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A Guide To Hardened Leather in Conan Exiles

A Guide To Hardened Leather in Conan Exiles

Hardened leather is one of those materials every Conan Exiles player will have used at some point. It is a core component of many armor items and, therefore, can be essential to survival.

How to Craft Hardened Leather in Conan Exiles

Crafting hardened leather in Conan Exiles is easy; getting all of the resources on the other hand, can be tricky if you are a relatively new player.

Firstly, before gathering the materials, you need to be at least rank three in Toolsmithing. If you aren’t, you won’t be able to craft hardened leather.

As for the resources, they are as follows.

  • 2x Thick Leather
  • 2x Alchemical Base
  • 5x Oil
  • 5x Leather

Gathering the Resources for Hardened Leather

Knowing what resources you need is only half the battle; you still need to gather everything. So, here’s a breakdown of how to get each resource needed to craft hardened leather.

On top of the resources listed above, you’ll also need access to a Tannery, a Fluid Press, and a Firebowl Cauldron.

You can craft a Tannery at level 10, provided you learn the Tanner feat. A Fluid Press can be crafted at level 28 at the cost of two feat points. And a Firebowl Cauldron can be crafted at level 15 at the cost of 3 feat points.

Gathering Leather

You get leather by killing various animals and processing their skins/hide at a Tannery. Animals such as hyenas and gazelles will provide you with the hides that you need.

You can find hyenas around The Sentinels and Howling Plateau. As for gazelles, these can be found in abundance all over the Exiled Lands.

Regarding gathering leather, the more you can gather, the better. So, it is worth grabbing as much as you can carry.

Gathering Thick Leather

Rhino Conan Exiles

Thick leather can be crafted at a Tannery, but you’ll need the right animal hides and pelts to do this. Bears, rhinos, and elephants are all great sources of thick leather.

They won’t give you thick leather directly, and you’ll have to take the hides/pelts and put them through a Tannery.

Bears can be found in the Tundra. Elephants live in the Savanna biome, and Rhinos can also be found in the Savanna biome.

Gathering Alchemical Base

An alchemical Base is made by combining gold dust, silver dust, and ichor inside a Firebowl Cauldron. You can make gold dust by putting gold items (coins, bars, etc.) into a grinder.

The same method is used for making silver dust, but you’ll only need to grind up silver bars and coins.

As for ichor, it is pretty easy to get. Kill spiders and harvest their bodies with a pick. You can find spiders at places like The Dryfalls and The Silkwood.

Gathering Oil

Fishing Conan Exiles

The final thing you need is also the easiest resource to gather. Get as many fish as possible, preferably using fish traps! Once you’ve gathered some fish, pop it in the fluid press to turn it into oil.

Crafting Hardened Leather

Once you have all the resources needed, head to your Tanner’s Table, combine the ingredients above, and you’ll have hardened leather.

Keep in mind that 5 leather, 2 thick leather, 2 alchemical base, and 5 oil will only produce 1 hardened leather.

So grab as many resources as you can and try to bulk-produce hardened leather. It will save you time in the long run.