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Top 10 Best Rpg Dice Sets [2024]

Top 10 Best Rpg Dice Sets [2024]

Role-playing games have exploded in popularity in recent years and so have the accessories and pieces used to play. None of these accessories is more coveted and hoarded than gaming dice.

The Best Rpg Dice Sets

Hymgho Hollow Dragon Cage Dice Metal Dnd Game Dice Rainbow

The HYMGHO brand offers several variations of dice, but the Rainbow Hollow Dragon set stands out. The metal dice set is hand-crafted brass and features a dragon with each number. The set contains the seven standard numerical dice used in all role-playing games.

The hollow design makes the dice lighter than standard and allows for a slightly larger than standard size as well. Nothing beats the sound of rolling metal dice.

Haomeja Hollow Dragons Metal Dnd Dice Blue

Blue Hollow Dragon dice by HAOMEJA are an incredible value for the product. The artfully crafted zinc-alloy dice are slightly heavier than other dice of the same type. This adds to the balanced feel of the dice.

This set is slightly more affordable and features a “worry-free warranty” on the product that you order. The dragon design is large and easy to see. This set features the 7 standard RPG dice used for modern role-playing games.

Hollow Metal Dnd Dice Steampunk Gear Cage Wheel

The second set in the top 10 best RPG dice set from HYMGHO is a fully hollow steampunk gear design metal dice set. They follow the same pattern as other dice by the brand and are 20% larger than standard dice.

They are crafted out of brass and weigh in a little lighter than other 16mm dice sets. The set features the standard 7 common RPG dice. A large gear is the backdrop for the easy-to-read numbers.

The dice are perfect for a 5e game, but the design allows for them to be themed in several ways. It would make a great character set for an Artificer in 5e or game set for Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, or any steampunk style game.

Momostar Set of 7 Stone Dice for Rpg White Crystal

The white gemstone set from Momostar is a clean eyecatcher. They are handcrafted from gemstones and feature an easy-to-read inlay font for the numbers. It is a complete set of RPG dice featuring the 7 basic pieces.

While the dice look amazing, the manufacturer recommends using a dice tray with this set. They do provide one as a gift with purchase, though. The other concern is function over fashion.

The set is made from naturally occurring gemstones meaning that no two die are the same. There is a potential for these dice sets to be a little loose on consistent shape and balance.

Amatolo Handmade Natural Gemstone Dice Set A1-White Crystal

Amatolobrings us another set of natural gemstone dice. The A1 White Crystal set is visually appealing, resembling glacial ice. The set features the standard 7 RPG dice. The set also follows the same pattern as other gemstone dice sets on the list.

The manufacturer recommends using a dice tray and mentions variations in cut and shape due to the materials’ handcrafted nature. These dice would work well with almost any character or setting because, visually, they are elegant, interesting, and not particularly themed.

Amatolo Stone Dice, Set of 7 Handmade A6 Opal

Another stone set by Amatolo is the A6 Opal gemstone set. This set features the 7-standard dice, a dice tray as a gift, and a carrying case.

The semi-transparent color features contrasting easy to read numbers on each die. This set holds true to the other stone sets in possibly varying in shape and cut due to the material.

Amatolo Stone Dice Set of Seven, Handmade B4 Blue Sandstone

The first solid-colored set of stone dice by Amatolo, the B4 Blue Sandstone set, provides more depth than the gemstone sets. The sandstone material offers a flake pattern of colors that resemble a starry sky.

Compared to the elegance of the transparent gemstone dice, the character of the Blue Sandstone really sets it apart. The set features the 7 RPG dice plus a pink tray. This set would be great for a wizard or space-themed game.

Amatolo Stone Dice Set of 7 Handmade Gemstones 3-A3 Malachite

Possibly the most interesting visually of the stone dice sets on the list, the 3-A3 Malachite set from Amatolo features an unusual tiger stripe style pattern. Malachite is made from stone powder and glue, according to the manufacturer.

Each set is still cut and engraved by hand, so variations may occur. A dice tray is still recommended, and the company provides one as a gift.

Monster Manual Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition With Dnd Dice and Complete Printable Kit

This massive set contains several sets of the 7-standard dice, bags, and one of the core books for the 5th edition, and a ton of other materials. There is also access to digital and printable copies of a variety of materials.

The value of this purchase makes it stand out. It would be a great set for a group just starting out on their 5th edition journey.

Be aware, though, the description can be a bit misleading as the set doesn’t provide the 5e Players Handbook, which is the core rule book to run and play a full 5e game.

Amatolo Stone Dice Set, Handmade Dices for Rpgs A3 Malachite

Amatolo rounds off the Top-10 dice sets list with another version of Malachite dice. Similar in color and pattern to the previous set mentioned on the list, the A3-Malachite run just a bit cheaper.

The manufacturer notes no specific differences, but visually the pattern looks a bit more varied. This set comes with the standard 7 RPG dice and a white tray.

Final Thoughts

Dice goblins everywhere have stashes of these multicolored gems in all sorts of colors, patterns, and materials. Each different design and material has its own unique characteristics, just like the players.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned adventurer or a 1st level explorer. These are the best dice sets out right now.