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The 10 Best Jock Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

The 10 Best Jock Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

It’s time for the muscleheads! Jocks are the sporty villagers in the Animal Crossing games.

They love to talk about their favorite extreme sports or how they enjoy patrolling around the island. They’re the gym dudes in the Animal Crossing world!

In this listicle, we determined the best of the best Jocks in New Horizons.

We won’t be judging them on how they do their reps or whether they skipped leg day, but we will be checking their overall character design and creative theme.

Let’s not keep them waiting! Here are the best Jock villagers in Animal Crossing. Jocks, roll out!

10. Goose

Animal Crossing Goose

Catchphrase: Buh-kay

Hobby: Fitness

Favorite Saying: “Birds of a feather crow together.”

Goose isn’t actually a goose but a chicken villager. His personal quote also mentions crows. Whatever fowl he is, Goose is sure of one thing – fitness is forever!

His Japanese name is Kentucky, which is a reference to Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, and his catchphrase is a combination of okay and chicken sounds.

Suffice to say, Goose is one interesting Jock.

9. Hamlet

Animal Crossing Hamlet

Catchphrase: Hammie

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: The ear’s the thing.

Hamlet’s tiny body packs quite a punch. He’s so full of energy that you’ll see him playing and running around anywhere on your island at any time, thanks to his Play hobby.

He’s actually the only Jock hamster in the games, so he’s quite a rarity. Have fun at number 9, little Hammie!

8. Louie

Animal Crossing Louie

Catchphrase: Hoo hoo ha

Hobby: Fitness

Favorite Saying: “It’s all about the muscle.”

As you can see from his in-game photo and poster, Louie absolutely loves lifting and exercising.

From his sports-loving Jock personality, his Fitness hobby that makes him lift dumbbells all the time, his Muscle Tank shirt, to his quote about muscles, he is the gym guy you want on your island.

His character design seems to be a reference to Donkey Kong, and his name might come from King Louie from the Jungle Book. Flex it, Louie!

7. Snake

Animal Crossing Snake

Catchphrase: Bunyip

Hobby: Fitness

Favorite Saying: A good ninja is neither seen nor heard.

Snake might not seem like a Jock villager at first, but he is a constant ball of Jock energy with his running and exercising.

Despite his name, he’s actually a bunny villager, and it’s possible that his name is an anagram of sneak. He’s a ninja, after all!

He has the Fitness hobby, so you’ll often see him lifting dumbbells as he exercises. Good luck on your ninja missions, Snake!

6. Bam

Animal Crossing Bam

Catchphrase: Kablang

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: “Get while the getting’s good.”

And for a dramatic entrance – bam kablang! Here’s Jock deer Bam!

This blue freckled villager is the only Jock among the deer characters in the Animal Crossing series, which makes him pretty unique.

His Play hobby makes him run around anywhere on your island with his arms extended. It’s quite a joy to watch!

5. Tank

Animal Crossing Tank

Catchphrase: KerPOW

Hobby: Fitness

Favorite Saying: “Remember to keep your core muscles engaged!”

True to his name, Tank is quite tanky! This rhino is huge in size, and it’s amazing to watch him lift dumbbells every now and then due to his Fitness hobby.

After all, Tank is all about core muscles, as seen from his favorite saying. Keep lifting, Tank dude!

4. Genji

Animal Crossing Genji

Catchphrase: Mochi

Hobby: Fitness

Favorite Saying: “Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

He might be small in size, but Genji is determined to get those gains!

With his Fitness hobby, you’ll see him lifting the day away with his trusty dumbbells.

This little bunny is determined, and failure won’t stop him from reaching his goals. Fall down seven times, get up eight, indeed!

You’re an inspiration, Genji!

3. Teddy

Animal Crossing Teddy

Catchphrase: Grooof

Hobby: Fitness

Favorite Saying: “No pain, no gain!”

It seems like Teddy isn’t just a fluffy teddy bear. With his Fitness hobby and determination, he will get those muscles pumping one way or another!

If you want a teddy bear, Jock on your island, Teddy is the bear for you.

2. Tiansheng

Animal Crossing Tiansheng

Catchphrase: Wuwu

Hobby: Fitness

Favorite Saying: “The world is more swole than you will ever fully know.”

Monkey king Tiansheng graces us with his presence!

Tiansheng’s entire character theme revolves around the epic Chinese novel Journey to the West, and he is based on the protagonist Sun Wukong.

His name comes from Sun Wukong’s title, “Qi Tian Da Sheng,” which means “The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal.”

Well, you are equally amazing, Tiansheng, and it’s why you get ranked 2 in our list.

1. Dom

Animal Crossing Dom

Catchphrase: Indeedaroo

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: “Be true to your most shiny self.”

And the winner of the Jock super bowl is none other than Dom!

He’s the fluffiest Jock in town, and his adorable crying face has melted the hearts of a lot of fans, particularly in Japan, where he won Famitsu’s ACNH poll last year.

He has the Play hobby, so you’ll see him airplane-run on your island, with his arms outstretched and full glee on his face.

The Jock crown is yours, Dom. Keep being sporty and adorable!

Animal Crossing The 10 Best Jock Villagers Winner

They flexed, they lifted, and they were ranked – this has been Nerdbear’s 10 best Jock villagers in Animal Crossing.

Which ones would you make your jogging buddy? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!