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What To Do With Fruits in Animal Crossing [Includes Recipes] [2024]

What To Do With Fruits in Animal Crossing [Includes Recipes] [2024]

Fruits and fruit trees are a huge part of Animal Crossing’s gameplay. Collecting and planting them are some of the big goals most players strive for in the game.

It’s not an easy task, but it’s definitely a fun one, especially for collect-a-thon fans.

If you now have an orchard full of fruit trees and have collected a lot of fruits in your storage, but have no idea what to do with them besides eating them, then this will be a fruitful article for you. Let us teach you what to do with fruits in Animal Crossing!

Acnh Fruits FAQ

Before jumping into the fruity meat of this article, let’s first learn some basic info about fruits in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Shaking Coconuts

What Are Fruits in Animal Crossing?

Fruits are basically a food item in the game. You eat it to gain strength to do certain tasks, like digging out trees or breaking rocks.

How Many Fruits Are in Animal Crossing?

There are a total of six fruits in the game – five main fruits plus one bonus fruit.

The main fruits in the game are apple, cherry, pear, orange, and peach. The bonus fruit found in Mystery Islands is the coconut.

Animal Crossing All Fruits

Where To Get All the Fruits in Animal Crossing?

You start with one kind of fruit or fruit tree, which is called your native fruit.

The rest of the fruits can be obtained through a letter from your mom in the game, visiting Mystery Islands, or trading with other players. See our fruit guide for more info.

What To Do With Fruits

Got all your extra fruits? Here are the things you can do with them.

Sell Fruits

Earning and saving money early in the game can be quite tough, especially since you have to pay a lot of loans to Tom Nook.

Without turnips, one of the best and easiest ways you can earn quick Bells is to sell fruit.

Animal Crossing Selling Fruits

Your native fruit sells for 100 Bells, while non-native fruits can be sold for a whopping 500 Bells each.

If you’ve brought home coconuts from your Mystery Island tours, you can sell them for 250 Bells per fruit. Not a bad fruity endeavor!

Earn Nook Miles Achievement

Aside from being a personal goal, especially for collect-a-thon players, getting all the fruits is actually an achievement in the game.

In your Nook Miles+ app on your Nook Phone, there is a list of achievements you can do while doing daily activities in the game.

Tom Nook incentivises certain tasks and chores, and doing them will reward you with Nook Miles. You then use your Nook Miles to buy exclusive items or go on Mystery Island trips.

Animal Crossing Fruit Roots Achievement

Two of these achievements are Fruit Roots and Pick of the Bunch. Fruit Roots is the Nook Miles achievement for planting all the fruits in the game.

You get a stamp once you plant a certain fruit and a note indicating the date you did it.

It serves as a nice little journal you can review in the future while reminiscing your fun experiences in the game.

For Pick of the Bunch, you achieve milestones for fruits that you sell at your Nook’s Cranny.

This encourages players to plant a lot of fruit trees, regularly harvest the fruits, and sell them. The selling price for these fruits varies as well, as mentioned above.

Animal Crossing Pick Of The Bunch

For selling 20 pieces of fruit, you get 300 Nook Miles. Sell 100 fruits, and you’ll get 500 Miles.

For 500 fruits, you get 1,000 Miles. Earn 2,000 Miles for 100 fruits and 3,000 Miles for 3,000 fruits. Whew, that’s a lot of fruit!

Use as Island Decoration

A huge chunk of Animal Crossing’s gameplay is about creativity and designing.

You can turn your island however you want, and you can use fruit trees to help you achieve the island of your dreams.

Animal Crossing Fruit Tree Farm

You can turn your place into an orchard or a farm. You can place your trees in a certain way so they can form a heart. Wanna join the cottagecore gang? Plant some trees!

Fruits in Crafting

Animal Crossing is also huge on crafting! Some items cannot be bought at any stores, and you can only obtain them through crafting.

There are a lot of wonderful DIY recipes that use fruits, so it’s best to keep some fruits in your storage.

Here are some of the best DIY recipes that use fruits as crafting materials.

Animal Crossing Coconut Juice

Coconut Juice

Materials: 1 x Coconut

Learned From: Snooty Villagers

Animal Crossing Infused Water Dispenser

Infused-water Dispenser

Materials: 2 x Apples, 2 x Pears, 2 x Oranges, 2 x Peaches, 2 x Cherries, 2 x Coconuts

Learned From: Cranky Villagers

Animal Crossing Peach Dress

Peach Dress

Materials: 8 x Peaches

Learned From: Normal Villagers

Animal Crossing Cherry Lamp

Cherry Lamp

Materials: 10 x Cherries, 2 x Clay

Learned From: Tom Nook or Peppy Villagers

Animal Crossing Juicy Apple Tv

Juicy-apple TV

Materials: 10 x Apples, 2 x Iron Nuggets

Learned From: Tom Nook or Big Sister Villagers

Animal Crossing Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

Materials: 1 x Cherry, 1 x Orange, 1 x Apple, 1 x Peach, 1 x Pear

Learned From: Cranky Villagers

Fruits in Cooking

Animal Crossing’s 2.0 update brought cooking to the table!

Players can now use actual food in the game, like fruits, for making dishes and not just crafting items.

To cook, all you need is kitchenware furniture, like a Gas Range or Ironwood Kitchenette.

Here are some impressive cooking recipes that use fruits.

Animal Crossing Fruit Topped Pancakes Recipe

Fruit-topped Pancakes

Ingredients: 1 x Cherry, 1 x Apple, 1 x Pear, 1 x Orange, 1 x Peach, 2 x Flour

Animal Crossing Fruit Cupcakes Recipe

Fruit Cupcakes

Ingredients: 1 x Cherry, 1 x Apple, 1 x Pear, 1 x Orange, 1 x Peach, 1 x Flour

Animal Crossing Cherry Jam Recipe

Cherry Jam

Ingredients: 3 x Cherries

Animal Crossing Mixed Fruits Tart Recipe

Mixed-fruits Tart

Ingredients: 1 x Cherry, 1 x Apple, 1 x Pear, 1 x Orange, 1 x Peach, 1 x Flour

Animal Crossing Coconut Milk Recipe

Coconut Milk

Ingredients: 2 x Coconuts

Animal Crossing Orange Jelly Recipe

Orange Jelly

Ingredients: 2 x Oranges

Animal Crossing Coconut Cookies Recipe

Coconut Cookies

Ingredients: 2 x Coconuts, 1 x Flour, 1 x Sugar

Animal Crossing Fruits In Storage

So the next time you have excess fruits and fruit trees, don’t fret!

You can use them to earn Bells and Nook Miles, decorate your island, and craft and cook items and food.

Animal Crossing pushes you to get really creative with what you have in the game!