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Game of Thrones Banners and Flags Guide & Where To Buy Them

Game of Thrones Banners and Flags Guide & Where To Buy Them

Whether you need a banner for a viewing party, a themed night or just want to show you’re a Game of Thrones super fan, they’ll be the perfect banner for you.

Game of Thrones Banners and Sigils

Below are the popular game of thrones banners that are available to buy.

Thankfully there are lots of house options available so whoever you support (or if you want the whole collection), we’ve got you covered.

The banners usually come in the following sizes:

  • 12″ x 60″
  • 19″ x 60″
  • 30″ x 50″
  • 27″ x 45″

The banners also come in a variety of different materials, such as woven felt fabric, woven cotton and woven polyester.

Felt and fabric banners will look more authentic but given the material not really suitable for outside use.

They are hand washable, though should you choose to use them for outdoor use.

The polyester banners, although less real looking, will be incredibly hard-wearing, and you can use them both for indoors and outdoors.

Finally, some of these banners are officially-licensed Game of Thrones merchandise but please check before you purchase.

House Stark Banner

Banner Heraldry: A running grey direwolf, on an ice-white field

Motto: Winter is Coming

House Targaryen Banner

Banner Heraldry: A red three-headed dragon, breathing flame on black

Motto: Fire and Blood

House Lannister Banner

Banner Heraldry: A roaring lion, gold on crimson

Motto: Hear Me Roar!

House Tyrell Banner

Banner Heraldry: A golden rose on green

Motto: Growing Strong

House Baratheon Banner

Banner Heraldry: A crowned stag black on a golden field

Motto: Ours is the Fury

House Stannis Baratheon Banner

Banner Heraldry: On sun-yellow, a black crowned stag within a red heart surrounded by a blaze of orange fire

Motto: Ours is the Fury

House Arryn Banner

Banner Heraldry: A sky-blue falcon soaring against a white moon, on sky-blue

Motto: As High as Honor

House Mormont Banner

Banner Heraldry: A black bear in a green wood

Motto: Here We Stand

House Greyjoy Banner

Banner Heraldry: A golden kraken on black

Motto: We Do Not Sow

House Frey Banner

Banner Heraldry: Two blue towers on silver-grey

Motto: We Stand Together

House Clegane Banner

Banner Heraldry: Three black dogs running on yellow

House Bolton Banner

Banner Heraldry: A red flayed man on pink de sang

Motto: Our Blades Are Sharp

House Baelish Banner

Banner Heraldry: A black mockingbird on a yellow field

House Martell Banner

Banner Heraldry: A red sun pierced by a golden spear on orange

Motto: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

House Tully Banner

Banner Heraldry: A leaping trout, silver, against a rippling blue-and-red field

Motto: Family, Duty, Honor

House Tarly Banner

Banner Heraldry: A striding red huntsman on green

Motto: First in Battle

House Tarth Banner

Banner Heraldry: Quartered: yellow suns and white crescents on rose and azure

Other Game of Thrones Banners and Flags

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