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The 10 Most Lazy Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

The 10 Most Lazy Villagers in Animal Crossing [2024]

Lazy villagers are one of the most popular characters in the Animal Crossing games.

From various polls and surveys, you’ll see a handful of Lazy villagers make it to the top of the lists. The Lazy charm is undeniable!

Here in Nerdbear, we won’t get lazy! We’ve come up with our own Lazy ranking while munching on snacks, like how a true Lazy villager would.

From 63 Lazies, we’ve narrowed it down to the most Lazy villagers in Animal Crossing!

We advise you to bring out your snacks while reading this listicle. Enjoy!

10. Stitches

Animal Crossing Stitches

Catchphrase: Stuffin’

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Coming in at number ten, we have stuffed bear Stitches to start our list. Stitches is a bear cub villager who looks like a stitched teddy bear.

He has sewn eyes, differently-colored ears, and limbs, with different fabric on certain parts of his body.

A stuffed toy as a Lazy villager sounds too cute!

9. Punchy

Animal Crossing Punchy

Catchphrase: Mrmpht

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: “There’s always more fish in the sea!”

You can immediately tell that Punchy is one laidback cat.

But even though he loves to relax, he loves playing too, so don’t be surprised to see him running around with his arms stretched to the side with total glee on his face.

8. Lucky

Animal Crossing Lucky

Catchphrase: Rrr-owch

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

Lucky is a uniquely designed dog and Lazy villager. From head to toe, he’s wrapped in bandages with a single glowing eye peeking through.

The Animal Crossing games have never outright stated what happened to him to be in this mummy state, but there are hints sprinkled throughout the games.

In his Pocket Camp biography, it mentions Lucky not being so lucky, and his New Horizons home is furnished with gravestones and skeletons.

Whatever happened to Lucky remains to be a mystery, but we’re just feeling lucky to have him as an adorable Lazy villager.

7. Erik

Animal Crossing Erik

Catchphrase: Chow down

Hobby: Nature

Favorite Saying: “If you’re afraid of wolves, don’t go to the woods.”

One look and you can immediately tell that Erik is a good boy. His name seems to come from the word elk, while his antlers look like a moose’s.

If you want further convincing on whether you should add Erik to your dreamie list and invite him to your island, take a peek inside his home.

He has an ice-themed house full of frozen furniture! Very cool, Erik.

6. Chabwick

Animal Crossing Chabwick

Catchphrase: Blargh

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: “Live, Laugh, Lasagna.”

With his relaxed facial expression, a fondness for Ramune soda popsicles, and a puffy body, Chabwick is an adorable Lazy villager to have on your island.

Judging from his personal quote about lasagna being inspirational, he knows how to live life for sure.

Stay cool and enjoy your snacks, Chabwick!

5. Zucker

Animal Crossing Zucker

Catchphrase: Bloop

Hobby: Nature

Favorite Saying: “There’s no such thing as luck.”

Zucker has one of the most unique character designs and themes in the entire Animal Crossing games. He’s an octopus who is designed like a takoyaki!

These balls of circular fried dough are filled with vegetables and octopus bits, and Zucker’s head, with his takoyaki sauce hair, toothpick hair accessory, and laver freckles, looks exactly like a takoyaki ball.

Yummy and cute! You’re in the top 5, Zucker!

4. Sherb

Animal Crossing Sherb

Catchphrase: Bawwww

Hobby: Nature

Favorite Saying: “Forty winks is never enough.”

Sleepy-head Sherb earns the 4th place on our list! This adorable goat, with his baby blue color, stubby horns, and tiny pink blushes, continues to be quite popular among Animal Crossing fans.

His love for sleeping, as seen in his in-game poster and personal quote, makes him quite an adorable nap-loving Lazy villager.

Off to dreamland with you, Sherb! You’ll probably find yourself in a couple of dreamie lists, too.

3. Sasha

Animal Crossing Sasha

Catchphrase: Hoppity

Hobby: Fashion

Favorite Saying: “Timing is everything.”

Hopping to the 3rd spot is Sasha. To the surprise of many, Sasha turned out to be a boy bunny and a Lazy villager!

His character design is one of the cutest and most beautiful in the games, as seen by his big and shiny eyes, mint green fur, and cute smile.

2. Beau

Animal Crossing Beau

Catchphrase: Saltlick

Hobby: Nature

Favorite Saying: “You snooze, you lose.”

His soft expression, coupled with his simple but pleasant deer design, make Beau a very popular Lazy villager, and it’s why he gets the number two spot in our list.

Check some polls from various Animal Crossing communities, and you’ll see Beau ranked very high among other deer or Lazy villagers.

His gentle face is perfect for a nap-loving and snack-munching Lazy villager.

You can really imagine this deer spending his day away picnicking in a beautiful meadow.

1. Bob

Animal Crossing Bob

Catchphrase: Pthhpth

Hobby: Play

Favorite Saying: “You only live once…or nine times.”

As the first-ever villager created for the Animal Crossing games and for being the face of cat villagers for a very long time, we have to give the top spot to Bob.

His easygoing expression works really well with his Lazy personality.

Lazy villagers don’t want to do work as much as possible, and you just know that this smart and devious cat can find ways to spend his life, or lives, in perpetual relaxation.

Continue to enjoy your tropical paradise, Bob, while snacking away with your bug friends! You’ve earned it.

Animal Crossing The 10 Most Lazy Villagers Winner

That’s 10 Lazy villagers to choose from! Who’s your favorite, and who do you want to have on your island? Let us know in the comments below!