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All There Is To Know About Gruel in Conan Exiles

All There Is To Know About Gruel in Conan Exiles

While it might not be the tastiest thing you’ll ever eat, gruel is a great source of energy. In Conan Exiles, gruel helps satisfy hunger and thirst as well as health regeneration and more.

The first thing you should know about gruel is that while it offers some positive benefits, there are much better and more effective foods in the game.

That said, enhanced gruel and flavored gruel are much more effective when compared to standard gruel, but more on that later. Let’s start by making regular gruel.

The primary use for gruel is to power the Wheel of Pain when making Thralls. So, while you can eat it, it is better suited to keeping your Wheel of Pain going.

Gruel also has a long spoil time, meaning it will last longer than many other food types in the game.

Making Gruel in Conan Exiles

Wheel Of Pain

Gruel only requires 2 ingredients. They are seeds and plant fibers. It costs 5 plant fiber and 1 seed to craft 10 portions of gruel.

It is very cheap and easy to make. This is one of the reasons why it is such a popular choice, especially among lesser experienced players.

I’m sure you don’t need to be told that you get seeds and plant fibers from bushes/plants, but I’ll say it anyway! Once you’ve got enough seeds and plant fibers to suit your needs, it is time to head to your campfire.

Make sure that your fire has a source of fuel. If your campfire doesn’t have some fuel like wood or oil, it will use your plant fibers as fuel instead. Plant fibers aren’t as efficient as wood and oil when it comes to fuel.

Cooking a batch of 10 gruel portions takes 5 seconds and it will award your player character 22 experience points.

Cooking Flavored Gruel in Conan Exiles

Improved Stove

In order to cook flavored gruel, you’ll need to unlock specialist cooking 1. Unlocking this ability requires a book you can find at The Summoning Place. You’ll also need a stove. This can be unlocked at level 29.

Cooking flavored gruel costs 1 regular gruel, 1 dried berries, and 2 spice. You can make dried berries by putting either highland berries or desert berries in a dryer. You can unlock the ability to craft a dryer at level 19.

Spice can be made from seeds or plant fibers, simply pop them in a grinder, and you can make some spice.

As you can imagine, flavored gruel offers more in the form of thirst and hunger-satisfying abilities. It will give your character 2HP/3s, and it satisfies 25 hunger and 10 thirst.

Cooking Enhanced Gruel in Conan Exiles

Enhanced gruel can be made after you have upgraded Specialist Cooking to level 3. Just like flavored gruel, enhanced gruel is made on a stove.

You’ll need 1 regular gruel, 1 egg, and 1 spice. You get eggs from the nests of various animals like crocodiles and birds. 

Enhanced gruel is the most beneficial gruel type as it offers 33 points towards hunger, 12 to thirst, and 3HP/3s while also taking an impressive 3 hours before it expires.