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What Is the Best Gaming Mouse Bungee?

What Is the Best Gaming Mouse Bungee?

If you like gaming without limits, a gaming mouse bungee will prevent that oh-so annoying mouse wire from dragging, allowing you the maximum amount of freedom of movement for even bigger gaming fun.

These little devices will secure the wire of your computer mouse, preventing the cable from tangling while you play. Inexpensive and incredibly useful, a mouse bungee could be the added extra that you never even knew you needed.

What Is a Mouse Bungee?

Small but perfectly formed, a mouse bungee is simply a device that secures the wire of your computer mouse, preventing the cable from tangling while you play. Simply hook the cord onto the mouse and enjoy friction-free, gaming as your mouse glides effortlessly over your desktop.

A clutter-free desk with lots of room to move around can give you a competitive edge when it comes to gaming, which is why a mouse bungee is the ultimate laptop accessory to keep your mouse cable out of the way while increasing your range of movement.

Why Buy a Mouse Bungee?

Buying a mouse bungee is a very small investment that can make a big difference to your gaming experience. Advantages of these useful little devices include:

A Clean and Tidy Desk for Better Gaming

Unnecessary cables and other bits of kit can get in the way while you are gaming. A mouse bungee will hold your mouse cable in place and prevent it from getting in your way. Wave goodbye to cluttered gaming areas, and enjoy a tidy space in which to battle imaginary foes.

Keep Your Movement Smooth and Consistent

A mouse bungee will move with you, not against you. You will always have the exact length of cable that you need to play efficiently. This freedom can transform your corded mouse into one that feels exactly like a wireless one.

Do Away With Friction and Drag

Mouse cables – especially braided ones – can drag as they move across your workspace. This causes friction, which can slow down your razor-sharp responses, which could have a detrimental effect on your gaming.

Bottom Line
Using a bungee mouse keeps the cord suspended in the air, which in turn reduces any drag or resistance that the cord might create.

Enjoy Useful Little Extras

Some super-useful mouse bungee devices can also come with additional features such as USB ports or SD card slots. These are great for charging your phone, plugging in accessories, and offering extra storage. You may pay more for a mouse bungee with extras, but it will offer you a whole load of features in one small and tidy package.

Things To Consider With a Mouse Bungee

Because not all mouse bungees are created equal, there are some things you should consider before you buy. These include:

The Size of Your Mouse Bungee

Keep in mind that these are designed to help keep your desk or gaming area clutter-free, so you won’t want some massive additional bit of kit on there. Most mouse bungees are pretty compact anyway, with the most basic being just a few inches tall. If you opt for one with additional accessories, they may take up a tiny bit more room, but not so much as to be an issue.

How Stable Is It?

This is important as you do not want it suddenly falling over or pinging off the desk mid gameplay. Whichever bungee you go for, stability is key. Look for models that offer a non-slip bottom and a weighty base, as it will be far more useful to you if it can remain stable under actionable movement.

Will It Work With Your Existing Mouse?

Obviously, one of the most important characteristics of a mouse bungee is that it works with the mouse you have purchased it for. The cable will need to fit in the bungee; otherwise, there is absolutely no point in having it!

Hot Tip
Before you buy, do your research and check out reviews from other users just to be sure that it is compatible with your existing mouse.

Does It Need to Do Anything Else?

Some models are just there to keep your mouse cable tidy, while others offer additional features such as USB ports, SD card slots, and even fancy mood lighting. These are great if you need them, but not necessary if you don’t. Take your pick.

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A Great Little Mouse Bungee for Gaming on the Go

Cougar Gaming Cgr-xxnb-MB1 Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee

Designed for gamers who want to enjoy fully responsive gaming and increased accuracy without the restrictions of a dragging cord, the Cougar Bunker is an excellent investment for serious gamers.

With a flexible arm and a colloid suction pad that provides incredible levels of steadiness even on slightly uneven surfaces, this bungee will keep your cord in place at all times. You can game on safe in the knowledge that the cord will not get in the way of your mouse while you play, become tangled up, or look messy and unsightly in your gaming area.

This particular bungee also offers an ultra-compact base that won’t take up much space either. Weighing in at just 85 grams and featuring an incredibly compact design, you can even take this little bit of kit with you when your game away from home.

Compact but Effective – A Great Bungee for All Gamers

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2: Drag-free Wired Mouse Support

If you want to improve your precision gaming, this mouse bungee has been designed to eliminate cable tangling while you play. Keep your desk tidy and your game on point, with this clever little gadget that allows for full freedom of movement.

