC for the game.

14. Recipe Browser

Recipe Browser

Making the game a little less cumbersome is always welcome. Recipe browser does just that and makes your guide obsolete.

It provides a system to search and filter recipes by different categories allowing you to see the exact ingredients needed at a glance.

It’s a small change but a very significant one, streamlining the game quite a bit.

13. Extensible Inventory

Extensible Inventory

One thing that can get annoying for players of Open-world adventure games is limited inventory space. Extensible Inventory gives the players an inventory that can be endlessly increased in capacity.

The mod does exactly as it says in the name, it adds extra space in your character’s backpack and saves you long treks to resupply while exploring or doing a boss run. With this mod, you never run dry of supplies!

12. Cool Merchant – Less Grinding

Cool Merchant Less Grinding

Cool Merchant is a mod that looks to cut back on the Terraria grind by implementing a traveling merchant that has the chance to sell ingredients to certain rare items like the cell phone, the Ankh Shield, and the Sandstorm in a Bottle. T

The merchant spawns with a 50% chance of selling one of the ingredients for the items mentioned. You can use those ingredients and your crafting ability to create some fantastic rare items in the game.

11. Calamity


Calamity is in a similar vein to Thorium. It is a content pack adding a whole host of new items, enemies, bosses, and more!

It has more than 1800 new items, almost 300 new enemies, 6 whole new biomes, 24 new bosses, and 6 yes, 6 new biomes!

It makes some adjustments and many vanilla items, trying to make the overall game more balanced and making some items that initially couldn’t be crafted craftable.

It also provides a new layer of challenge with 5 new difficulty modes to test your skills for veteran players!

10. Terrafirma


Part of the fun of Terraria is the adventuring. Sometimes, however, you just want to know where to go beforehand to save time.

Terrafirma is a community-made mapping tool for Terraria. This tool allows you to view the entire world map loaded into a particular save.

The mod lets you zoom and pan around your map and even save it as a PNG file for viewing again later. This is a great tool to help you build a strategy offline before you start gaming.

9. Magic Storage

Magic Storage

Organizing a large hoard of loot and stuff can be tedious, moving from chest to chest finding everything you need.

Magic Storage helps cut down on this by offering a one size fits all solution to all your storage needs.

It is a mod that lets you create a central storage network allowing you to store and access all your things.

The magic storage is available very early on but remains balanced by being of limited use at first, but allowing you to upgrade it as you progress along with the game, adding more functions and increasing capacity.

8. Thorium


Terraria has a lot of stuff to do and collect. But after 10 years of playing, despite new things added in updates and expansions, a lot of us want more. Thorium looks to deliver.

Thorium is a content pack that looks to inject massive amounts of new armor, weapons, items, NPC’s, and of course, Bosses to Terraria.

Among the added content listed is 2300 new items, 55 whole new armor sets, 180 new enemies, 250 new blocks and furniture, 10 new town NPCs, 11 New Bosses, and even a new Biome, the Aquatic Depths!

Thorium works with the TmodLoader, which makes things a lot easier to manage.

7. Luiafk


Luiafk adds a bunch of different items in their infinite versions making the game much less of a hassle resource-wise. It even has combinable versions to save on inventory space.

Again, a bit of a cheat, but it’s a good option for a casual playthrough allowing you to have almost every resource at your disposal.

6. Tremor


Tremor is another mod similar to Thorium and Calamity, adding lots of content to this great game, but with its unique spin on it.

In essence, Tremor is a content pack that adds items, bosses, NPCs, Invasions, and even a new Biome.

It even has the Glacier that spawns inside the snow biome and has its own new mobs and loot. 

In total, this expansive content pack contains 1600 new items, 21 new bosses, and even some new soundtracks for you to sink your teeth into, adding a host of new things to experience.

5. Super Terraria World

Super Terraria World

Super Terraria World is sort of like Nterraria as it implements many new RPG mechanics but takes it to another level. It is a mod that is meant to be a massively multiplayer online role-playing overhaul mod.

The mod brings into the game a massive map beyond what the vanilla game is capable of, opening the door to even more exploration!

In addition, it implements RPG mechanics like Skills, Quests, and NPCs and is constantly updated thanks to its popularity.

4. The Legend of Zelda – A Link to Terraria

The Legend Of Zelda A Link To Terraria

The great thing about mods is that you can make the game exactly how you want. Even make it a different game! Well, Sort of… The Legend of Zelda – A Link to Terraria is a mod that lets you play as Link from the Legend of Zelda series and implements a new map of Hyrule with unique locations.

The mod is a must for all those Zelda fans, and it even comes with 9 completely unique dungeons inspired by the games in the Legend of Zelda franchise.

It is optimized for a completely vanilla Terraria, and you can even play with friends in a party of 4.

3. NTerraria


Ever wish that Terraria was more like an RPG? Well, NTerraria does just that. It is a mod that implements many RPG mechanics into the game.

These include Classes, Races, an A-leveling system, NPC companions, and even a whole new Questing system.

Terraria is already a huge time sink, but NTerraria pushes it a bit further by letting you role-play a character and interact more with the world.

2. Dragon Ball Terraria

Dragon Ball Terraria

Dragon Ball Terraria is a mod that looks to bring the Dragon ball world into Terraria.

Some of these features include Ki that you can charge with a hotkey to fill up your bar, and a whole new set of weapons based on Ki.

It even has Chargeable beam weapons! Feel just like Goku as you blast your enemies away with transformations that give you massive boosts in power in multiple stages.

It has a superb flight system and even the seven Dragon balls themselves. It doesn’t get any cooler than this!

1. Terraria Overhaul

Terraria Overhaul

Terraria Overhaul is a simple-sounding mod name, but don’t let that fool you. This is a huge mod that adds many new gameplay mechanics and completely revamps some existing ones.

Some of the vanilla mechanics that have been tweaked include all Combat (melee, ranged, and magic).

The new mechanics added include Seasons, Dodge Rolling, Wall Jumps, Climbing, Weakness and Resistance System, and many more.

It also adds lots of aesthetic flourishes like new sounds, emotes, and blood effects making the whole game more interactive and alive.