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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Vans CC [2023]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Vans CC [2023]

Vans has been a well-known brand amongst skaters and non-skaters alike. With their staple shoes, Vans has become a trustworthy and popular brand that makes clothes for everyone!

So, your Sim, whether they use a skateboard or not, should be able to dress in these staple shoes and clothing.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Vans CC so that you can dress your Sims in Vans memorabilia with stunning clarity!

Best Sims 4 Vans CC

10. Skater Crop Top

Skater Crop Top

Having a classic crop top on hand is always a good thing, especially when your Sim is trudging through the heat of the summer season.

But they can keep cool in style with this Skater Crop Top CC! The Skater Crop Top includes one shirt that has three variations.

You can choose from a plain black shirt with the Vans brand name across the chest, a black and white shirt with the Vans logo across the chest, or a striking red shirt with the logo and checkered sleeves.

The crop top is for Sims from Teen to Adult, and the shirt is meant to appear baggier around the torso.

9. Vans Slip-on Shoes

Vans Slip On Shoes

Let’s jump right into the cream of the crop, which is the shoes! The Vans Slip-On Shoes CC is the perfect way to represent Vans while not wearing the logo.

This CC truly captures the easily recognizable nature of these shoes with the classic checkboard pattern. But don’t worry, there are also solid color options too!

The promo photos showcase these shoes in black, red, and white checkboard with red and black squares, among other colorways.

This shoe CC comes with options for both male and female Sims, both coming in 20 color swatches.

8. Old Skool Vans for Females

Old Skool Vans For Females

Vans wasn’t always known for its slip-on shoes. The original Vans are still widely popular and sought after, so the Old Skool Vans for Females CC is worth the download!

These old-school style Vans are traditional lace-up sneakers that feature duo colors and stunning details of the real shoes.

The photos showcase these shoes in a dark teal and black color scheme.

The shoes are designed specifically for female Sims and are available in 12 color swatches. The Old Skool Vans are also base game compatible and do not require any DLC packs for you to download them.

7. Vans Tees Female

Vans Tees Female

Although there are many Vans clothing options for male Sims, there are still great options for female Sims!

The Vans Tees Female CC set makes it easy for your Sim to fit into the skater girl category with these classic-style Vans t-shirts.

This CC item includes six color variations featuring two floral patterns, two checkboard patterns, and even a Marvel and Vans crossover print!

One of the floral prints does also include some of the iconic checkerboard patterns that are most commonly associated with Vans.

Most of the variations include the Vans brand and logo on the chest, except for one.

6. Vans X Spitfire Hoodies

Vans X Spitfire Hoodies

No need to cover up your Vans shirt when you can have an equally cool Vans hoodie for your Sims to wear!

The Vans x Spitfire Hoodies CC collection includes one hoodie and six variations. There are three Vans variations, as well as three Spitfire variations.

So, this is a great duo CC option for fans of both brands!

The Vans options come in a bright yellow with checkboard accents, a camouflage print with the Vans logo, and a black hoodie with a Vans name pattern. These hoodies are designed for male Sims.

5. Vans Long Sleeve Shirts

Vans Long Sleeve Shirts

While the weather still allows your Sim to skateboard (or just look cool!), the Vans Long Sleeve Shirts are a great way to keep warm in the spring and fall seasons.

This long sleeve shirt comes in six variations and is designed specifically for male Sims only. Each shirt variation is unique and will definitely make your Sim stand out in the crowd.

Included in the variations are flame patterns, checker patterns, floral patterns, and one-color block patterns.

The floral patterns feature tropical themes, and you can choose where the pattern is centered, including on the chest or on the sleeves.

4. Vans Casual Polo

Vans Casual Polo

Need or want a shirt that looks a bit more professional or preppy but still Vans affiliated? The Vans Casual Polo shirt CC is a great choice!

The Vans Casual Polo is one shirt that comes in 12 variations. Included among these variations are a checkboard print, two striped polo shirts with the Vans logo on the chest, and a simpler black polo shirt.

Every variation has the collar left open, which creates a more business casual appearance. This Vans shirt CC is designed for male Sims and pairs well with jeans and the slip-on Vans!

3. Vans Ex Tees

Vans Ex Tees

If polo shirts aren’t your thing, but you need a good staple Vans t-shirt, then these Vans Ex Tees are a great option!

The Vans Ex Tees come in 10 variations and are designed for male Sims only, but the patterns and colors that are available are incredible.

The creator showcases four of the ten variations, including two checkboard patterns, a simple grey t-shirt, and a ripped-up black t-shirt.

The checkboard patterns also come in more than simple black and white but also include multi-color options.

The shirt appears to be looser on the body and hangs lower than the traditional t-shirt.

2. Vans Long Sleeve Shirts Kids

Vans Long Sleeve Shirts Kids

What’s better than having your adult Sim look like you with their Vans gear? Having their Sim children have their own Vans gear to wear!

The Vans Long Sleeve Shirts Kids CC set includes six design swatches, which feature the same patterns as the adult version of this CC.

Your male Sim child can wear the same flame patterns or floral patterns, but there is also a staple checkboard long-sleeve shirt. Now, your Sims can match in style with Vans in mind!

This CC item is also a great one to have so you can send your child Sim to school in style as well.

1. Vans Board Hoodies Kids

Vans Board Hoodies Kids

Another great option for your Sim children to match their Vans long sleeves are these Vans hoodies!

The Vans Board Hoodies Kids CC set provides a few options for your Sims children to wear, including 14 color and pattern swatches for you to choose from.

The swatches shown off in the promo photos include a solid red hoodie with a checker print logo, a tie-dye hoodie with a rainbow logo, a grey, and black checkboard print, and a wavy, disorientated check pattern.

These hoodies are designed for young male Sims.

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