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How To Get Hardened Bricks in Conan Exiles

How To Get Hardened Bricks in Conan Exiles

Hardened brick is a very important resource for crafting various building items and sets in Conan Exiles. Crafting hardened brick requires just two materials.

However, there are a few steps that you have to go through in order to get the materials required.

The materials needed are bricks and stone consolidant. It is best to make hardened brick in large batches as hardened bricks tend to be required in fairly large amounts for various items and buildings.

Crafting Bricks in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Stone

Bricks are pretty simple to craft, all you need is 10 stone and a furnace. Stones can be found on the ground. They can also be mined using a pick. 

There are many different types of picks, but for this, we will look at three of the simpler picks. stone picks, iron picks, and steel picks.

The better the pick, the better the stone yield. Base stone quantities per hit for the aforementioned picks are as follows.

  • Stone Pick 3-4
  • Iron Pick 6-7
  • Steel Pick 10-11

It is also worth mentioning that these numbers can and will change according to factors such as level and perks.

Once you’ve got enough stone, you’ll need to put it in a furnace. A basic furnace can be unlocked at level 10 at the cost of 2 feat points. A furnace requires 500 stone and a construction hammer to build.

Crafting Stone Consolidant in Conan Exiles

Stone consolidant can be crafted by combining resin and plant fibers. Obviously, plant fibers come from plants! Resin requires a pick. Swinging a pick at trees will get you resin and bark. Keep in mind that you won’t get resin from dead trees. 

Trees can be found in abundance in The Highlands and The Tundra. Just like with gathering stone, I’d recommend getting as much resin and plant fibers as possible, the more stone consolidant you can craft, the more hardened brick you’ll end up with at the end.

Crafting Hardened Bricks in Conan Exiles

Once you’ve gathered the necessary details, it is time to craft some hardened brick. Grab your bricks and stone consolidant and turn it into hardened brick in your furnace.

The base craft time is 15 seconds. It costs 1 brick and 1 stone consolidant to craft 1 hardened brick. 

What Are Hardened Bricks Used For?

Armored Pen

As mentioned, hardened brick is needed for crafting various structures and late-game items. Here are a few things that require hardened bricks to build and their cost.

The Sanctum of Set is a costly late game structure. The cost for building this is 400 hardened brick, 75 manifestation of zeal, 240 shaped wood, and 50 steel reinforcement.

It has a craft time of 10 minutes, and it offers 29700 experience points.

The Armored Animal Pen is a late-game pen that can be built to farm and train various animals.

While there are a couple of other animal pens that can be built in Conan Exiles, this one has plenty of health, making it less likely to fall during an attack.

The cost of building an Armored Animal Pen is 100 hardened brick, 50 steel reinforcement, and 30 insulated wood.

Other things that can be built using hardened brick are the improved furnace and the large water well.