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The 10 Best Goth Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

The 10 Best Goth Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

If you live the goth lifestyle and love the fashion of it, you’ll be happy to know that there are Animal Crossing villagers who live the goth life as well.

In this list, we’ve gathered villagers who can rock the style or have the potential to be an amazing goth villager.

Meet these mysterious and stylish villagers in our best goth villagers in Animal Crossing list!

Let’s take some fashion notes, too – we might learn a thing or two.

10. Quinn

Animal Crossing Quinn

Personality: Big Sister / Sisterly

Catchphrase: Proper

Favorite Styles: Cool and Elegant

Favorite Saying: “Step on a violet, and you’ll smell forgiveness.”

Her stare is as fierce as her eyeliner, and Quinn shows her goth style through her fondness for Cool and Elegant clothes in black and/or white colors.

These colors often go very well with her purple and violet feathers. Violet seems to be a big color theme for her, based on her feathers and quote.

As a Big Sister villager, her serious vibe and rough dialogue might be a bit intimidating to some players, but she’s actually a big softie who just wants the best for you.

Look to Big Sister Quinn for fashion tips, young one.

9. Mathilda

Animal Crossing Mathilda

Personality: Snooty

Catchphrase: Wee baby

Favorite Styles: Cool and Gorgeous

Favorite Saying: “Nail polish is thicker than water.”

Another fierce villager joins our list! Mathilda might look intense, and her words as a Snooty villager might pierce even the toughest of hearts, but she’s just really passionate for fashion and fitness, based on her quote and hobby.

Mathilda rocks the Cool and Gorgeous styles of Animal Crossing, and her black fur and purple ears seem to match the goth style as well.

8. Bella

Animal Crossing Bella

Personality: Peppy

Catchphrase: Eeks

Favorite Styles: Cool and Active

Favorite Saying: “A glamour shot is worth a thousand words.”

While a lot of goths are reserved and look listless, Bella radiates Peppy energy instead. She might not sound like a typical goth, but Bella has the style and color down.

One of her favorite colors is black, and the tips of her ears and paws are gray. Combine that with proper goth clothes, and Bella can become the star of the show!

7. Rodeo

Animal Crossing Rodeo

Personality: Lazy

Catchphrase: Chaps

Favorite Styles: Simple and Cool

Favorite Saying: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

Rodeo’s black fur and gray hair work really well for gothic style, and it’s why he’s number 7 on our list.

His eyes, with a strong magenta shade, give a nice pop of color from the monotone of black, white, and gray.

6. Roscoe

Animal Crossing Roscoe

Personality: Cranky

Catchphrase: Nay

Favorite Styles: Cool and Gorgeous

Favorite Saying: “Trouble rides a fast horse.”

Roscoe has that quiet and languorous feel to him that suits very well with the gothic look.

He also has black fur, bluish gray hair, and red eyes that can accentuate goth-style clothes very well. Stay cool, Roscoe.

5. Agnes

Animal Crossing Agnes

Personality: Big Sister / Sisterly

Catchphrase: Snuffle

Favorite Styles: Simple and Elegant

Favorite Saying: “You reap what you sow.”

Same as Roscoe, Agnes has the reserved and quiet vibe down, which is a trait a lot of goths have. Her black and white colors also go well with the goth style.

She might not look much like a gothic villager, but with the right clothes and accessories, Agnes can rock that style perfectly.

4. Piper

Animal Crossing Piper

Personality: Peppy

Catchphrase: Chickadee

Favorite Styles: Elegant and Gorgeous

Favorite Saying: “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”

With her white feathers, noticeable eyelashes, and black Lacy Shirt, Piper has the makings to be a great goth villager already.

She’ll only need a few more tweaks, like giving her Elegant and Gorgeous clothes in goth styles.

3. Cherry

Animal Crossing Cherry

Personality: Big Sister / Sisterly

Catchphrase: What what

Favorite Styles: Cool and Elegant

Favorite Saying: “One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him.”

Not only is she a popular Big Sister and dog villager, Cherry’s character design and home furnishings can work quite well for the goth lifestyle.

Her visible eyelashes, black ears, silver earrings, black paws, black spot on her eye area, and Spider Web Tee can perfectly match with other goth clothes and accessories in the game.

2. Rhonda

Animal Crossing Rhonda

Personality: Normal

Catchphrase: Bigfoot

Favorite Styles: Elegant and Gorgeous

Favorite Saying: “Don’t look down your nose at people!”

Eyeliner? Check. Goth dress? Check. Purple hair and makeup? Check and check. Rhonda perfectly suits the purple goth style.

So if you’re planning on recruiting goth villagers to your island, don’t skip out on Rhonda!

1. Muffy

Animal Crossing Muffy

Personality: Big Sister / Sisterly

Catchphrase: Nightshade

Favorite Styles: Gorgeous and Elegant

Favorite Saying: “There’s a black sheep in every family.”

One look at Muffy, and you can immediately tell that she’s totally goth.

From her character design, catchphrase, in-game poster, and favorite colors of black and purple, she is the perfect and quintessential goth villager in all of the Animal Crossing games.

If you really want to turn your island into a goth haven, invite Muffy!

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