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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Historical CC [2023]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Historical CC [2023]

Historical moments and decades have offered a long line of interesting clothing styles, architecture, and more.

So, why not enjoy the good parts of these historical times in The Sims 4 with historical CC?

We’ve compiled the best list of historical CC so that you’re Sim can live in historic luxury or at least look like a Victorian time traveler!

10. Holmes Dress

Holmes Dress

Ever wanted to create the perfect female version of Sherlock Holmes as a Sim? Well, now you can with this stunning Holmes Dress!

The Holmes Dress is a beautifully academic floor-length dress with a blouse top and cape wrapped around the shoulders.

The dress appears as if it is made up of three separate pieces as well, creating a great layer of depth to your Sims outfit.

This clothing CC comes in 20 color swatches, including 16 solid colors and four plaid pattern options. It’s fully base game compatible and is perfect for the everyday Edwardian lady!

9. 1898 Evening Gown

1898 Evening Gown

Every lady in the Victorian era had an elegant nightgown to venture around their home in the middle of the night.

The 1898 Evening Gown comes in two versions, including a flat texture version and a silk texture version.

Both versions come in 22 colors, including 15 solid color options and 7 floral pattern color options.

The floral pattern versions also offer a pastel range of colors.

The solid colors include both darker and bolder colors, including multiple shades of blue, purple, green, and more. 

This beautiful floor-length gown is the perfect answer for being presentable at home at all times!

8. June Set Part 1

June Set Part 1

CC sets are a great way to get everything you like and need in one place, and the June Set Part 1 is of no exception!

The June Set Part 1 CC pack is filled with Rococo-era garb, including clothing, accessories, hair, and more.

This set includes 9 items in total, including a beautiful silk dress with puffed sleeves and a plunging neckline.

To pair with the dress is the Hedgehog Hair, and two choices of hats and a headband. And let’s not forget about the multiple bows for the rest of the outfit and a stunning cameo necklace!

7. June Casual Suit Part 2

June Casual Suit Part 2

This one is for our male Sims out there who are in need of something to match the rest of the historical setting around them.

Following the June Set, Part 1 is the June Casual Suit Part 2 to create the perfect Rococo gentlemen! This set includes a glorious suit with shoes, accessories, and even a dress sword!

There are two variations of the suit, and each version has a difference in its embroidery.

Around the waist, an elegant sash is tied and matches well with the ribbons tied around the Louis XIV-style shoes.

6. 1896 Ulster Coat for Men

1896 Ulster Coat For Men

Every man during the Victorian era wore a nice coat when the weather required it.

The 1896 Ulster Coat for Men is the perfect addition to any vintage wardrobe for your male Sim!

The 1896 Ulster Coat for Men is a simplistic long coat that covers nearly all of the body expect for the ankles and feet.

The collar appears to be lined with fur, and the front of the coat has eight buttons.

The coat also shares an appearance similar to clothing made of wool, so you can bet that your Sim stays warm in the winter!

5. Regency Hairs

Regency Hairs

No historically accurate outfit from the Regency or Victorian era is complete without an accurate hairstyle!

The Regency Hairs CC is a set of beautiful hairstyles that look wonderful on their own or paired with a period-accurate hat or bonnet.

Two of the hairstyles featured in this set are designed to fit with hats, too!

This set includes three hairstyles, including the Martha, Sally, and Louisa hairstyles.

Each one is an updo with the same set of curly bangs. You can choose from a small bun, a large bun, or a short ponytail.

4. Gorgeous Victorian Home

Gorgeous Victorian Home

Every Victorian Sim needs a Victorian-style home! The Gorgeous Victorian Home makes for a stunning addition to any neighborhood in The Sims 4.

On the outside, this house features beautiful architecture and design details, including tall windows and a tower at the front of the house. There is also a basement and a small attic space!

The inside includes three floors, including an outdoor balcony area and a conservatory in the back.

Most of the furniture included with the house is Victorian or historically inspired, right down to the way the curtains are hanging in the windows!

3. Otto Castle

Otto Castle

Looking for a castle that feels closer to the 1500s, around the time of Romeo and Juliet?

The Otto Castle is a stunning build that includes rich detailing on the outside, including many windows, sconces, and intricate designs for the roofing.

The Otto Castle is meant to encapsulate the Neo-Renaissance era and features many patterns, dark wood, and stone throughout the interior.

You will also find most of the furniture to be ornate and luxurious!

Your Sim will be living like royalty in this castle, as it contains every room and item they could ever possibly need!

2. Castle of Ten Rocks

Castle Of Ten Rocks

Another impressive castle build that will make your Sims feel like royalty is the Castle of Ten Rocks!

The Castle of Ten Rocks is a glorious stone castle that sits atop rugged land with multiple staircases and bridges.

Outside, there are also multiple stone towers that surround the center of the castle.

Inside, there is a throne room, royal dining room, and multiple other rooms and hallways decorated to look similar to how a medieval castle would have looked according to history!

However, there is also a sorcerer’s room, complete with a magic book and summoning circle.

1. Baroque Castle

Baroque Castle

One of the most stunning castle builds on this list is the Baroque Castle. The Baroque Castle is a romantic home with a full, lush garden as the greeting, complete with a running water fountain.

This castle is French-inspired, featuring a set of stairs on both sides of the front porch that lead into a two-story home.

On the inside, your Sim will be greeted by a stunning chandelier and staircase that leads upstairs to an open second floor.

The walls are decorated with paintings, wall decals, and beautiful wallpaper. There are also dramatic stone columns posted throughout the house.

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