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Top 10 Best Wasteland 3 Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Wasteland 3 Mods [2024]

Wasteland 3 is an amazing squad-based and turn-based RPG with a compelling story and interesting multiplayer gameplay.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Colorado, the entire place has become a frozen wasteland, and you have to commandeer a couple of characters to survive this bleak and cold world.

Right out of the box, the game plays amazingly, and one can argue mods aren’t really needed to enjoy this masterpiece.

However, if you want to make things extra fun in this chilly post-apocalyptic world, be our guest and explore our picks of the 10 best Wasteland 3 mods!

Best Wasteland 3 Mods

All Companions at the Start

Best Wasteland 3 Mods All Companions

If you want a save file with all the default rangers and every voiced companion in your starting party, this mod by Staykarbine might help you.

Aptly named “All Companions at the Start Save Game and More,” this Wasteland 3 mod does what it says on the tin.

The mod has all the companions mentioned included in your starting party.

In addition, the mod also includes the default stats and scaled-down stats of each companion, should you decide to modify the characters’ stats, too. And if you decide to directly add them to your personal save, the mod also has a text file with individual party information.

Recover Mod

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Recover Mod

This isn’t as flashy as other mods, but this simple mod by Reddit user MuKen might save you some time after tinkering with some weapons in the game.

Called Recover Mod, it lets you recover all mods done on weapons whenever you field strip them.

Installation is also easy, but MuKen kindly provided instructions on the process and a download link to get the mod.

Enhanced Controller Mod For Xbox Controllers

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Enhanced Controller Mod Xbox

For those who play Wasteland 3 on their Xbox consoles, on your TV, in the comforts of your sofa, and want a way to enjoy the game with better controls, this mod might be the answer to your predicament.

It’s called the “Wasteland 3 EHC—a better way to play Wasteland 3 on an Xbox Controller” by Floyd2099, and it boasts of a way to improve on the already great Wasteland 3 controls with your Xbox controller.

Compared to Wasteland 2, Wasteland 3 definitely upgraded and improved its controls.

However, there are still some things you can improve on by tweaking your controls using this mod, resulting in a better gameplay experience.

Free Retrain

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Free Retrain

In Wasteland 3, retraining your characters has a price. If you’re tired of paying a fee just so you can retrain your team, then this mod is perfect for you.

Made by Coomzy, this Free Retrain mod changes the price of retraining your characters to zero dollars. Aside from saving you some money, you don’t have to worry about retraining your characters again and again. It’ll cost you nothing anyway.

Retrain All You Want (And Refund Skill Books)

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Retrain All You Want

Here’s another handy Retrain mod that will remove the price and the stress of retraining!

Appropriately titled Retrain All You Want, it’s created by Redditor MuKen, who also created the Recover Mod above.

Just like the other Free Retrain mod, retraining your characters using this mod will be free. In addition, retraining will refund you any skill books that the character has read.

Save on fees and save on skill books—double the save!

World Map Fast Travel

Best Wasteland 3 Mods World Map Fast Travel

If you’ve ever wanted to fast travel on the world map, it’s now possible with this mod.

Coomzy’s World Map Fast Travel mod gives you a handy, fast travel ability on the world map. With this mod, you just right-click on a location and then click to travel there.

There is even an option to allow fast travel to locations you haven’t discovered yet! If you don’t have the time to wander around the map, this Wasteland 3 mod will save you a lot of time.

The mod creator did add a disclaimer as a reminder to players. The mod might make you miss certain game triggers and cause bugs, so use it at your own risk!

Ultimate New Game Plus

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Ultimate New Game Plus

Want a better new game plus experience? If you’re not satisfied with Wasteland 3’s new game plus options and you’re clamoring for more, give this mod a try.

Mod creator Mwitwa thought of giving the Wasteland 3 community a better new game plus option by including certain features and content in this mod.

The mod has upped the difficulty level to make the game more challenging and includes a myriad of clothing for characters, as well as some DLC content.

Now that’s a proper new game, plus!

Party of Six

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Party Of Six

Here’s another Wasteland 3 mod from creator Coomzy, and this time, it involves changing the custom ranger cap in the game.

This Party of Six mod lets you have a fully custom squad by upping the custom ranger cap from four to six.

Like other mods, you’ll be required to install some files prior, but installation should be straightforward and easy. You can also take a peek at the source code if you want.

Now go forth and enjoy your party of six!

Better Equipment Mods

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Better Equipment Mods

When it comes to Wasteland 3 mods, perhaps the most crucial and one of the best Wasteland 3 mods to have is berkay2578’s Better Equipment Mods.

This mod lets you install and uninstall mods to and from any equipment in a very easy and straightforward way.

When you field strip equipment using this mod, you’ll also automatically uninstall any mods added to it, which removes the hassle of uninstalling it yourself.

This mod is probably one of the most essential Wasteland 3 mods. If you decide to install only a single mod, consider this one to improve your quality of life in the game.

Portrait Mods

Best Wasteland 3 Mods Portrait Mods

And our pick for the best Wasteland 3 mod is none other than portrait mods!

Portraits add life and uniqueness to your characters in the game. Unfortunately, the game’s own portraits can feel quite lacking.

Thankfully, many modders in the Wasteland 3 modding community have come to the rescue!

Sovmod’s 112 portraits mod is one of the most downloaded in the community. But if you want lore-friendly portraits, try ventus83’s and Kerem’s mods.

There are also female-focused portraits by arggme, anime portraits by Kirikirasert, military ones by ZaynRidus, ugly ones by Hetzel, and even unique and custom ones by vurt and Ulthar88.

And if you still want to see more portrait options, Genshu20 provides a whopping 1,500 portraits for anyone to use.