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Top 10 Best Rust Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Rust Mods [2024]

In Rust, you are immediately thrust into the wilderness without anything with you. No tools, no emergency snacks, and not even clothes.

You are left on your own devices in your birthday suit, fending for your own life against wild animals and even wilder fellow players.

But fear not, adventurer! Surviving in this ruthless game world can be a bit easier and more interesting with some mods.

Here are the best Rust mods that can help you customize your Rust gameplay just the way you like it.

Best Rust Mods


Best Rust Mods Backpacks

Since Rust is a game about surviving the wilderness, hunting and gathering resources in the wild is a huge aspect of its gameplay.

However, there’s a limit on what you can carry with you, especially early on in the game. You can’t easily hold all those apples, after all!

Thanks to this mod called Backpacks by WhiteThunder, you can introduce backpacks to your Rust server to give extra inventory space to your players.

With just the “/backpack” command, players can open their backpacks and have an extra 6 slots for items. If you want more slots, you can easily customize the mod to your liking.

Never go out without your handy-dandy backpack!

Auto Door

Best Rust Mods Auto Door

Having a house as a base can sometimes make or break your chances of survival in Rust. With bears, wolves, and rabid PvP-ers at your heel, you want to have a place where you can feel protected.

But how about you turn that house into a proper Rust home with a door that automatically closes?

Presenting Auto Door by bushhy! It might sound like a simple mod that only does one thing, but dang, does it do that one thing well.

Gone are the days when you need to hurriedly close the door after you. With this mod, the door will simply close by itself after a certain amount of time. Nifty!


Best Rust Mods Vanish

If you need a tool that can make you or anyone invisible to the rest, this Vanish mod by Whispers88 is one of the best Rust mods to have.

Using it, you can’t be seen or heard by other players, NPCs, animals, or even by helicopters and turrets. Players can even go walk through you without noticing your presence.

They can still hear gun sounds from you, however. Otherwise, you simply do not exist from their point of view.


Best Rust Mods Nteleportation

While Rust natively lacks a fast travel or teleportation feature, the players themselves have heard of this plight and have come up with their solution.

If you need to quickly go from point A to B without the use of any vehicles, the NTeleportation mod by nivex is the key to your traveling woes.

You can immediately teleport to your home or an outpost or quickly go to a location to settle some disputes as a server admin.

Furnace Splitter

Best Rust Mods Furnace Splitter

This Furnace Splitter mod by FastBurst has saved a lot of time and improved the quality of life for a lot of players.

It might not be that particularly useful for small furnaces, but it’s a world of difference to large ones.

Instead of prepping your furnace and ores, this mod does it for you. You simply have to put the ores into the furnace, and it splits them into stacks of your configuration.

For example, you can immediately have big furnaces divide ores into 10 stacks. This also works on refineries and campfires as well, making it quite handy.

Quick Smelt

Best Rust Mods Quick Smelt

Speaking of smelting, this Quick Smelt Rust mod by misticos can change your smelting time and output however you want.

If you want your furnace to go overdrive and smelt in an instant, you can conveniently change it with this mod. You can even have your furnaces produce more resources than expected.

This mod goes well with Furnace Splitter. Happy smelting!

Gather Manager

Best Rust Mods Gather Manager

As mentioned earlier, a huge part of Rust is gathering resources for survival. But sometimes, mining for stone or chopping trees for wood just takes too much time.

Enter the Gather Manager mod by Ryan. It lets you change the amount of materials you get from dispensers, quarries, successful Survey Charges, and even from simply picking up objects.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time chopping away trees to get enough wood, simply use this mod and increase the number of drops in your game. This will definitely speed up your resource collection.

Stack Size Controller

Best Rust Mods Stack Size Controller

After getting a lot of materials and scavenging everything on sight, your inventory may need some organizing.

Since the game limits you on how many items can stack together, it can get in the way of organizing your things.

To make managing your inventory easier, the Stack Size Controller mod by AnExiledDev is an excellent mod to use.

Not only can it change the stack limit of each item, it even adds a search function for your items so you can easily find what you’re looking for among the stacks.

Remover Tool

Best Rust Mods Remover Tool

While building structures is quite fun in Rust, tearing things down can be a pain. For your building destruction needs, there’s Remover Too by Tryhard.

This mod does exactly what it says on the tin. It removes small buildings, big buildings, and even multiple buildings and walls.

Don’t worry, there’s a way to prevent utter chaos from happening on your server. You can have it set to admins only or give special permissions to players so you don’t have multiple buildings gone overnight.

Plus, you can configure it to have a refund feature for every structure torn down. Pretty neat!

Admin Radar

Best Rust Mods Admin Radar

And our pick for the best Rust mod is Admin Radar by nivex!

As you know already, Rust can get brutal. Raids can wipe out clans in a matter of minutes, and buildings can be torn down just as quickly as they were built.

Some players turn to cheating to gain the upper hand against others. If you’re the server’s admin, this is something you most likely want to prevent from happening.

With this tool, it helps you detect any cheating and unfair play happening among your players. The radar helps track or filter out NPCs, dead players, sleeping players, hunger and thirst levels, turrets, and more.

This is one of the best Rust mods to have on your server. After all, games are more fun for everyone when fair play is involved.