Offering a drag-free cord control up to 3.2 mm, this mouse bungee will enhance your gaming experience tenfold. The rust-resistant spring arm will help you to take on any game with confidence, knowing that your mouse cord won’t drag or cause friction, slowing you down when every second matters.

With a weighted base for added stability and anti-slip feet to keep the bungee mouse stable, this compact gadget will change the way that you game forever. Weighing just 8.6 ounces and standing no more than 4.5 inches high, it is also completely portable for gaming on the go.

Using Magnets, Not Magic, This Bungee Will Keep Your Cables Tidy

Thermaltake TT Esports Galeru Magnetic Detachable Head Gaming Mouse Bungee

With an innovative design, the head of the Galeru mouse bungee is held in place with the clever use of magnets, keeping in incredibly stable at all times. The non-slip base will hold it in place, and the compact design will take up hardly any space on your gaming station.

Weighing just 7.5 ounces and measuring no more than 4.5 inches, this is an incredibly compact piece of kit that will change up your gaming station or computer desk for the better. Reduce drag and friction, while keeping your cable tidy, with this uniquely designed gaming mouse bungee.

By simply tucking your mouse cable into the rubberized hook feature, you will always have the exact length of cable that you need without your mouse cable getting stuck on the edge of the mouse cable or in your way while you game.

Innovative and Intelligent Design for Better Gameplay

Casethrone Mouse Bungee Device for Esports Fps Game

Offering an intelligent, three-stage design, this mouse bungee will firmly grasp your mouse cable, preventing it from getting in your way while you game. Made from hard silicone, and with an incredibly useful anti-slip base, this mouse bungee has a heavy-duty design that is built to last.

Offering superior cable management capabilities, the hook is scaleable, allowing you to adjust the length of your mouse cable to suit your gaming needs. With a hard-silicone top, you can enjoy customizable control of your mouse cable to completely enhance your gaming experience.

Weighing just 8.8 ounces and measuring no more than 4 inches tall, this mouse bungee is made to play with both at home and away, while keeping your gaming area clutter-free and far more efficient.

Excellent Organization With Additional Usb’s, Card Slots and More

Enhance Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder With 4 Port USB Hub

Upgrade your gaming setup with this all in one bungee cable holder and space saver. Offering a comprehensive organizational tool, this innovative tool offers a range of useful fixes to keep your gaming area well organized and clutter-free.

With a spring-loaded cable support arm, you can create a fixed point of motion for your mouse without worrying about dragging cables or being slowed down by friction. Adjust your cable length to one that suits you, and help to keep your cable from snagging on the edges of your gaming desk and disrupting your gameplay.

This model also comes with 4 2.0 USB ports, which makes it super easy to keep your keyboard, headsets, and flash drives all close by. To gear up your gaming station, this model also provides customized ambient lighting allowing you to choose from red, blue, green, yellow, purple, or even rainbow hues to light up your game life.

Budget Bungee With Useful Extras

Versiontech. Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder With 4 Port USB Hub

You are guaranteed extra gaming fun with this non-slip cable holder with a weighted base that won’t slide around, no matter how hard you test it. Reduce the drag associated with the normal friction of cables rubbing on a smooth surface, and enjoy speedy gaming every time.

Lightweight and easy to use, this mouse bungee is completely portable as the rubber arm can be detached from the base, meaning you can take it with you wherever you are headed.

Better still, this unique design offers a ton of other features, including 4-port USB 2.0 hub that is perfect for charging or syncing your phone or tablet, as well as connecting extra gaming peripherals and storing the extra data you need on portable USB drives. Upgrade your gaming experience with this super useful mouse bungee cable holder with backlights to create a soothing ambient atmosphere while you play.

A Good Value Piece of Gaming Kit From Klim

Klim Mouse Bungee Extension

Control your mouse with ease, with this mouse bungee extension you can enjoy drag-free, friction-free play with just the right amount of cable every time. Offering excellent stability and with a flexible, easy to use, arm, hook your mouse cable in place and get ready to play.

Your cables will no longer be able to deter you from great gaming, as this handy little gadget will keep them well organized and out of the way. The elevated position of the arm is designed to ensure that your cable is also elevated to prevent any dragging on your desk area.

Better still, this model comes with lots of useful extras, including 3 USB slots that can be used for your phone, tablet, keyboard, or other devices, and there is also a handy TF/SD card slot too.

Final Thoughts

Serious gamers know that any gadget that gives you full freedom of movement, while helping to keep your gaming station in good order, is a worthwhile investment. Spending just a few dollars on a mouse bungee can make your gaming experience cleaner and less cluttered every time.