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What Is the Best Pokemon Booster Box? Top 10 Booster Packs

What Is the Best Pokemon Booster Box? Top 10 Booster Packs

A booster box is a goldmine full of individual booster packs for a set selection of cards.

Some of these packs will contain extremely rare cards, and, a booster box basically guarantees that you will get good cards from a set. For this post, we’re looking at Pokémon booster boxes.

Generations Elite

Whether you’re new to Pokémon, a budding Pokémon master, or a collector, the Generations Elite box is a masterpiece.

It’s full of old favorites being displayed in a new way: Pikachu, Ninetales-EX, and even the mega evolutions of the first three starter Pokémon.

You can find a foil card in this box that has never been seen before, and you’ll benefit from not just a box of booster cards but a legitimate trainer box that includes 65 black/gold card sleeves, 10 Generations booster packs, 45 Energy cards, and the things you need to be competition ready.

Shining Legends

Ho-oh is a mystical bird that we all remember from watching the first few episodes of Pokémon. Seeing Ho-oh fly over that rainbow and knowing that no one truly knew anything about this legendary Pokémon was a thrilling thought.

Well, times have changed, and this box is entirely Ho-oh themed. From the box itself to the card sleeves included to the foil promotional card that proudly displays Ho-oh on the front.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a deck around one of the most uncommon and the rarest Pokémon to find in the world, the Shining Legends box has you covered.

Ancient Origins Display

The first of two sets of nylon/polyester cards that we’ll introduce you to today, Ancient Origins Display is a booster box of 36 individual packs and some bold artwork.

You can expect around four to six ultra-rare cards and at least one card that features full artwork. Remember, not every listed card from a set will appear in a booster box.

Powerhouses are everywhere in this set. If you’re looking to add a few new EX cards, some legendary cards, or even if you just want to own Hoopa-EX, then this is the box for you. Ancient Origins is just teeming with mystical Pokémon cards!

Black & White Legendary

Another beautiful but expensive box to buy, the Black & White Legendary booster display contains 36 booster packs for a total of 360 cards.

No one can guarantee that you’ll be able to get the much sought-after gold card from this set, but even if you don’t, the sheer number of holographic cards that are pulled is ridiculous.

Several of the cards in this set are full artwork cards, and a huge number of the Pokémon included in these booster packs are EX Pokémon; reviewers of the box seem to be getting around 10+ EX cards. This is a power booster box, there’s no doubt there.

Sun & Moon Forbidden Light

A new arrival for this booster card set was Ultra Necrozma-GX, a legendary in a new form. Sun & Moon Forbidden Light is a fantastic set of cards, and you could be one of the lucky few who ends up with a rare colored card or even a super rare rainbow card.

It’s time to choose your side and choose your cards. This booster set includes a large number of powerful and even legendary cards; such as Lucario-GX, Arceus-GX, Zygarde-GX, and Yveltal-GX.

You can quickly build a deck that will take out any opponent with some strategy and the cards from this set.

Sun & Moon Lost Thunder

Introducing the prism star variations of Celebi and Ditto, as well as Zeraora-GX! Sun & Moon Lost Thunder is rare cards abound, and they are plentiful. This set won’t just boost your Pokémon deck; it will turn the power up to 11!

Obviously, a lot of the cards in this set are rare, so make sure you buy from a trusted seller. Electric-type users will hugely benefit from the Lost Thunder deck, which has everything you need to shock your deck back to life.

Xy Breakpoint

Quality cards to bolster your deck and impress your friends. XY Breakpoint puts you right at the rift between worlds, riding on a Shiny Mega Gyarados-EX; if you can find him, that is.

In the 360 cards that you’ll receive from this booster box, you’ll fight alongside the likes of Luxray BREAK and many other Pokémon.

Breakpoint helped introduce BREAK cards to the Pokémon world. This whole set is 123 cards, making the likelihood of you getting a good set of pulls even better than usual.

It’s also one of only two boxes we’ve mentioned in this list that has BREAK cards.

Xy Breakthrough

This stunning set of cards is made from a combination of nylon and polyester. Cards like these are extremely hard to come by, and the packaging is just gorgeous.

These packs are perfect for the adventurous Pokémon master who wants cards that will last much longer than the typical Pokémon card stock.

If you happen to be looking for a Mewtwo or a few of the different variations, you’ll be able to find him in this box of gems. Most reviews have noted that they’ve pulled at least three Mewtwo cards from this collection.

Xy Fates Collide

Fans of the dark eeveelution, Umbreon, are going to adore this booster box set. Fates Collide offers you 13 new EX cards, including Umbreon-EX, but that’s not all.

You can also find gold cards in these booster packs, though they’re extremely rare, the chance is there.

If a gold card or an Umbreon-EX card isn’t what you’re looking for, then we should probably also mention that Lugia BREAK exists in this set, too.

Xy Steam Siege

From classic Pokémon cards to newer ones that you may have never collected before, the Steam Siege box is an excellent mash-up of cards from past and present.

Each booster pack will award you one rare card from the 10 cards that are there.

Because the box uses a combination of old and new cards, it’s very nostalgic. Many of the cards you’ll pull will be holographic, and there are art cards and reverse shiny foil cards in this set, too.

If you’ve ever seen a foil Zapdos, you know exactly how stunning the artwork is, and you can get it from this box.

If you’re also looking for some digital action you can also check out our list of best Pokemon games.


Are Pokemon booster boxes worth it?

If you're willing to buy in bulk a Pokemon booster box is worth it as the packs will be roughly half the price you would have paid in store per pack.

What comes in a Pokemon booster box?

Each booster pack has 1 rare card, 3 uncommon cards, and 6 common cards which are completely random. A booster box usually includes 36 booster packs giving you 360 cards in total.

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